Busy Motel Streamlines All Aspects of Their Business with WebRezPro

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Footbridge Beach Motel & Cottages to verify this case study.
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Footbridge Beach Motel left WebRezPro to test the waters elsewhere…but came back for our accounting features, online booking capabilities, and stellar customer service.
Why it matters: In WebRezPro, Footbridge re-discovered the superior reporting capabilities they needed to steer their business, and how important an attentive product support team is.
  • WebRezPro provides a central property management system where Footbridge can take care of everything in one place from accounting, to guest messaging, to online bookings—all in a streamlined, uncomplicated approach.

Top 3 Core Objectives: The motel needed a system that could connect with Google Hotels, had robust accounting features and reliable customer support.
  • Connect with Google Hotels: Connecting with Google Hotels would enable greater inventory control online and save the motel time.

  • Robust Accounting Features: It was important for the motel to see not only current numbers but forecasted numbers as well to understand whether they were on target.

  • Strong Customer Support: They felt abandoned by the company they used between their times at WebRezPro and needed a system where they knew what to expect.


WebRezPro™ is a powerful, cloud-based property management system designed for properties of all types and sizes. The fully integrated and automated solution saves lodging operators time and increases revenue by streamlining and modernizing daily operations.

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Footbridge Beach Motel & Cottages
Mark Kilduff
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Mark Kilduff who verified this case study.


Footbridge Beach Motel & Cottages

"Love [WebRezPro’s] customer support. No matter the issue, they always respond and resolve it."

Mark Kilduff


👍 Owner Mark Kilduff said that he is grateful for WebRezPro's reliability.:
  • "Love [WebRezPro’s] customer support. No matter the issue, they always respond and resolve it."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Mark Kilduff also researched Cloudbeds, and ultimately decided WebRezPro was the best fit for them.
  • Owner Mark Kilduff said, about their decision: "It is simply straightforward and able to summarize and value track year over year. It’s easy to see how things post and nothing is complicated. That’s what I like... Love WebRezPro and will never leave again."

📈 The results: Footbridge Beach Motel saw what was out there and returned to WebRezPro. Their accounting is humming along nicely, and they have the numbers they need. Unlike with their other system, they no longer have to finagle a different spreadsheet each month and filter based on three separate dates. Everything is much simpler—and faster!
  • Their original WebRezPro system was simply reinstated and upgraded to the latest version. Future and historical reservations from their time away were imported from the other system.

  • They have healthy online inventory capabilities, and they’re spending less time on the phone!

  • WebRezPro offers the Google Hotels integration they were looking for, plus an online booking engine where guests can reserve directly with them—no commission fees or telephone tag!

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