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What is Parking Management
Searching for a solution that can bring your parking operations to a new level? Whether you operate a standalone lot or a parking garage attached to a hotel or venue, parking management software can turn what is typically a clunky, analog operation into a technology-powered revenue center. A parking management system brings features like validation management, payment collection, and occupancy reporting to your business, so you can deliver a better guest experience while ensuring compliance. Leveraging historical data and artificial intelligence, you can also increase revenue by applying dynamic pricing strategies while reducing costs.
Finding the right Parking Management solution for your hotel depends on several variables ranging from user experience and pricing to functionality and support. This guide is designed to help you identify the best Parking Management vendors, questions to ask on demos, read unbiased reviews from similar hoteliers and so much more.
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What are the benefits of parking management software?

What it does:

  1. Collects payment for parking: Whether you have day-use customers, overnight guests, or residents or tenants with monthly contracts, parking management software can ensure compliance and handle payments and invoices for easy, accurate billing.

  2. Controls access to parking areas: Gone are the days of paper tickets and frustrating access gates; a modern parking management system can read license plates and keep tabs on parking garage occupancy automatically so you can control who goes in and track when cars come out.

  3. Reports on parking usage: How much do you know about your parking lot occupancy? Parking management software comes with robust reporting features so you can gain a deep understanding of trends and find opportunities to boost revenue.


How it adds value:


Streamlines parking operations. Parking management software takes much of the manual work out of parking operations. With tech-forward software, you can do away with paper tickets, vouchers, and cash transactions. Instead, a cloud-based parking management system can run your entire parking lot from one screen, reducing the risk of human error and greatly enhancing the guest experience.

Unlocks parking revenue while decreasing costs. In addition to giving you access to revenue-generating tools like dynamic pricing and add-ons, your parking management system decreases costs by reducing the need for parking lot staff to collect payment, monitor entry and exit limits, and handle validations or contracts.

Most Important Features of Parking Management Software

Payment collection: Process payment for parking fees from guests, residents, or tenants.


Entry and exit control: Track which cars enter and exit your parking area, plus see real-time parking lot occupancy.


Validations: Easily offer free or discounted parking to events, meetings, or groups with customizable validation and promo code functionality.


Contract management: Organize monthly permits, send renewals, and see history of long-term parking contracts.


Additional parking services: If your parking garage has features or services beyond a simple parking spot, such as electric vehicle charging or premium spaces, you can monetize these via your parking management system.


Dynamic pricing: Leverage artificial intelligence and historical demand to strategically raise or lower parking rates by day of week or time of day.


Reporting: Gain insight into your parking revenue, costs, occupancy, and more metrics to help you optimize your operations.


Integrations: Connect your parking management system to your hotel’s property management system or your accounting software for the most seamless guest experience.

How much does parking management software cost?

Like many types of enterprise software, parking management software is generally priced to suit your unique needs. Pricing can vary based on your location, parking capacity, and desired functionality. The most popular parking management systems offer custom pricing upon request, but you can expect to pay at least a couple hundred dollars per month for basic functionality. Large parking operations that require the most sophisticated features may pay around $1000 per month for parking management software. Some software vendors offer a free trial, and some charge an implementation fee.

What is the process like to implement parking management software?

Parking management system implementation often involves two components: hardware and software. Although modern, gateless parking management systems don’t require installation of entry and exit gates, you will likely need to install cameras, sensors, or other required devices for the system to function. Besides the hardware, the software installation requires some work on your side, like entering all the details specific to your parking lot. The system will need to know the number of spaces, your base rates, your existing contracts and permits, and any other rules or policies that you want the system to enforce. You’ll need to connect your payment processor or accounting software, and link your property management system or any other complementary systems for a seamless flow of data. Finally, together with the customer support rep from the vendor’s side, you should conduct thorough training for your staff so that they not only know how to use the back-end system well, but also so they can help guests or customers use the externally facing version.

Hoteliers Also Ask
A smart parking management system is powered by artificial intelligence to help you optimize revenue for each parking space. These systems often use dynamic pricing to raise or lower rates in response to demand.
A parking management system is software that organizes all activities related to operations of a parking lot or garage. Key features include payment collection, entry and exit monitoring, and reporting.
One of the best ways to improve your parking system is to switch away from cash payments to contactless payments. Consumers increasingly prefer to pay with contactless methods (like ApplePay or tap-to-pay credit or debit cards), so being able to accept their preferred methods of payment can greatly improve the experience when parking in your lot.
Parking revenue: Simply put, the money you make from parking fees. Depending on your unique operation, you might separate out self-parking fees, valet parking fees, day-use parking fees, monthly parking fees, and EV charging fees. Operating costs: Your operational costs for parking might include labor, maintenance of kiosks or gates, and payment processing fees.
A traditional parking system usually includes an entry gate with a machine that dispenses tickets to drivers as they enter the lot. At a kiosk somewhere in the lot or with a parking attendant upon exit, the driver must pay for parking (usually with cash or credit card) before they will be allowed through the exit gate. A modern parking management system differs in that entry and exit gates are often not necessary, since the smart system tracks cars’ license plates, and drivers can pay for parking through their smartphones or with contactless payment methods. The entire system is cloud-based and requires little to no manual labor.
Using a parking management system offers many advantages, including decreased labor costs, more reliable payment collection, the ability to set dynamic rates and charge for add-ons, and analytics to help you better understand your parking operations.

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