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Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight) is the leading commercial platform for the travel & hospitality industry. We transform complexity into confidence by providing actionable market insights, business intelligence, and pricing tools that maximize revenue growth. Trusted by over 65,000 hotels in 185 countries, and supported by 500+ employees, Lighthouse is the only solution that provides real-time hotel and short-term rental data in a single platform. We strive to deliver the best possible experience with unmatched customer service. We consider our clients as true partners — their success is our success.

Rate Shopping

Hotel Rate Parity

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RateGain Travel Technologies Limited (NSE: RATEGAIN) is a global provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality that works with 2800+ customers and 700+ partners in 100+ countries helping them accelerate revenue generation through acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion. RateGain today is one of the world’s largest processors of electronic transactions, price points, and travel intent data helping revenue management, distribution and marketing teams across hotels, airlines, meta-search companies, package providers, car rentals, travel management companies, cruises and ferries drive better outcomes for their business. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in India, today RateGain works with the Top 23 of 30 Hotel Chains, the Top 25 of 30 Online Travel Agents, and all the top car rentals including 8 Global Fortune 500 companies in unlocking new revenue every day.

Hotel Metasearch Management Software

Oracle Hospitality
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Oracle Hospitality brings over 45 years of experience in providing technology solutions to independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, gaming, and cruise lines. We provide hardware, software, and services that allow our customers to act on rich data insights that deliver personalized guest experiences, maximize profitability and encourage long-term loyalty. Our solutions include platforms for property management, point-of-sale, distribution, reporting and analytics all delivered from the cloud to lower IT cost and maximize business agility. Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA is recognized globally as the leading property management platform and continues to serve as a foundation for industry innovation. For more information about Oracle Hospitality, please visit www.oracle.com/Hospitality. Oracle Hospitality is a proud AHLA Platinum Partner.

Property Management Systems

4.8 (400 REVIEWS)

Browsing from best-selling upsell offers, hoteliers can add personalised guest-facing deals in a few clicks, and promote them through perfectly timed guest communication. This puts guests in control of designing their stay with upgrades, special deals and ancillary services. In short, Oaky helps hotels drive additional profit from their existing customers by delivering a superior experience to guests. Oaky is trusted by innovative hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the likes of Event Hotels, Onyx Hospitality Group & Radisson Hotel Group.

Upselling Software

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BEONx is a leading travel technology company dedicated to revolutionizing revenue strategy and achieving sustainable profitability for hotels. Its innovative Sustainable Profit Platform (SPP) offers a fresh perspective on revenue management, moving beyond the traditional focus on RevPAR and occupancy rates to 'revenue-per-available-guest’ (RevPAG). The company’s mission is to drive a paradigm shift in the way hospitality professionals think about their business models, shifting the industry from a traditional “room for sale”mindset to a multi-dimensional experience ecosystem, with sustainable profitability at its core. The Sustainable Profit Platform operates on cutting-edge AI and machine-learning technology, offering automated, integrated, and digital solutions to optimize costs, revenue generation, and guest retention. The platform includes a powerful revenue management system, as well as a carefully curated selection of partner applications, allowing hotels to analyze and optimize all revenue streams, from parking and restaurant services to room revenue. Its RMS optimizes pricing and distribution based on consumer preferences and buying patterns, leveraging the Hotel Quality Index (HQI™), the only index in the hotel market that measures overall hotel quality. With a double segmentation by channel and market, hotels are equipped with information they need to make informed decisions to maximize their profits. BEONx serves over 2,000 customers in more than 30 countries, including leading hotel brands such as Catalonia, Iberostar, RIU, Barceló and H10, among others. With a commitment to leading the industry in total profitability, BEONx is poised to revolutionize revenue strategy in the hospitality industry.

Revenue Management Systems

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Quicktext was founded in 2017 by Daniel C. Doppler and Benjamin Devisme. More than 107 employees form its teams in 13 offices around the world to create the number #1 AI and big data company in the hotel industry. Today, with hotels in 76 countries, Quicktext and Velma's AI chatbot have created a new way to increase revenue, create value through data, and invent a new experience for travelers and hoteliers. In 2022, Quicktext provided more than $301 million of booking requests to its clients and was awarded as AI and Big Data company of the year for hospitality at the Premium Travel Awards in Shenzhen, China and International Travel Award for Innovation at the International Tourism Meeting In Paris, France.

Hotel Chatbots

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123COMPARE.ME is a travel tech SaaS company focusing on increasing hotel direct revenue and enhance hotel position in the guest journey. We are experts in Conversion Rate Optimization in Hospitality. We create marketing technology digital products (MarTech) and provide services to increase hotels’ short term and long term revenue results. MarTech tools blend behavioural marketing with big data management software to encourage hotel website visitors to book directly. We work with hotels in more than 102 countries, our main office is located in Barcelona, and we speak 7 languages.

Direct Booking Tools