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Ranked #24 out of 61 in Business Intelligence

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Execuvue (by Aptech) Overview

Execuvue (by Aptech) Overview

The challenge in managing today's hotel business environment is gaining access to the information you need to make effective business decisions. The multiple spreadsheets we construct are from different legacy sources, software systems, and locations. This effort is time-consuming, and the result of the work is often disappointing. Execuvue is a web-based hospitality business intelligence applicat...

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Founded in 1970 | Headquarters in Pittsburgh United States | 151 employees
Product Modules
Business Intelligence (Execuvue)
Execuvue is a web-based hospitality business intelligence application for hotel operators and owners that gathers and coordinates data from a wide variety of hotel systems for enterprise reporting and analysis. - Integrate data - Organize data - Analyze data
Budgeting & Forecasting (Targetvue)
Targetvue is Aptech’s hospitality-driven budgeting and forecasting solution.Targetvue can be utilized as a stand-alone tool or fully integrated in conjunction with our Profitvue accounting and Execuvue business intelligence systems, as well as with other accounting and BI products. Using hospitality drivers for accuracy and ease of changes, the Targetvue solution provides one version of the truth throughout an organization. Targetvue eliminates the need to distribute and import multiple spreadsheets for consolidating and reporting.
Accounting Software (PVNG)
PVNG, Aptech’s next generation enterprise accounting solution, bringing simple menu structure and easy to navigate architecture to a new platform, has emerged from the legacy application, Profitvue, also known for its straightforward, easy to learn features.

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We performed due diligence and took a close look at the many accounting solutions on the market. We decided to stay with Aptech because their company’s values and culture aligns very closely with o...
Kristen Chastang Corporate Director of Finance at the PCH Hotels & Resorts
Testimonial avatar
Aptech’s Execuvue Business Intelligence system collects our daily performance data and generates reports allowing Sandals to assess KPIs like occupancy, staffing, F&B costs, utilities and on propert...
Joanne Pearson Director of Corporate Reporting at the Sandals Resorts International Limited

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