How To Log Into as a Partner

By Jordan Hollander

Last updated January 26, 2022

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Looking for tips on how to log into as a partner, property manager, or owner? Logging into’s partner dashboard, or extranet, can be confusing. This guide will show you how to log into to manage your property, view reservations, and get support. The extranet is available on desktop via your internet browser and via the Pulse app. operates several travel apps, but only one gives you access to the partner/owner dashboard. This app is called Pulse. You can download’s Pulse app for iOS or Android to manage your property on the go. 


Creating a partner account

Before you can log into as a partner, you need to create an account. If you already have a account as a traveler, you’ll need to create another account specifically for partners. And in order to create a partner account, you need to start creating a listing.

How to create a partner account:



  • A new window will open where you will begin the onboarding process. Enter your name and email address.



  • Click “Get Started.”

  • Keep following the prompts, which ask for specifics about your property.

  • You can pause the onboarding process at any time. To resume onboarding, log in to your account with the email address and password that you entered in the first step.


You can also complete the account setup process in the Pulse app. Just tap “New? List your property now.”



Logging into your Partner account

Once you have a partner account, then you can log in and manage your property. You can access your account via your internet browser or the Pulse app.

How to log into as a partner:

  • Go to or click “Sign In” on the homepage.

  • Enter your email address or username, then click “Next.” Some users will receive usernames, like if they were invited to manage a property by another user.

  • Enter your partner password. 

  • Click “Sign In.”


  • If you’re logging in on a new device, you might need to confirm your account with an email or text message verification code.

  • You’re in!

How to log into the Pulse app:

  • Open the app.

  • Enter your email address or username and password.

  • Click “Sign In.”



Troubleshooting tips

Having trouble logging in? Or are you receiving an error message? Try these handy tips to log into your partner account successfully:

  • Double check that you’ve entered the correct email address or username and password.

  • Access the site in an incognito window or private browsing mode.

  • Clear your cookies.

  • Check your email for messages from the team to ensure that your account is in good standing.

Forgot your username or password? No worries! can send a username reminder or a password reset link to your email address. Simply click the “Having trouble logging in?” link on the login screen, then choose the option that applies to you. Just a moment later, you’ll receive an email containing the information you need. 



Recommendations for managing your account

Generally speaking, is a safe platform, but you can always take steps to keep your information extra secure and use the site responsibly. If you manage properties on, then it’s even more important to keep your account secure, since your account contains sensitive contact information and financial information for yourself and your guests. Use a strong password that is not easily guessable, and be sure to take note of it in a safe place or in an online password keeper. Also, try not to share your password with anyone.

Make sure you do not lose access to the email account or phone number that you use with sends important notices and guest communication to your email address on file - as well as password reset links - so losing access to that email account could mean that you also lose access to your partner account. You’ll also want to maintain access to your phone number on file since regularly asks for text message verification codes.

Setting up your partner account and logging in are the first steps to managing a property on Now that you know how to log in, you’re ready to use the site!


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