(formerly Book Me Bob) Revolutionizes Chatbot Technology with the Global Launch of Next-Generation AI Chatbot, Powered by ChatGPT, across 10 Countries and Gateway Cities. releases the next generation of BOOK ME BOB, a ChatGPT integrated, and Hospitality-focused Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant platform, empowering operators.

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Merge revolutionary ChatGPT functionality with proven industry-focused digital solutions, customer-centric AI experiences and decades of expertise, and you get the newest solution in the growing suite.

Today announced the official release of the next generation of their existing market leading AI Digital Assistant Platform, BOOK ME BOB that integrates and harnesses the emerging power of the large language models of ChatGPT. The evolution of this new AI Digital Assistant has already been globally embraced by early adopting operators in over 10 countries and several global gateway cities ahead of this release. is driving global change in the Hospitality, Tourism and Experiences Industry, moving away from exorbitant commissions and fees to empower operators in an era of change and economic uncertainty. With new tools and advanced functionality, their next generation AI Digital Assistant Platform is an affordable solution, focused on helping operators regain margin, optimise performance, and enhance the customer experience, with a high return on investment for the operator.

                                                      releases the next generation of BOOK ME BOB, a ChatGPT integrated, and Hospitality-focused Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant platform, empowering operators. AVAILABLE NOW!


“Our next generation conversational AI messaging platform is significantly more powerful through the combination of ChatGPT with our industry focused solution, taking the ensuing top and bottom line benefit for the operator to new heights”, says Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Andy Dharmani.

“This is a significant integration development which now transitions a one-dimensional experience to our new generation multi-dimensional platform where the customer engagement is more efficient and meaningful for both the operator and the guest.”

“Drawing on our existing and rapidly growing knowledge hub of over 500,000 industry-specific phrases, developed in conjunction with operators in the Hospitality, Tourism and Experiences Eco-System, it provides relevant and accurate interaction, and addresses well known pain points.”

“Our platform integrates features of our other popular solutions to optimise in-stay connection and interaction with guests. It provides 24/7 instant access to the knowledge and acumen of a customer service team, but without the need for around-the-clock staff. Additionally, upselling experiences and other purchasing opportunities are able to be seamlessly integrated into the customer journey to ensure there is no such thing as a missed opportunity.”

Whether it’s the large 5-star mega Resort in USA, the boutique four-bedroom villa in Bali, the 600-room corporate hotel in Hong Kong, the prestigious 5-star apartments in Australia or the luxurious beachside Resort in Fiji, this platform has been designed and is being used to meet the individualised needs of these operators across the globe. It is already responding to various detailed enquiries across numerous facilities, from restaurants, bars and bespoke experiences to corporate functions, conference rooms and everything in between.

What puts this platform in a league of its own, is that this only just touching the surface of what it can achieve.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, David Thompson says, “it’s been a rewarding process to work alongside world-class providers to optimise their customer service and to streamline their operations. The roll out of these diverse collaborations demonstrates the power of our new platform to handle complex, multi-subject and ongoing conversational text enquiries. We believe the launch of our new generation platform will empower operators and result in a level of support and sales sophistication that has potentially never been experienced in the global Hospitality industry. The benefit these first establishments have already encountered in a short space of time is what fuels our passion for this product, helping empower our customers to optimise their offering and maximise their return.”

In staying true to their mission for full empowerment, has given total control to the operators, allowing them to choose if or when they transition to the new platform, made available with a simple flick of the switch.

“We respect that for some operators the current platform is exactly what they need right now, therefore our original solution will remain available for both existing and new customers. This choice allows operators to migrate to our new generation platform at their own discretion, simply activating it with the flick of a switch that will appear on their dashboard,” David Thompson said.

“There is a lot in the pipeline for this solution, and our team is currently working around the clock to administer trials and fast-tracked execution for customers. We anticipate rapid and strong interest when operators see the benefits this solution can provide.”

With this next generation AI Digital Assistant platform being rolled out across the globe in the coming weeks, the team welcome enquiries and are eager to demonstrate how this platform will reimagine the way Tourism, Hospitality and Experience operators engage with their customers. 

About is an AI focussed Software as a Service provider, dedicated to the Hospitality, Tourism and Experiences industry ecosystem, developing affordable and highly customisable technology solutions to help empower the top and bottom line for industry operators. was founded four years ago by David Thompson and Andy Dharmani, combining years of deep and significant experience in hospitality and technology development expertise to form an industry-leading duo. Since then, the business has rapidly evolved to encompass a global team, helping accelerate its growth. has become an internationally recognised provider, being named a Microsoft Partner as well as featuring in Microsoft’s Highway to a 100 Unicorns, amongst other recognition. has partnered with various organisations as it expands its presence into the global market. From national government departments to various agencies, is establishing a network of experts to ensure its product delivers exactly what the accommodation provider needs, and the customer wants.