How the TWA Hotel Leverages Stayntouch to Simplify Complex Operations with Cutting Edge Technology

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at The TWA Hotel to verify this case study.
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The TWA Hotel is more than just another busy airport property. With 512 rooms, a 6.5-acre campus, a hybrid hourly and nightly booking model, complex allotment agreements, and extensive custom integrations, the TWA Hotel represents a unique challenge for any technology provider.
Why it matters: With Stayntouch PMS and Kiosk, the TWA Hotel benefits from a robust, flexible, and intuitive platform that amplifies its retro experience.
  • Stayntouch PMS, Kiosk, and flexible integrations allows the TWA Hotel to easily manage their complex operations, drive additional revenues, increase profits, and streamline the guest welcome experience.

Top 3 Core Objectives: The TWA Hotel chose Stayntouch PMS and Kiosk technology to improve operational efficiency, enhance the guest experience, and enable more flexible bookings.
  • Streamline Operations: The TWA Hotel aims to streamline its hotel operations, which includes check-in/check-out processes, room assignments, and various other administrative tasks. A robust PMS like Stayntouch helps automate these processes, reducing manual efforts and potential errors.

  • Enhance the Guest Experience: Improving the guest experience is a top priority. By implementing Kiosk systems, guests now benefit from a smoother and more convenient check-in experience. This reduces wait times and enhances overall guest satisfaction.

  • Enable Flexible Bookings: By offering hourly rates, the TWA Hotel can attract a wider range of guests, including those who may only need a room for a short duration, such as a layover or a quick rest between flights. This flexibility in pricing and booking options helps the hotel drive more revenue and accommodate various guest needs.


Mobile checkin, selfservice and the most user friendly screens out there!

Innovators Mentioned

Jack Runkle
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Jack Runkle who verified this case study.

General Manager

The TWA Hotel

"As an independent hotel that runs above 100% occupancy on many nights, the TWA Hotel finds Stayntouch integral to our operations."

Jack Runkle

General Manager

👍 General Manager Jack Runkle said that Stayntouch's modern PMS and easy to use technologies empowers the TWA Hotel to deliver flexible bookings and enhanced service.:
  • "As an independent hotel that runs above 100% occupancy on many nights, the TWA Hotel finds Stayntouch integral to our operations."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Jack Runkle evaluated Stayntouch's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Stayntouch was the best fit solution:
  • General Manager Jack Runkle said, about their decision: "The modern PMS and technologies empower us to deliver flexible bookings and personalized check-ins — all on an easy-to-use, cloud-based interface that we can access anywhere on our 650,000-square-foot campus."

📈 The results: With Stayntouch as their technology ally, the TWA Hotel reaps numerous advantages, ranging from flexible inventory managment to seamless arrivals and advanced automation.
  • The TWA Hotel optimizes its operations with Stayntouch's PMS, seamlessly integrating it with multiple platforms, including six restaurants, a custom IBE, and reporting tools. Guests enjoy hassle-free self-check-in via Stayntouch Kiosks, while the hotel's mobile PMS empowers staff to assist guests across its expansive campus. Stayntouch's robust automation enhances housekeeping management, accounting processes, and other back-office tasks, elevating efficiency and service quality throughout the hotel.

  • The TWA Hotel adopts a hybrid booking approach, combining Stayntouch's hourly and nightly booking options, seamlessly integrated with a custom IBE for direct bookings and pricing optimization. Additionally, the hotel efficiently manages contracts with multiple airlines and corporations through Stayntouch's comprehensive Allotment module, catering to its busy airport clientele.

  • The TWA Hotel achieves scalable integrations by utilizing Stayntouch's open APIs to connect their PMS with multiple platforms, including six restaurants, separate POS systems, a custom IBE, and various reporting tools. During the hotel's bustling grand opening, Stayntouch PMS was deployed swiftly in under two weeks, with managers onboarded in just two days. Currently, TWA Hotel staff benefit from 24/7 direct support with a response time of less than one hour.

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