Bowo X Oracle Opera Cloud: A Winning Combo!

Discover the benefits of our Guest App's bi-directional integration with Oracle Opera Cloud.


We are taking another step towards digital transformation and innovation in hotels we made by announcing the bi-directional integration of our Guest App (a web application dedicated to enriching the customer experience) with Oracle Opera Cloud.

Although the digitalisation of hotels is no longer just an option, 1 out of 2 hoteliers considers systems integration as a major obstacle to achieving it (source: Alcatel-Lucent survey). The integration now enables hotels and hotel chains to personalise the customer experience to a very high level and to optimise operational management, including as early as the booking stage.

Based on Opera, the hospitality industry's leading PMS, the Cloud platform reduces IT costs and complexity, secures data and improves integration with the top market solutions, while continuing to provide the essential functionality required to meet the needs of hotels of different sizes and complexity.

Our Guest App is a web-based application developed specifically for each hotel, bringing together all the hotel's offerings and services. For the guest, everything is just a click away: check-in, room directory, menu order, activity and SPA reservation, instant messaging, customised city guide, digital press, loyalty programme, etc.

As a communication, upsell, entertainment and loyalty tool, it makes it possible to enhance the customer experience and generate additional revenue in a simple and intelligent way.

Through its connection to the Opera Cloud PMS, the application helps create a rapport with the guest before, during and after their stay, for a more memorable experience.


The Benefits of Bowo x Oracle Opera Cloud Integration

As the integration is two-way, it offers unique advantages to hotels that use both solutions.

  • Extensive customisation: Thanks to a fine segmentation of the hotel's guests (by type of room booked, date of stay, stay history, room number, language etc...), the hotel can promote its offering via the Guest App by adapting it to each guest and their needs. The hotelier can then consider making an offer to a customer who is a spa enthusiast, or only to a certain VIP customer, for example.

  • Optimal management: By connecting Bowo to the PMS, the hotelier can interact with all the hotel guests right from when they make their booking. A few days before the guest's arrival, for example, the hotelier can use the application to ask the guest to fill in administrative documents, scan a passport or simply provide an anticipated arrival time.

  • Simplified billing: Sales of services via the Guest App are automatically added to the customer's profile and updated in the billing system. Unsettled invoices can also trigger a reminder notification.

  • Use of contact information: Finally a way to get past the OTAs' control of contact information for guests. By inviting the guest to check in from the Guest App, the information is passed directly from the App to the PMS. The hotel is then free to conduct its own marketing campaigns.

Finally, the connection between Bowo and Oracle Opera Cloud is feasible without any integration costs for the hotels.

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Bowo is the most complete digital solution on the market when it comes to the guest experience. Our aim has been simple since we started out: to provide the little something extra that will make the difference, creating the highlight that will turn each moment into a tailor-made, unforgettable experience.