The Ultimate Airbnb Cleaning Checklist (Step by Step)

By Hotel Tech Report

Last updated November 18, 2022

3 min read

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What’s one of the most effective ways to score five-star reviews and stand out among the competition? It’s easier said than done, but maintaining a sparkling-clean Airbnb will make your property a winner in guests’ eyes. Cleanliness is essential, especially in post-pandemic times: guests who check into an Airbnb that’s dirty will post a one-star review and never come back, and, if it’s really bad, guests can report the situation to Airbnb, which could get your listing suspended or fined.

But it can be difficult to uphold cleaning standards due to turnover in cleaning staff or training challenges. We’ve found that one of the best solutions to ensure accountability is a simple, yet detailed, cleaning checklist. This article contains a comprehensive list of cleaning steps to follow no matter what kind of Airbnb property you operate. If you mark off each item between every guest stay, you’ll be well on your way to those five-star reviews and the elusive Superhost badge.

Kitchen & Dining Area To Dos

 Clean dishes (by hand or in the dishwasher) and put them away

  • Sanitize all countertops and eating surfaces, like a breakfast bar or dining table

  • Sanitize dining chairs, high chairs, and any tabletop accessories, like salt and pepper shakers

  • Clean the inside of the sink and the backsplash behind the stove

  • Polish the faucet and any other hardware

  • Clean any hoods, vents, or fans

  • Discard any food or beverages leftover from prior guests

  • Wipe the inside and outside of all appliances, including the microwave and refrigerator

  • Restock kitchen supplies, including paper towels, hand and dish soap, dishwasher detergent, a sponge, and hand and dish towels

  • Refill any food or drink items you provide to guests, like coffee, tea, creamer, salt, pepper, and olive oil

  • Vacuum/sweep and mop the floors, making sure to get underneath any tables or chairs

  • Take out the garbage and disinfect the garbage bin

  • Do one final check to ensure all kitchen items are arranged nicely and no cleaning supplies are left behind

Living Area To Dos

  • Dust any shelves, appliances, wall art, ceiling fan blades, and tables

  • Vacuum cloth surfaces, like couches or armchairs

  • Vacuum floors and rugs, making sure to clean underneath the furniture

  • Clean windows and mirrors with a glass cleaner

  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as light switches and remotes

  • Check that all lights work and replace lightbulbs if necessary

  • Check furniture for damage

  • Check that the sofa bed is operational; wash and replace the sofa bed linens if necessary

  • Launder and fold blankets and other living room textiles 

  • Organize decor, books, throw pillows, and other accessories

  • Set out a welcome book or welcome amenity, if applicable

  • Perform one last sweep of the room to ensure it looks tidy and welcoming

Bedroom To Dos

  • Strip and launder linens from all beds, including sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and mattress covers

  • Dust or wipe down all surfaces, like the tops of dressers and nightstands, ceiling fan blades, and bookshelves

  • Use a glass cleaner like Windex to clean mirrors and windows

  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, remotes, and doorknobs

  • Check all drawers, closets, and underneath the beds for any items the prior guests may have left behind

  • Replace or restock bedroom amenities, such as earplugs or extra blankets 

  • Check furniture and decor for damage

  • Make sure all lights and electronics are functional, replacing lightbulbs or batteries if necessary

  • Vacuum or sweep floors and rugs

  • Take out any garbage, replace garbage bags, and sanitize garbage bins

  • Make up all beds with fresh sets of linens

  • Do one last scan to ensure all decor is arranged nicely and the bedding is wrinkle-free

Bathroom To Dos

  • Launder all dirty towels and bathroom textiles

  • Clean mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces with a glass cleaner

  • Clean the sink and polish the faucet

  • Scrub the inside of the shower and/or bathtub and polish the hardware

  • Clean or replace the shower curtain and liner, as necessary

  • Sanitize all surfaces on the toilet, including lids, the bowl, and behind the toilet

  • Dust vents and shelves

  • Take out any garbage, replace the garbage bag, and sanitize the garbage bin

  • Check drawers or cabinets for any items guests may have left behind

  • Inspect the bathroom fixtures and amenities for damage

  • Vacuum or mop the floors

  • Replenish toiletries and paper products, like toilet paper and facial tissue

  • Place fresh towels and top up inventory of extra towels

  • Arrange all bathroom items nicely, including hairdryer and toiletry products

  • Scan the bathroom one final time to ensure it?s spotless

  • Occasionally use drain cleaner to ensure drains never clog

  • If your Airbnb has a washer and dryer, be sure to empty the dryer lint trap and replenish laundry detergent between every stay.

Exterior & Outdoors To Dos

  • Mow the lawn and maintain any landscaping

  • Remove leaves, branches, or other debris from the yard

  • Ensure the driveway is clear of snow, ice, and leaves

  • Clean outdoor furniture frequently

  • Wipe down railings

  • Sweep any patio or deck space

  • Perform any necessary annual maintenance, like painting or washing exterior windows


    With this checklist by your side, you can rest assured that guests will never complain about cleanliness issues. Pilots, scientists, and doctors all use checklists to hold themselves and their teams accountable for performing their duties; as an Airbnb host, you can benefit from this tried-and-true method to boost your guest review scores and keep guests coming back year after year.