Visiting Media Unveils SalesHub, an Innovative Sales Tool Tailored for Hospitality Sales Teams

SalesHub is the Next Evolution in Tailored Solutions for Hospitality Teams that uses immersive storytelling to showcase and sell their unique offerings effortlessly

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Visiting Media, a leader in hospitality sales enablement technology, begins a new stage in the company’s evolution with the unveiling of SalesHub, an innovative solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. SalesHub is destined to become an indispensable tool for hospitality sales teams.

This innovative solution seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with immersive storytelling to empower sales and marketing departments within hotels, hotel brands, management companies, and ownership groups to showcase and sell their unique offerings effortlessly. It’s a dynamic platform where immersive assets are managed and combined with traditional content to create a compelling, personalized digital experience for prospective customers. This unique approach ensures quick and versatile delivery through multiple channels to meet the expectations of today’s traveler.

The platform represents a significant departure from its predecessor, TrueTour, to carve out its distinct market identity. While TrueTour, Visiting Media’s flagship product, has garnered acclaim from over 3000 customers for its augmented tour capabilities, SalesHub offers far more features enabling hospitality sales teams to sell spaces and experiences faster and easier. This evolution prompted a strategic decision to differentiate SalesHub as a comprehensive sales enablement platform rather than solely an enhanced virtual tour tool.

SalesHub emerges from extensive research and collaboration with leading hospitality sales teams, offering features tailored to meet the industry’s unique demands. By integrating immersive content with advanced digital tools, SalesHub empowers sales teams to create experiences that drive conversions and foster meaningful connections with prospective customers.

“Through a deep exploration of the distinct challenges faced within the hospitality industry, we’ve crafted SalesHub to stand out as a vital asset for hospitality sales teams,” says Ben Powers, CEO of Visiting Media.“ It represents a pivotal shift towards unparalleled sales efficiency and impactful sales engagement.”

Through SalesHub, users can seamlessly blend a variety of virtual and augmented media with traditional collateral, delivering immersive presentations that captivate and facilitate conversion. This feature enhances operational efficiency and amplifies credibility and competitiveness through unique immersion and instant information delivery.

The platform also streamlines digital asset management across teams on and above property level, freeing sales teams from administrative burdens and enabling them to focus on active selling. This operational simplicity ensures content accuracy and facilitates quick updates, empowering sales to maximize every customer interaction.

SalesHub is designed to meet the evolving expectations of both sellers and buyers in the digital age, from enhancing proposal reception to facilitating immediate customer responses across multiple channels. This new platform reflects Visiting Media’s commitment to leveraging technology to deliver unparalleled competitive advantage to sales teams in the hospitality industry.

About Visiting Media

Visiting Media is a software company on a mission to revolutionize sales enablement and digital asset management solutions for property and above-property sales teams within the hospitality and event industry. We focus on delivering unparalleled competitive advantage by redefining how assets are managed and distributed across various channels, making selling spaces and experiences simple for hospitality.