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4.6 (1991 REVIEWS)

Our hotel commerce platform helps hotels and accommodation providers to sell, market, manage and grow from one place - with everything they need to start, upgrade or scale their businesses. Built on a foundation of core capabilities, SiteMinder is a platform with a rich ecosystem of hotel systems, apps and experts. By bringing it all seamlessly together, we’re opening up opportunities for more hotel businesses, every day. Our platform includes; a channel manager, online booking engine, metasearch, hotel website builder, hotel business intelligence, and access to the global distribution system. SiteMinder is the most recognised provider by HotelTechReport, with awards for: #1 Hotel E-Commerce Platform, #1 Channel Manager, #1 Booking Engine, and the People’s Choice Award for the most customer-centric company.

Channel Managers

Booking Engine

4.5 (1425 REVIEWS)

Cloudbeds is the platform that powers hospitality, enabling tens of thousands of lodging businesses in more than 150 countries worldwide to grow and thrive. The award-winning Cloudbeds Platform brings together technology solutions to increase revenue, delight guests, and streamline operations into a single unified system, enhanced by a curated marketplace of third-party integrations. Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds was named No. 1 PMS, No. 1 Hotel Management System, and No. 1 Guest Messaging Software by Hotel Tech Report in 2023 and was recognized as a major player in the 2022 IDC Marketscape Report. For more information, visit

Channel Managers

Property Management Systems

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4.8 (529 REVIEWS)

RoomRaccoon is an innovative all-in-one Hotel Management System trusted by thousands of independent properties across the globe. From a single platform, RoomRaccoon provides all the tools you need to manage every aspect of your property, including a powerful property management system (PMS) with an integrated booking engine and channel manager. No more complex integrations and awkward tech stacks. Simply, automation precision. What makes RoomRaccoon stand out in the crowded tech space is our range of built-in revenue-generating features that work to increase your RevPAR at every customer touchpoint. With built-in upselling and yield management tools, you’ll have more control of your property’s revenue by doing far less! RoomRaccoon currently has ten offices, spread across the Netherlands, the DACH region, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Spain, North America and the United Kingdom. If you’d like to get in touch with a local member of our team, simply leave your details and we’ll get in touch to show you how to become more efficient and increase the guest experience.

Booking Engine

Property Management Systems

+ 1 more
4.5 (514 REVIEWS)

Founded by ex-hoteliers, Mews is a next-generation hospitality cloud for hotels, hostels, apartments and more. Mews gives hoteliers the power to provide a remarkable guest experience while improving the operations and performance of their property, thanks to smart automation and an innovative, user-friendly set of products and features. Mews serves over 5,000 properties across more than 60 countries in all five continents, and works with a huge number of hospitality tech companies to provide hoteliers with an unbeatable platform – no other PMS offers as many integrations.

Property Management Systems

Marketplaces & Integrators

4.7 (481 REVIEWS)

At Bookassist, we believe that direct business should be at the heart of your hotel's strategy.

Booking Engine

Digital Marketing Agencies

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Clock Software
4.7 (282 REVIEWS)

Clock Software is pioneering the transformation of hotel management software from fragile and complex IT structures to an all-in-one integrated digital platform. Their next-generation hotel PMS brings together property management, online distribution, guest relations and F&B into an intuitive blend of modern built-in features and an ever-growing number of integrations.

Property Management Systems

4.8 (279 REVIEWS)

With Easyway, guests enjoy a seamless, personalized, and delightful communication experience before, during and after their stay while hotel leaders benefit from optimized staff management, increased revenue streams, enhanced operational efficiency, and strengthened relationships with their guests.

Guest Messaging Software

Contactless Check-in

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4.4 (145 REVIEWS)

Tripleseat was founded in 2008 by founder and CEO, Jonathan Morse, a former VP of Sales for Starwood Hotels. He and his team of hospitality professionals, who have a combined 300 years of hospitality experience, had a mission to create a seamless, all-in-one cloud-based sales and catering management platform that would increase team productivity and sales. Tripleseat is used worldwide by more than 15,000 venues, across 28 countries, and has helped customers increase revenue by 30% or more on average. To date, the Tripleseat platform has helped venues book over 6 million events and capture $15 billion in event leads.

Event Management Software

4.5 (141 REVIEWS)

Guestline gives hoteliers the confidence to achieve their boldest ambitions. As market leaders in cloud-based technology, we believe all hoteliers deserve more - more revenue, more direct bookings, more guest time, more insight, more confidence and more satisfaction. The Guestline platform is designed with this in mind. With over 30 years of experience designing and developing hospitality software, we understand the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry. That is why, whether you are an independent hotel or a group of hotels, our fully integrated, cloud-based solutions have the flexibility to meet your individual requirements, providing a cost-effective way to uncover your full potential and optimise revenues and bookings. Join over 3000 Guestline customers globally to streamline your operation, power your distribution and enhance your guest's experience. Unlock your full potential with Guestline- your key to more!

Property Management Systems

Hotel Management Software

4.5 (111 REVIEWS)

RateTiger by eRevMax is considered a leader in Hotel Channel Manager, Rate Shopping, Booking Engine, GDS Distribution, Metasearch management and Website Design solutions to independent boutique properties as well as small, mid-size and large hotel chains and resorts worldwide. RateTiger connects to over 450 distribution and technology partners globally. It has deep two-way integration with distribution channel partners including, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, Google, HRS, Hotelbeds, among various others. It also offers connection to leading PMS, RMS, Booking Engine and other hotel technology systems for a seamless online distribution experience. Data security and privacy is a key aspect for RateTiger, hence the company is ISO and PCI certified as well as GDPR compliant. It provides 24x7 multilingual support to hotels globally to assist in revenue generation objectives.

Channel Managers

Hotel Reservations Systems

4.7 (85 REVIEWS)

Koddi is a provider of comprehensive marketing management software and services for the travel and hospitality industries. The company’s award-winning SaaS platform provides a robust network for travel brands and online travel agencies to connect with consumers and drive more bookings and revenue through unified metasearch, social and programmatic campaigns. Hotel advertisers can consolidate and manage the entire purchase funnel and gain insights at each point to adjust and optimize campaigns across all channels. As a result, marketers fuel their growth, harness real time intelligence to drive informed decision making and dramatically improve operational expenses. For more information, please visit

Metasearch & Ad Tech

4.8 (18 REVIEWS)

Hi, We’re Newbook. We empower you to find more freedom and take control of your operations with our connected hospitality management system. Partnering with you to drive growth, streamline your day-to-day and provide memorable guest experiences is what we do – we’re experts! We’ve heard that you love your job, because you love hospitality. (Not because you love paperwork and administration.) We’re the team that’s got your back, with state-of-the-art solutions for the daily challenges that hold you back from being the best hospitality provider you can be. We start with continuous innovation and improvements to the system — so that you are using the most effective, modern version of the old ‘reservations book’ with a ‘new book’ that does everything you need. We know it’s not easy, because we’ve been there. We have a long history in hospitality, with creators who did exactly what you do — managing bookings, guest check-ins, maintenance, guest communications, housekeeping and all the everyday things that must happen before you can do the special things that really make a difference. The things that make someone’s stay an occasion they will never forget. An experience people will travel for. Good times they will talk about. The holiday of a lifetime. The front desk team member who saved the day. The manager who made them feel at home. A warm welcome. A longing to return. That’s why we’re in this business. Over 55,000 users trust us as their software partner and we’re ready to partner with you too. Chat to our team about starting your business transformation with Newbook.

Property Management Systems