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Leverage the power of Metasearch as a direct Marketing Channel. Dedicated Metasearch team. Expert Management across all platforms.

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90 HT Score

Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.

Learn how HotelTechReport uses millions of proprietary datapoints to rank the best hotel software in the world
About Bookassist Metasearch
Founded in 1999 | Headquarters in Ireland | 106 employees
Start with Risk-Free Google Pay-Per-Stay and transition to our Grow and Scale programs for increased visibility and improved ROI. Many companies offer connectivity to metasearch channels but that's not good enough. Bookassist's dedicated metasearch team successfully manages, monitors and optimises metasearch campaigns for over 250 hotels across 15 countries. Top performing clients see an average contribution to overall direct bookings of up to 40%



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4/5 features


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Popularity by Segment


6 | X-Small (1-9 room)

36 | Small (10-24 room)

126 | Medium (25-74 room)

151 | Large (75-199 room)

72 | X-Large (200+ room)


123 | Czech Republic

76 | Spain

69 | Ireland

62 | Italy

48 | Poland

33 | Austria

22 | France

10 | Germany

6 | Argentina

5 | United Kingdom

4 | Dominican Republic

4 | Slovakia

3 | Canada

2 | Mexico

2 | Uruguay

2 | Croatia

2 | United States of America

2 | United Arab Emirates

1 | Russian Federation

1 | Estonia

1 | Colombia


116 | City Center Hotels

109 | Boutiques

106 | Luxury Hotels

62 | Bed & Breakfast & Inns

56 | Resorts

48 | Branded Hotels

24 | Airport/Conference Hotels

20 | Vacation Rentals & Villas

16 | Extended Stay & Serviced Apartments

11 | Hostels

8 | Limited Service & Budget Hotels

7 | RV Parks & Campgrounds

6 | Casinos

2 | Motels


456 | Europe

9 | South America

7 | North America

4 | Central America

2 | Middle East


444 | Booking Engine

248 | Digital Marketing Agencies

217 | Website Design

205 | Hotel Metasearch Management Software

Hotelier Rating

Very Good

Property Size

  • X-Small (6)
  • Small (36)
  • Medium (126)
  • Large (151)
  • X-Large (72)


  • Czech Republic
    Czech Republic
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
  • Dominican Republic
    Dominican Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Uruguay
  • Croatia
  • United States of America
    United States of America
  • United Arab Emirates
    United Arab Emirates
  • Russian Federation
    Russian Federation
  • Estonia
  • Colombia


  • North America
    North America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
    Middle East
  • South America
    South America
  • Central America
    Central America

Hoteliers say

NEW AI Review summary

Hoteliers like Bookassist for its impact on direct bookings, robust analytics, and flexibility across multiple platforms. They report improved conversion rates and noticed higher engagement, especially on mobile devices. Its multilingual support enhances global reach. Negative feedback often concerns the complexity of backend management and occasional delays in feature updates.

AI-generated from the text of customer reviews

Direct Bookings Increase
Customization and Personalization
User-Friendly Backend
Reporting and Analytics
Flexibility in Add-On Management
Complex Backend Management
Mobile Optimization
Delayed Feature Updates
Multilingual and Multi-platform Support

Reliable and competent partner.

Sales & Revenue Managment from 25-49 room City Center Hotel in Firenze (Italy)

7 months ago
A great pleasure to work in synergy with Bookassist. The Digital Marketing service and the PPC part are excellent. Serious and professional.
Country Italy
Sales & Revenue Managment
Medium Hotel

Very professional and decisive team.

Directora from 100 to 199 room Resort in Salou (Spain)

9 months ago
You have a professional team that effectively resolves any questions and/or problems that may arise and also advises appropriately on the actions to be taken.
Country Spain
Large Hotel

Efficient effective communication

Digital Marketing Manager from 200 to 499 room Branded Hotel in Galway (Ireland)

9 months ago
Availability and effectiveness of team communication. Meta & channel visibility in Booking Intelligence reports. Up to date with market trends and innovation.
Country Ireland
Digital Marketing Manager
X-Large Hotel

Good team

Head of Digital Marketing from 25-49 room Boutique in Madrid (Spain)

9 months ago
They get involved in the project, in a clear, pleasant and without delay. Quick and efficient response to any problem in development or implementation.
Country Spain
Head of Digital Marketing
Medium Hotel

Everything is improvements

Manager from 100 to 199 room City Center Hotel in Santander (Spain)

9 months ago
The work of the entire Bookassist team has helped us to improve in many points and this has given us a better web positioning and a significant increase in our direct sales. Always pending of any improvement or incident that they detect to notify us. The negotiations with Luis, Flavia and more actively with Arancha, make our work very comfo...
Country Spain
Large Hotel


Revenue Manager from 25-49 room Boutique in Roma (Italy)

9 months ago
All their products are playing a key role in reaching our goals. Their high proficiency makes the difference.
Country Italy
Revenue Manager
Medium Hotel

High level of efficency in all the staff.

Property Manager from 50-74 room City Center Hotel in Madrid (Spain)

9 months ago
High level of efficency in all the staff, our confidence in their skills allow us to be focused in other aspects of our business
Country Spain
Property Manager
Medium Hotel

Bookassist experience: the Bookassist team is made up of particularly motivated people, the team always proves to be prepared and attentive, I can only say that they are true professionals.

Revenue Manager from 25-49 room City Center Hotel in Roma (Italy)

9 months ago
The timeliness in solving problems, the immediacy in responding, the preparation they have in general, above all they are always up to date with market changes.
Country Italy
Revenue Manager
Medium Hotel

Great cooperation and years ahead to continue

sales & marketing from 100 to 199 room Boutique in Roma (Italy)

10 months ago
Professional cooperation and easy to understand the products suggested by the vendor. Great suggestions from the vendor improving the revenue of the hotel. Clearly written reports and statistics.
Country Italy
sales & marketing
Large Hotel

Success with Bookassist!

Business Development Manager from 75-99 room Boutique in Waterford (Ireland)

10 months ago
Everyone we have worked with in bookassist has been extremely helpful in every aspect. We recently completely revamped our website we could not have done without the knowledge, advice and patience from our Account Manager, Louise. We also put a big emphasis on converting more direct business and we have seen exponential growth in recent mon...
Country Ireland
Business Development Manager
Large Hotel
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  • 21

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NEW AI Review summary

Industry experts recommend Bookassist for its seamless integration of multiple tools that maximize hotel direct bookings, including cutting-edge mobile compatibility and intelligent pricing strategies. The product stands out for its robust booking engine, dynamic reporting features, and customizable options, which analysts find particularly valuable for independent hotels and smaller chains. Critical feedback highlights occasional slowdowns, high pricing, and complexity in setup for some users.

AI-generated from the text of customer reviews

Booking Engine
Ease of Use
Direct Bookings
Revenue Optimization
Support and Training
Mobile Compatibility

What does this product or service do well?


Booking engine which is very convenient and intuitive. It allows user to create many pro-sales opportunities and options.


What differentiates this product or service from the competition?


Very competent and experienced support team, with great knowledge and a lots of revenue optimization ideas. They provide very quick reactivity period, which is valuable. They are flexible in terms of adjusting the service to the profile of your hotel.


Based on your experience with this product or service, if you could give one piece of advice to a hotelier considering this product or service, what would it be?


If you are trying to save some of your intermediary costs, you should give it a try.