How to Optimise Hotel Storage Capacity

By Lillian Connors

Last updated April 24, 2018

3 min read

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In the hospitality industry, so much emphasis is put on guest satisfaction and the aesthetic presentation of the interior of a hotel, that logistics and other “backstage” processes can often get overlooked. However, when reality strikes and hotel managers have to face the numerous daily challenges of storage and organisation, the need arises for a modern storage system that will create a safe, efficient, and thriving work environment.

In turn, the entire storage reorganization project will yield greater rewards in terms of guest satisfaction and experience, leading to improved brand recognition, trust, and reputation in the competitive market. Here is how you can optimise hotel storage capacity and pave the road to long-term business success.

Introducing movable shelving solutions

With the hotel maximising foyer, lobby, restaurant, and guest room space, storage solutions must be designed and planned with functionality, versatility, and mobility in mind in order to prevent crowding the staff rooms and hallways. With these features in mind, the solution lies in movable shelving and storage, perfect for meeting the needs of the staff and guests alike without impeding manoeuvrability and spaciousness.

Movable shelving allows items and goods to be stored and organised efficiently, but more importantly, it allows items to be located and retrieved quickly as well. Movable storage is also excellent in increasing storage capacity without sacrificing space. Staff safety is also a major issue functional storage can avoid, as staff members can now move and handle heavy objects with control and ease.

The benefits of movable storage

Delving deeper into the concrete benefits of movable storage, the most obvious one is increased storage space – something that hotels always struggle to produce in the wake of rising demands in the industry. Nowadays, a hotel needs to be well-stocked with everything from complementary toothpaste to floor cleaners so not an inch of space can be wasted.

As your business grows, so does the need for more goods and products to be stored on a regular basis, and while the traditional storage solutions were impractical and sometimes downright unsafe, mobile storage can accommodate these needs and improve staff safety at the same time. The goods can now be organised and stored methodically and meticulously, allowing easy access and handling.

Efficiency and efficacy at the heart of the matter

Every business strives for efficiency and efficacy across the board, with storage, retrieval, and handling playing a vital role in creating a thriving and efficient work environment. Because such versatile commercial storage solutions offer ease of access and can be moved to a different location at a moment’s notice, you can effectively speed up every process and meet every demand without wasting time or resources.

When preparing for an event, for instance, you need all of the relevant materials and elements to be available at all times, such as chairs, tables, cutlery and dishes, all the way to electrical wiring and expendable goods such as food and drinks. It used to be that all of these necessities took up plenty of space and were not easy to reach, but with mobile storage, you can simply retrieve everything you need immediately and thus increase efficiency.

Installing new storage solutions and prepping the area

When installing new storage solutions, several key considerations need to be taken into account in order to maximise ROI on all fronts. Probably the biggest advantage is that you can mount your existing shelving on a new mobile system.

That said, designing the new system requires careful planning, preferably with the help of a professional design consultant who will be able to create a layout that will correspond to the needs of your staff. Depending on your existing floorplan, the designer might have to work around certain architectural features such as columns and support beams, as well as floor wiring.

Versatility for a dynamic work environment

The hotel work environment is a dynamic one, and even though every process needs to fit an established routine and run smoothly like a Swiss clock, there is no telling what kind of challenge the next day is going to bring. With that in mind, the need for your storage solution to be able to adapt to the current situation becomes imperative.

This is why mobile storage units are purpose-built for manoeuvrability. You only need to use the rails to pull it up, and move to a different location to better serve the needs of the staff – this is an excellent feature to have on deck when preparing grand events such as weddings or business conferences.

The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving in order to meet the ever-fluctuating demands of the modern consumer market. In meeting these demands and staying on top of the latest trends and developments, mobile storage will play a vital role, so make sure it finds its way into your hotel in order to ensure a successful future in the industry.