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ALICE By Actabl Completes Two-Way Integration With Mews Property Management System

The award-winning operations management suite that enables lean hotel staff to succeed is now fully integrated with Mews PMS to provide a seamless comprehensive data solution for hoteliers.

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Actabl, the hospitality software company that enables hotels to drive profit through actionable insights, has successfully completed a new two-way integration between its industry-leading ALICE operations management platform and the Mews Property Management System (PMS) powered by Omniboost. Designed to simplify and automate all operations, Mews’ best-in-class communication with the ALICE platform provides a host of operational benefits for modern hoteliers, including:

  • Supporting more accurate guest information and better customer response times

  • Increasing revenue opportunities

  • Eliminating data discrepancies and errors

ALICE integrated with Mews PMS through Omniboost to provide a prime solution for customers. The system automatically resyncs up to six months of future reservations and the latest housekeeping status for rooms between Mews and ALICE to maintain consistency within systems. Streamlined data synchronization will improve data accuracy, reduce manual efforts for hotel staff and facilitate a high-quality guest experience.

“We are pleased to provide our hotelier customers with an industry-leading integration of Mews PMS and the ALICE platform,” said Anu Sharma, Senior Vice President of Technology and Delivery of Actabl. “This powerful combination of property- and enterprise-level data solutions enables hoteliers to maximize operational efficiency while providing hotel management and staff with the up-to-date information they need to support exceptional guest experiences and enhance satisfaction.”

The new integration provides real-time delivery of Mews booking information and on-demand request to create guest rooms in ALICE to avoid manual entry of room numbers and increase operational efficiency. Guest arrival statuses, such as check-in, check-out and room-move events, are also pushed in real-time to ALICE. Two-way delivery of housekeeping and guest room status messaging provides front desk and housekeeping staff with the latest updates on room availability to maximize occupancy and revenue.

“Omniboost is a forward-thinking company that envisions a world where connectivity through tools, software, and data are made easy and can be leveraged to make more informed decisions. Through a powerful network of partnerships, Omniboost is ensuring that Hospitality Tech system silos are a thing of the past!” said Mike Baecke, Chief Operating Officer of Omniboost.

About Actabl

Actabl is the newly–launched software company exclusively focused on meeting the evolving needs of leading hospitality businesses. Actabl brings together four powerful hospitality tech solutions to maximize profits for hotel operators. Actabl’s integrated solutions include ProfitSword’s AI-powered business intelligence technology, Hotel Effectiveness’ complete labor optimization, ALICE’s hotel operations management platform, and Transcendent’s advanced asset management and CapEx. With a global team of 250+ employees boasting over 1,000 years of combined hospitality experience, Actabl serves the technology needs of more than 10,000 properties in hospitality markets around the world.