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What customers love about HelloShift (Staff Collaboration)

Assistant Front Office Manager from Other in Monterey (United States)

Works on variety of devices. User friendly, there is no complicated functions. It is customizable to our hotel's needs.

General Manager from Other in Lone Tree (United States)

It easy to use. It is always dependable.The price is also affordable.I would recommend it to any business that communication is key to success.

Guest Services Associate from Boutique hotel in San Francisco (United States)

HelloShift is user friendly and easy to maneuver around. I like the specific task bar for each department., especially messaging one person directly.

Operations Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

Prompt and supportive staff any given time. Quick to fix any concerns or issues. Always looking for ideas to improve their product and make it more user friendly. Receives criticism well.

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Night Auditor from Boutique hotel in San Francisco (United States)

It's very easy to use and very straight forward. Once your group develops a style of writing on HelloShift, it's very easy to know what's going on at a glance. The tasks list is great and I like that it shows your personal tasks as well. The ability to privately message your colleague turns out to be very useful. Being able to text guests is great and really looks good from the guests' customer service point of view.

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Front Desk from Other in Los Angeles (United States)

It helps me remember what i have to do when i come back to work the next day. It also keeps all of my colleagues updated on whats going on. This software is the best way to communicate with your team members who might be in another department. Customer Since: 2017 Success Metrics: Improved hotel service completion and tracking

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Regional Director of Operations from Other in Irvine (United States)

They give us the support and conceptual input to both leverage the software's capabilities and to use it in creative ways that help drive our prime metrics.

Front Desk from Other in Warrenton (United States)

It is a communication tool between the staff that I don't see every day. I am able to know what is going on even if I am not here

GM from Other in Irvine (United States)

Team members can communicate better and is being recorded so we can always go back and review a certain history of an event when needed.

General Manager from Other in Warrenton (United States)

Ability to communicate effectively with staff and keep aware of what is going on. Being able to use the system through cell phones.

Front Desk from Other in Warrenton (United States)

Good communication for all staff and management. We are able to all talk without having to be on property.

Maintenance Manager from Other in Warrenton (United States)

Able to find out what is wrong within the property in a matter of minutes after the guest has put in the request. Success Story: One time we had a major water issue in our hotel and I was able to find out about it within minutes because of HelloShift which enabled me to call a plumber before the issue got out of control. Customer Since: 2016

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Front Desk Agent from Boutique hotel in San Francisco (United States)

Everyone can read the note easy, all options are easy to manage and it's a friendly user software. Customer Since: 2015

Guest Service Manager from Other in Irvine (United States)

It is a fantastic Software that is easy to use and great at communicating with our staff regarding guest issues, needs, and complaints. I have been using this product for 2 years and definitely enjoy it's ease of use and ability to tag other team members so they can be updated on what is going on in the hotel while they are away. i also like that you can note sales opportunities.

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General Manager from Other in Tauranga (New Zealand)

HelloShift provides greater engagement among staff and departments within the hotel environment. Set up was a breeze, it's easy to use and navigate and staff wouldn't be without it! Great service from HelloShift especially with the time difference (we based in New Zealand).

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Front Desk Lead from Other in Irvine (United States)

I like the ability to tag people and put hashtags. It's very convenient and easy to use. I like how we could look up guest reviews as well from TripAdvisor.

Managing Partner from Other in Temecula (United States)

Helloshift's executive team was outstanding to work with coming up solutions that could benefit Sacramento's hotel community.

Front Desk Agent from Other in Los Angeles (United States)

Easy to look for stuff. Very convenient for a lot of things. I like the hashtag options and the option to tag people.

General Manager from Boutique hotel in Nashville (United States)

Hello Shift gives me a easy resource to communication a message to my staff, staff departments and guests by a simply text. It allows everyone to receive one accurate message, keeping everyone on the "same page" and in the know at all times.

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Property Manager from Vacation Rental in Bozeman (United States)

HelloShift has eased the communication among the staff and has become our central hub for quick information.

Guest Services from Vacation Rental in Bozeman (United States)

Being able to stay up to date on maintenance issues without having to ask and/or email co-workers. Having one source for communicating with co-workers.

General Manager from Other in Lehi (United States)

- Being able to instantly follow up on completed tasks - Being able to be in touch anywhere, at anytime - Organization and no messy books filled with confusing handwriting!

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Office Manager from Vacation Rental in Bozeman (United States)

Everyone in our office is notified of important issues without further bogging down our already busy email accounts. I find things can get "lost" while emailing but it's easy to search and find archived information in HelloShift. HelloShift is really easy to implement. It's priced well and our entire team loves it!

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General Manager from Other in Irvine (United States)

The way it pulls the team together. They way we can assign tasks. Finally the way we can search for hashtags. Hello shift is an excellent database we can rely on in terms of incidents, Maintenance issues and even preventive Maintenance and Housekeeping.

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Reservations Manager from Vacation Rental in Bozeman (United States)

We have been looking for a system that would allow us to communicate in the office but also keep a record for everyone in the office to be able to reference. Helloshift works great for us.

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Night Audit from Boutique hotel in Chicago (United States)

It is very easy to communicate between staff without having to be present. It is very easy and accommodating to use, which is great because it is very time efficient.

Sales Coordinator from Other in Anaheim (United States)

This software makes communication so quick and efficient between departments. The ability to leave a detailed message to anyone on property is a much needed tool and the format is much easier than email for quick messages.

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Hotel Manager from Other in Kitty Hawk (United States)

We are looking forward to utilizing the text to guest feature when our busy season is here, unique and I feel our guests will enjoy. able to assign tasks and track trends, make action plans. Our hotels' employees had an easy time learning the functionality too.

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VP of Operations from Other in Irvine (United States)

HelloShift software by itself is an amazing software that truly helps us be more efficient and effective as a team (while having fun) and is bar to none to provide guest/staff interaction. But, on top of all that what makes HelloShift Team so incredible is their ability to listen, customize, and implement new features exactly how we envisioned! Usage: Weekly Customer Since: 2015

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Operations Manager from Other in Irvine (United States)

Helloshift is so easy to use, it makes rolling it out to new hotels seamless especially with the support provided by the Helloshift team. We have been using Helloshift for about 3 years and I use it daily. Its the first product of it's kind that I have used for Staff Collaboration. The Helloshift team has great insight into what is needed on property and thinks of improvements even before I am able to realize I need a change. As such, I love the new updates that come out as they are all very useful.

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General Manager from Other in Irvine (United States)

We use Helloshift for most of our back of the house functions and seems to be good.

Front Desk Agent from Other in San Jose (United States)

Makes getting information from other front desk agents much easier. Being able to pass along a note to everyone and have them follow up and mark it done is excellent! Ensuring things get done is paramount and HelloShift makes that possible!

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Director of Sales from Other in Irvine (United States)

Its ease of use and the ability to utilize the cell application. Very convenient! I can also use to to communicate my guests expectation to all departments within the hotel. Bottom line...get HelloShift! The collaboration and follow up it can provide will position you ahead of the comp set! Usage: Daily Customer for: 2+ years

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SVP of Operations from Other in (United Kingdom)

HelloShift has allowed us to streamline and add accountability around our communication. The built in sales CRM ensures the sales department stays connected as well and no business falls through the cracks. Ultimately we've found we are responding to guest requests faster and more accurately, resulting in improved reputation.

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Director of Operations from Other in (United Kingdom)

We have found Helloshift to be a great addition to our hotels. It allows us to communicate immediately but without the intrusion of loud radios. It eliminates the need for maintenance tickets and allows us to close the loop on guest requests. Usage: Daily Customer for: 2+ years

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Owner from Other in Santa Clara (United States)

Very responsive to your specific needs. No software is perfect, but being able to get in touch with the developers to help with hotel specific issues is great.

Front Desk Agent from Other in San Jose (United States)

This software is helpful with communicating with co-workers that you don't see on a daily basis. I've found it helps us all respond to one another in a timely manner, not sure that this would be possible without the use of this software.

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Guest Services Representative from Other in Monterey (United States)

It makes communication with other departments in the hotel easy. As a front desk employee, I can quietly communicate with maintenance or housekeeping without having to talk aloud about an issue in front of guests.

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Front Desk Agent from Other in San Jose (United States)

It makes cross-departmental issues easier to navigate. Communication is much simpler and more efficient. It cuts down on paper waste (manual logs and notes).

Front Desk Agent from Boutique hotel in San Francisco (United States)

HelloShift is very easy to use! With today's social media craze, it is very similar -- so it was quick to learn. I like how everything is right in front of you, and it is easy to search for history.

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Front Desk Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

I like that we can create tasks and check them off once we're done. It really is helpful for our front desk team to be completely informed.

General Manager from Other in Austin (United States)

I used it for 2 years now and it's a great, simple, easy to navigate form of communication. I love how you can add a certain department or tag certain people.

General Manager, Duty Manager from Other in Stuttgart (Germany)

The ease at which guest can get their messages and orders across to the front desk , the restaurant, spa, laundry or other departments that's online the Hello Shift, very easy to use, most guests at times request at the desk whether we have it in room or not

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reference customers

HelloShift is the best thing that can happen to any hotel. Dimitar Stanev Director of Operations at the Engage Hospitality
Guest interactions are inherently stressful - you never want a problem to turn into a negative review. HelloShift truly makes staff communication easier and takes away a lot of my stress. My team is able to give me all the information I need to quickly resolve guest problems. With HelloShift I can keep an eye on all of my departments instead of just one at a time to prevent problems even before they arise. Milan Patel Owner at the Candlewood Suites Wake Forest
Incorporating HelloShift into our daily operations has taken us to the next level. Guests are sent a text on the day of arrival. The responses are overwhelmingly positive and this advance communication makes check in a breeze. Throughout a guest's stay, communicating with the front desk is simple; the guest just replies to the chat string and anyone at the front desk can respond. Elizabeth Brooke Innkeeper at the The Provincetown Hotel at Gabriel’s

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