Confronted with New Challenges, Hospitality-Industry Remote Employees See Positive Results with M3’s Tailored Software Enhancements

M3 Continues To Make Remote Workforce Enhancements For Hoteliers


M3, the hospitality sector’s #1 cloud-based financial and data management platform announced many of its customers with remote employees have experienced tangible results from updated software features. Developed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the enhancements specifically aim to ease new challenges management companies face while supporting a larger work-from-home, back-office enterprise.

“We’re approaching new industry-specific obstacles head-on with software features that help support our customers' telecommuting and being forced to work remotely,” said Sean White, M3 Accounting Core product manager. “Regardless of what’s happening around us, M3 always strives to do the right thing by our customers. Our development strategy is simply to make their lives easier by giving them what they want now and anticipating their needs for tomorrow and beyond.  We want to support our customers with the highest quality of products available, and we are proud that we don’t charge for upgrades or enhancements to the platforms.”

With updates to their General Ledger, Daily Report, Intelligent Imaging, Check Writer, Cash Management, and Accounts Payable modules, M3 has expedited technological advancements across its platform to help create meaningful solutions that provide instant relief in the face of an unprecedented challenge for the hospitality industry.

“Several of the new Accounting Core features are the result of the suggestions our company made, which exemplifies M3’s responsiveness to their customers’ feedback,” said Jessica Tetlak, a finance accounting specialist at Riley Hospitality Group. “We’ve greatly benefited from all of the software updates, and we’re on cloud nine with the release of M3’s proprietary app for Insight.”

“We have seen several benefits from M3’s recent updates so far,” said Karen Thomas, True North Hotel Group’s corporate controller. “The multiple General Ledger codes in the vendor tab and the new invoice tagging capabilities have proven to be especially valuable for us.”

“While some of the enhancements seem small at first, many of them, have proven to be extremely helpful in increasing efficiency and accuracy,” said O’Reilly Hospitality Management’s Director of Accounting Courtney Brown. “M3’s interactive Ideas Gateway is also effective for suggesting other enhancements we would like to see in the next release of software features.”

“The organizational updates to the intercompany entities have helped us increase efficiency and accuracy on our reports,” said Tina Lapak, a senior accountant at Davidson Hotels. “Another useful update is the ability to see the total invoice cost when issuing a check on-demand.”

In addition to these enhancements, the company recently announced that it will directly pass along more than $1 million in operational savings to its customers by significantly reducing the average fee per property for each customer using M3 over the next five months. The expense reductions are a result of M3’s strict cutback on non-essential spending without sacrificing service and software development.

M3’s Help Desk is providing expanded support to M3 customers 24 hours a day on the weekdays, beginning at 11 p.m. EST on Sunday. Customers may also contact the Help Desk on weekends from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. EST.

With major product releases and additional updates scheduled in the coming months, M3 is looking forward to its continued development and enhancement of products with meaningful, real-time solutions for the current industry environment.


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