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Headquartered in Atlanta, GA

94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence


94% recommend
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What customers love about HotelIQ

Corporate Director of Marketing from Resort in San Diego (United States)

We've been exceedingly pleased with HotelIQ as a vendor. The product is an excellent value, the team provides fabulous service and the access to data the system provides has been instrumental to our organization. Make sure to take full advantage of the team's expertise during set up.

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Director Revenue Management from Other in Brussels (Belgium)

HotelIQ is a business intelligence tool that provides insights that till it's creation we could only dream off. I have been honoured to work with the HotelIQ team on getting the very first hotel live and from the start the tool has run smoothly and exceeded all expectations. HotelIQ facilitates making strategic decisions and setting tactics for both Revenue and Sales & Marketing teams, offering the possibility to look at high level trends and drill down to the tiniest detail. Once you have worked with HotelIQ, you cannot do without anymore.

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Revenue Manager from Branded in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (Belgium)

- Cross filters that allow detailed analysis - Granularity of system (goes down to rate code level) - Ease of use Usage: Daily Customer Since: 2013 Previously Used: Mainly using Excel prior to working with Hotel IQ for analytics

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Director Revenue Management from City Center in (Sweden)

Fast and quick overview to see what is "happening" in your hotel. Especially with the Booking Pipeline which you give a perfect understanding where the risks and opportunities are.

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Hospitality Consultant from Other in San Jose (United States)

The fact that it has automated data feeds and gives a full scope of your business. It is easy to use and very rarely has data issues

Hospitality Consultant from Branded in Brussels (Belgium)

HotelIQ allows hotel teams to dive into their own data in a comprehensive environment. Being part of the very first users, I don't imagine working without HotelIQ anymore. The detailed insight allowed thanks to this tool allows for precise information and appropriate decisions at the strategic and operations levels.

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Director of Revenue Management from Boutique in San Clemente (United States)

The tool is incredibly intuitive and with the first use I was able to access my data at an extremely granular level with only a few clicks.

Assistant General Manager from Boutique in Laguna Beach (United States)

Hotel IQ has allowed us to extract information in such great detail that business decisions are made much more efficiently and with greater intelligence. The easy access of information "on demand" without delays with the ability to drill down as needed is the most effective tool we have ever utilized. Highly recommend and can't imagine being without it!

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General Manager from Resort in Temecula (United States)

Since adopting Hotel IQ, our ability to retrieve information and utilize data analytics has improved greatly. We can now look at our metrics in ways we only wished for before, and can manage our business with a much higher level of confidence. The icing on the cake has been Hotel IQ's responsiveness to special requests and all support issues. Need a special format? No problem. Want to clean up a glitch. Done. Great product and great team!

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Hospitality Consultant (former GM) from Boutique in Newport Beach (United States)

This tool was created by a hotelier for hoteliers and it shows in its usability. This is the best and easiest access to your data allowing for convenient and fast analysis of all aspects of revenue management. Once you have worked with this software you will feel blind without it. Highly recommended!

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VP of Revenue Management and Analytics from Branded in Marina del Rey (United States)

Data is root of all decisions... (or at least it should be) HotelIQ is an intuitive, user friendly platform that allows users to seamlessly move between different points of analysis. The dashboards and visualizations allow for free format thinking and the ability to create and validate strategies in a fast paced environment.

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Vice President, Sales & Marketing from Branded in (United Kingdom)

HotelIQ business intelligence software is one of the most revolutionary products to come our way in some time. It has helped a number of our hotels maximize performance by providing quick and immediate insight. You will be amazed at how easy and intuitive it is, and how much it will help your hotel drive top-line revenue. At the very least, try the demo--you'll be amazed at how easy and intuitive it is and how much it will help your hotel drive top-line revenue.

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Revenue Analyst from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Having used a product similar to HIQ, HIQ is in a different league. One of the best things about this software is the breakdown of information. The ease of having the ability to drill down to specifics saves me so much time researching and gives variances at the click of a button; it helps not only myself, but my sales team with any specific information needed!

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Revenue Manager from Other in (United Kingdom)

The Software is easy to use and accurate - users can obtain information so much quicker than relying on a PMS. The reports are well designed and very easy to read which makes it a pleasure to use. Reports can be exported in various formats to fit in with any reporting used on property which saves time and guarantees accuracy. (That does require accurate loading into the PMS in the first place) No figures have to be transferred. Results can be researched in a lot of detail in a very short space of time.

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Managing Director in Rochester (United States)

The depth of analysis, speed and dynamics of the reports are excellent. No other tool can produce the level of analysis that HotelIQ gives, nor could a hotel create this themselves from the PMS data.

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Sales Administrative Assistant from Boutique in Miami Beach (United States)

- user friendly - fast processing - no delay for the report to show - results - numbers are accurate - can be extracted to excel

Area Revenue Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

The fact that its forward looking and that we are able to see trends, make changes, see the impact going into these dates we have impacted and continue to see if the changes made are positively or negatively impacting the results. Also Hotel IQ will take our feedback serious and make any changes or create new reports based on the feedback provided. Now that I have had exposure to it for 3 out of our 4 hotels in the region we are putting together a case to have the 4th hotel added.

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Inventory Manager from Branded in Vancouver (Canada)

It is able to generate reporting for many different situations in a way no other tool has for our team in the past. It has because the one stop shop for 95% of the reports we run and the other 5% they are working on so that we can use it for all of our reporting. The team is great to work with and we have been able to make better decisions by pulling the information we need in Revenue Management quickly and all in the same place. No more aggregation from 10 different tools! Get this tool for your property especially if you have multiple hotels as it allows you to create portfolios and review the information both combined and separate.

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Director of Revenue from Branded in San Jose (United States)

The historical and future looking information is quickly available in easy to understand formats. The ability to dig down to the rate code level is very helpful in understanding year over year production changes.

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Revenue Analyst from Boutique

HotelIQ reporting tool is user friendly, easy to navigate, learn and understand. One can download reports in many various forms and formats. Reports are designed in a certain way that you can always get both at the same time: a high level overview complemented with extremely detailed examination of performances of specific group blocks and rate codes. Reports provide analyses and comparison of any time periods you wish, ranging from historical to future looking. Support team is always willing to help and solve any rare issues you might experience. I would highly recommend HotelIQ and will insist on its implementation if/when I change employers/properties I work for.

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Director of Revenue Management

This tool allows you to truly dissect your business and start making solid forward looking decisions to positively impact your company. It's truly the best BI Tool on the market and they have a solid team supporting the product.

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Director of Revenue from Branded

very user friendly, detailed, fast, sophisticated tool for business analysis

Revenue and Distribution Analyst from Boutique

- Wide range of reporting which are simple to access and have easy to read information and graphs - Detailed Pace information for room types we do not have connected though any other systems

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Revenue Manager from Boutique

- Comprehensive and very useful reports - Report Manual in every report - Great training section - Rate, agency and corporate mapping sections... would love to have more that can be manually updated like for booking channels so we can fix what can't be fixed in Opera!

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Group Operations Director from Boutique

Not enough space to write! This is a tool that benefits sales and leadership teams, praising insights that were only previously possible by crunching excel and ensuring data entry standards were consistent across our group. HotelIQ cuts through the burden of this and allows infinite drill downs possibilities.

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Consulting Group Director of Revenue Management and Distribution from Branded

I like the ease and simplicity of the tool. Its incredible intuitive and with little training, one can be put at ease. It has made our workflow simple and saved several man-hours in unnecessary collation of data for analytics. I also feel that the real power of the tool is in its ability to inform against hypothesis and solve for if, why when, how types of questions. The new prediction capability is highly beneficial for hotels that don't have a full suite of a Revenue Management System.

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Revenue Manager from Resort

- Simple, fast system that allows us to find the data and information we need to show stakeholders - ability to manipulate data with ease

Asia Sales Manager from Boutique

A very intuitive tool! I can easily have many insight based on Opera's existing data at any time

Director Of Revenue Management

- Pace progression report - Room type utilization tool - LOS tool - Ability to change rate code mapping easily - Quick response when issues arise

Regional director of sales and marketing from Boutique

Hotel IQ is a fast and easy way for me and my team to extract valuable data and apply different criteria (source, channel, segments and many more) in order for us to understand better our business and make quick decision to impact positively our business

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Director of Revenue Management from Branded

Data is easy to access, reports show exactly what we need.

Group Revenue and Distribution Manager from Branded

Since 2 years back we have been working with HotelIQ, this BI tool has proved its essence to our organisation. This robust system has provided us sophisticated and detailed reports and most importantly, with insight as the system knows how to predict.

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Sales Manager from City Center

I use HoteliQ mainly to analyze the production - agency and corporate account trend reports

Sales Manager from Resort

Pick up Analysis Pace Analysis Booked v Stayed rooms Business Mix Analysis

Director Sales and Marketing from Resort

Predictive capabilities, STR forecasting, Geo territory production, support

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reference customers

As an independent consultant HotelIQ has helped me hugely in raising the level of support and strategic insight that I provide to my clients. This is by far the best business intelligence tool that I have seen for the hospitality industry. Vassilis Syropoulos VP Demand Management at the Pandox AB
HotelIQ is an outstanding business tool to drive revenue, to secure deep down understanding within the revenue teams. It is extremely user-friendly and provides the key information on which the strategic approach gets underlined and tactics fall into place or can be reinforced to meet with the outlined strategic decisions. We have it installed in all our German properties, focusing on the key issues with one platform which in return does not take a lot of administration to ensure understanding. Cornelia M.Kausch VP Development at the Pandox AB
HotelIQ finally gives us easy access to our own data. Fast and easy is important in an environment where we have to manage different channels with fluctuating demand and lead times. We can now evaluate and correct our Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management strategies based on solid current information. The option to drill down on any variable has never been available to us before and we are still finding new ways on how to leverage the powerful hotel business intelligence, reporting and analysis provided by HotelIQ. The Intelligent Hospitality team is passionate about helping us hoteliers and their significant experience in the field is reflected in every aspect of the product they have created. Support has been amazing, they are always available to us with answers and advice. This is one of the tools you do not want to do without once you have had it. Jan Henningsen General Manager at the Hotel Bloom!
HotelIQ provides business intelligence for all revenue drivers of our hotel in a significant and self-explanatory way. Customized reports are available at the push of a button which saves us valuable man hours of compiling historical, current and future data – thus freeing up time to focus on maximising revenues for the hotel. Moreover, the service level of the company and the responsiveness of our designated support are amazing which makes working with them a real pleasure. Anja Reuter Director of Business Development at the Hotel Berlin
HotelIQ is a major step forward for the Hospitality Industry! It gives a 360° view on our business and enables users to analyse past and future figures from different angles, that so far I could only have dreamed of. Working with Apo and Kevin on this piece of art has been a wonderful and enriching experience. The setup is extremely user friendly, and facilitates an overall implementation and increased understanding of revenue management within the hotel. Vivian Alofs Director Revenue Management at the Pandox AB
HotelIQ has become a valuable tool for both the sales team and the revenue team to quickly monitor and analyze pace, trends, markets and comparables. What took us an hour now takes less than a minute and the data is quickly at our fingertips. We can make fast decisions on where to place our sales and marketing spend, where to concentrate our sales initiatives, how to identify growing or lagging geographics. Our performance and communication has improved immensely since we added HotelIQ as a new tool! Mark Speranza Director of Sales & Marketing at the Millenium Broadway Hotel
I was fortunate to get an extensive preview into the HotelIQ product. This is an invaluable tool for critical Revenue Management, Distribution & Marketing decisions for property and regional level personnel. While it is standard to use past data to make decisions, this tool allows the user to also use future data to improve the quality of the decision. The multi-dimensional views & ease of obtaining the data will enable any user to skillfully execute any significant data-driven analysis. Monica Xuereb Former VP Revenue Management, Ritz-Carlton at the
HotelIQ’s ability to analyze historical and future business down to the most granular levels has empowered Operations, Sales & Marketing and Revenue Management teams at our hotels as well as our regional and corporate offices. Their decades of experience in hotel business and expertise in business science have mantifested in HotelIQ. No other BI company could match such a value proposition. Its very user friendly design makes it simple to use and understand even the most complex information. The Forecast & Budget App within HotelIQ automates forecasting and budgeting process using their predictive capability. Furthermore, their customer service is as just as great as their product. They have hundreds of hotels around the globe and yet, they make us feel like we are the only one using HotelIQ. Emrullah Akcakaya CEO at the Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International

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