34 Free Hospitality eBooks You Can Download Right Now

By Jordan Hollander

Last updated October 28, 2022

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The hospitality management and hotel management industry is extremely complex with many moving pieces.   Whether you work in the front office, food and beverage management, corporate sustainability, human resources or anywhere in between - you'll need to constantly stay up to date with the latest trends in this fast paced industry.  That's why Hotel Tech Report curated  this free ebook collection filled with case studies, tutorials, research and guidebooks.

Revenue Management eBooks

  • The Metrics that Matter (in the Hotel Industry): How does your property measure performance? With an almost endless amount of data available in the hospitality and tourism industry, tracking the right metrics is key for success. This report explores the hospitality metrics that will help to shape operational, financial and marketing decisions for the modern hotelier.

  • Using Forward-Looking Demand Data to Maximize Revenue: This guide will give you some insights on how to leverage the best tools to collect, analyze, and base pricing decisions on future-facing data.

  • The House that Analytics Built: What hoteliers need to know about advanced analytics in revenue technology

  • Upselling and Cross-selling in the Hotel Business: Do you know the difference between upselling and cross-selling when it comes to hotel bookings? Our latest infographic explains the key difference and how that should influence your hotel marketing strategy to maximize revenue. The difference between upselling and cross-selling is more than just definition; it’s about strategy. When it comes to the upsell, communicating value is most important, while success in cross-selling comes from appealing to the impulse buy.

  • How to diversify your hotel’s distribution strategy: Learn tips and insight into the many distribution initiatives available to increase revenue and profit at your hotel. Online travel sales are predicted to reach a whopping $817.54 billion worldwide in 2020, and the share of online channels used for travel bookings reached 57% in 2016.

  • A Revenue Management Checklist for a Topsy Turvy World: To assist you in navigating revenue management in the time of COVID, we’ve put together this checklist. Today’s topsy turvy world may be unsettling – but it does offer a fertile ground to rethink strategy, test new tactics and refresh your understanding about today’s travelers. As you tackle this challenge, take it one day at a time. It’s the incremental improvements that steadily rebuild revenues during recovery. It’s a marathon, not a sprint – give yourself the space to build the new muscle memory for today’s complexities.

  • Revenue Optimization Guide: Preparing for Market Recovery: Are you prepared for market recovery? Hotel markets around the world have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. But with more and more countries getting a grip on the situation, hotel market recovery is finally appearing on the horizon.?To help you better navigate the recovery period and make the most of it at your hotel, we’ve put together this post-crisis revenue optimization guide.

  • The Hotelier's Field Guide to Total Revenue Forecasting: Whether your organization has sights set on total revenue management or profit optimization, both require visibility and forecasting for your entire business. In this guide, we’ll show you how to lead your organization and take that next step along the path with total revenue forecasting, from aligning departments under common objectives, to leveraging new tools and data, to adopting new metrics for tracking performance.

  • Embracing Total Revenue Management: "Total hotel revenue optimisation (THRO) is especially important topic for hoteliers to explore in the recovery period. This means using revenue management techniques in all revenue-generating operations such as F&B, spa, and recreation.” Marta Varela, Revenue Management Lecturer

  • How To Build A Net New Revenue Strategy: Your essential guide to proactive revenue management post-COVID-19: Discover the measures you need to take 90, 60 & 30 days out to either reopening or ramping up your revenue strategy as demand lifts.

Hotel Marketing eBooks

  • Guide to Hotel Loyalty: How to successfully navigate the modern loyalty landscape: After analyzing data from more than 200 hotel groups, we found that points-based loyalty programs are not as effective in driving direct revenue and boosting repeat bookings as many would believe. In fact, according to a Google/Greenberg study, the number one reason a high-value traveler chooses to book with a particular brand is customer service, not a loyalty program.

  • How to use social influencers successfully to market your hotel: As the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method, influencer marketing is all the rage these days. In fact, 62% of marketers said that they’re growing their influencer marketing budgets in 2018. Because influencers know their audience very well, they can help hotels to increase awareness and engagement among their target guest segments. However, before rushing to lavish freebies to Instagram and YouTube stars, hotel marketers should first focus on building a solid multi-channel marketing and conversion-optimized foundation. From identifying influencers to choosing the best platform, our infographic helps you think through all the important elements of an influencer marketing campaign. From identifying influencers to choosing the best platform, our infographic helps you think through all the important elements of an influencer marketing campaign.

  • How Booking and Expedia build their traffic online with Metasearch: It’s always good practice to look at how the big online travel agents (OTAs) behave operationally in order to identify what best practices can be taken away for your own everyday hotel business operations. From how they build their visibility online through to their cutting-edge conversion tactics, OTAs are highly optimized and very good at what they do, so there’s always something to learn.

  • Step-by-Step Hotel Marketing Plan 2021: Welcome to the Step-by-Step Hotel Marketing Plan. You’re about to start an exciting journey to transform your understanding and approach to hotel marketing. Today’s digital revolution has fundamentally changed how people gather and consume information. With OTA bookings starting to lose market share, having a modern digital presence has never been more important to retake control.

  • We Need to Talk about Conversion: Conversion is a key measure of marketing success, but there are many misconceptions about conversion and hotels need to focus on the metrics that matter! we challenge the traditional concept of a conversion event as simply being a booking made, introducing the more relevant “net conversion rate” to take cancellations into consideration.

  • Hotel CRM Disruption: From a Marketing Tool to the Leading IT System: The largest and most comprehensive study on CRM and data management in the hospitality industry was recently published. In it, 85 hotel chains worldwide are surveyed on their CRM activities, the solutions they use and the problems they face.

  • Prepare Your Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy for a World Without Cookies: There’s a major shift afoot that will have a dramatic impact on your hotel’s digital marketing: a world without third-party cookies. Google is going cookie-less by 2022; others, such as Apple and Facebook, have similar efforts to shift the way that users are tracked online. Without a doubt, this has enormous implications for your hotel’s digital marketing. You must prepare now to be ready for a seamless switch in 2022. This guide will help you navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and help you get ahead of the curve.

  • The Key to Reputation Success in 2022: By only focusing on the overall rating of your hotel, you can be affected by the whims of an algorithm change. But by having a more holistic approach to your reputation online, you can make your hotel more attractive to people searching on review websites. What many hoteliers don’t realize is that being #1 isn’t the only way to succeed. While ranking higher than a competitor gives you an edge, there are other factors that affect what a person browsing hotels thinks of your business.

Hotel Operations eBooks

  • Hotel Operations Post COVID-19 Playbook: Industry leaders agree that, once we come out of the crisis, we need to be more nimble and creative across all departments. This Playbook outlines tips and strategies general managers can apply to their own housekeeping operations to overcome the six fundamental challenges that lie ahead during these uncertain times.

  • Hotel Operations Unleashed: 99 Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Solutions: What would it take to overhaul your hotel's operations? We created an eBook to get you started on your journey to efficient and improved hotel operations.

  • Enabling Guests to Forgo Room Cleaning: More than ever before, hotels guests are looking for travel options that align with their environmental concerns. Offering guests services that allow them to tailor their stay to lessen the environmental impact helps hotels stand out from the competition and generates cost-savings without impeding the guest experience. This white paper addresses the advantages of giving guests the option to forgo room cleaning, drawing on the latest research, testimonials from users, and an analysis of current trends to give you a balanced understanding of how the service can best help you.

Guest Service eBooks

  • Guest Service Report: Expectations & Experience: With entire guest experiences being defined in micro-moments, Zingle commissioned a research study to more than 1,100 consumers to help hoteliers understand how guest expectations and effective service recovery impact the guest experience and drive business.

  • How to Reach your Hotel Guests Digitally: Nowadays more and more hotel guests wish to communicate digitally and would like to be entertained by modern technology. Before introducing new technologies to your hotel it is worth though to take a step back to compare the available digital tools. Are you wondering which technology you should use in your hotel? Which technology will truly delight your guests? And which digital tools will bring your hotel a real benefit? Download the free eBook now and learn how to reach your guests digitally!

  • The Future of Hotel Guest Engagement: How an advanced property management system enhances the guest experience, according to the latest best practices and IT market research.

  • The Complete Guide to Contactless Ordering: Bbot's complete guide to contactless ordering dives into all of the elements your establishment needs to implement this high ROI technology from in-venue ordering, online ordering, to catering.

  • Hospitality in a Contactless World: Technology is taking the lead in helping hotels recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Video, streaming services, contactless technology, and other connection tools like CRM play a huge part. A hybrid model seems to be emerging – digitization of many customer experience touchpoints, with tangibles deliverable by hygienically minded on-site service. Virtual relationship tools can actually help hotels deliver highly personalized experiences that limit contact, emulating many of the benefits hybrid online/retail companies have deployed for years, and catering to our collective migration to handle most matters on our phones. Whether it’s managing guest preferences, on-property requests, F/B or wellness, these virtual connection tools can offer warm, personalized and exceptional service to guests, while respecting social distancing.

  • Boost Room Service Sales at Your Hotel: Using data-driven insights to optimize your hotel's in-room dining strategy.

  • Mobile Ordering Statistics in the Hotel Industry: A survey of more than 4,000 hospitality guests provides insight into perceptions of mobile ordering in the hospitality industry and views on these solutions should evolve to meet customer demands.

  • Delivering an Omni-Channel Guest Experience: Today's modern guest now dictates the medium by which hotels and resorts must engage with them to provide a differentiated experience. While many hotels feel texting with a guest is sufficient, studies on guest preferences and the coming wave of new messaging and voice apps reveal a very different situation. It is now clear that the most successful hoteliers are delivering an omni-channel guest experience in order to win more direct business and loyalty.

Hotel Technology eBooks

  • The Hotel Technology Buyer's Guide: Technology has made its way into every hotel department and the choices are endless. The benefits of technology are as varied as the providers that are constantly innovating in the industry. But navigating the vast market of hotel technology solutions requires an understanding of what it can do for your hotel, endorsements from trusted hoteliers, and recommendations for complementary products. That’s why this guide exists. Let’s get started!

  • A Guide to Changing Your Property Management System: Choosing a new PMS is no simple task, but more and more lodging operators are looking to the cloud for inspiration to upgrade. A cloud PMS can offer an easy-to-implement alternative to traditional on-premise systems and blow away the concerns over replacing lagging software. This article aims to alleviate concerns and barriers that exist around making such a change by providing a guide to replacing your PMS — from what to look for in a new system to planning and managing the switch. 

  • 2021 Hospitality Benchmark Report: The project surveyed 1,050 hospitality professionals representing hotel, casino, and cruise operators in seven countries, covering the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The key objective: Evaluate their current and planned use of mobile technology – and the onsite property changes they made to support health initiatives – to anticipate the guest journey evolution over the next 12 to 24 months.

  • The Hotelier's Guide to Text and Chat: Messaging has changed the way people communicate. 56% of guests say they will use messaging more in the next 2 years. 63% of millennials prefer messaging to phone calls. This guide has tips and best practices from hundreds of hoteliers on how to use texting and chat to improve communications, enhance service, and drive revenue.

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