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The 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2024

Each year Hotel Tech Report surveys thousands of industry insiders to identify the best hotel tech jobs and employers globally.


Jordan Hollander in Operations

Last updated January 10, 2024

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If you’re looking to make a career move in 2024 or just learn about some up-and-comers in the industry, this is the list for you. Every year, HotelTechReport asks thousands of team members to share their experiences working for some of the top technology companies in the hospitality space. For industry professionals, this list can help you find your next dream gig. And for hoteliers who work with technology vendors, we recognize that you want to leverage not only the best tech, but also partner with organizations who treat their people well.

In order to identify the best places to work in hotel tech we asked the survey respondents about key topics including:

  • Work-life balance
  • Personal development
  • Gender equality
  • Confidence in the future of the company
  • Alignment with company values

After analyzing thousands of employee survey responses, a few of the top company culture trends that reverberated throughout the top ten list included:

  • 🌎 Flexibility and remote work
  • 💸 Stipends to cover professional development and continuing education
  • 🚀 Structured career growth sessions and internal promotions
  • 👩 Women in key leadership positions
  • 🤝 In-person team building events for remote employees


And without further adieu, here are the top 10 best places to work in hotel tech in 2024👇



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1. Asksuite

Asksuite's company culture prioritizes work-life balance, personal growth, inclusivity, and collective pride in accomplishments.

Imagine a workday at Asksuite that's not your typical 9-to-5 grind. It’s a flexible journey where each individual blends professional responsibilities with personal fulfillment. One employee shares, "I have flexible time so I can manage my personal life with my work activities"​​. This approach ensures that the team isn't just working hard, but also living well.

At the heart of Asksuite's ethos is a deep commitment to personal growth. The company isn't just a workplace; it's a launchpad for professional and personal development. Employees have access to resources for continuous learning and mentorship. "The company encourages my personal growth," says a team member, highlighting this nurturing environment​​.

Diversity and empowerment are core to the firm. Asksuite focuses on creating opportunities for women and LGBTQIA+ individuals, with a clear policy of pursuing more female candidates for job offers. An employee notes, "I see a clear policy of pursuing more female candidates for all of the job offers"​​, showcasing the company's inclusive and supportive environment.

What truly sets Asksuite apart is the sense of pride and unity among its team members. Celebrating achievements is a shared joy. For instance, an employee reflects on their learning journey: "Less than 1 year within the company and I have learned a lot. Challenges are weekly and monthly"​​. This testament to continuous learning and growth underlines the dynamic and enriching environment at Asksuite.

Asksuite's culture is more than just business achievements; it's about nurturing an environment where professional aspirations meet personal well-being. Each day offers opportunities to grow, contribute, and celebrate. That's the Asksuite way – a blend of professional rigor and personal joy, creating a thriving environment for everyone.

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2. Canary

Canary Technologies stands out as a beacon of a modern, employee-centric workplace, and its unique company culture is a testament to this. At the heart of Canary's ethos is a blend of flexibility, growth, and inclusivity, elements that employees cherish and celebrate. Let's dive into what makes working at Canary so special.

The company champions work-life balance with a hybrid schedule that gracefully weaves together in-office presence and remote work. This flexibility extends to its generous policy of unlimited PTO and guaranteed long weekends every month, ensuring that employees never have to miss out on life's important moments. One employee fondly recalls the engineering retreat, a week of collaboration and exploration in a new country, as a highlight of their Canary experience, underscoring the company's commitment to balancing work with leisure and adventure​​.

Personal growth is a huge priority at Canary. The Self Improvement Club, where employees can spend $75 per month on any personal goal, and the regular feedback and review processes are pivotal in nurturing this growth mindset. One employee expressed their appreciation for the personal growth plan developed by their manager, a clear indication of the supportive environment Canary cultivates​​.

Inclusivity is another cornerstone of Canary's culture. The company's monthly Fireside Chats address issues related to equality for women and other minority groups, creating a platform for dialogue and awareness. This commitment to diversity is reflected in an employee's sentiment, who feels empowered and included as a minority woman, a testament to the inclusive atmosphere at Canary​​.

The rapid growth and achievements of Canary also fuel employee enthusiasm. The partnership with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, a significant enterprise deal, stands out as a milestone, showcasing Canary's ambition and capabilities. Employees take pride in being part of a company that's not only scaling new heights but also revolutionizing the hotel industry​​.

The supportive management and team environment are the glue that binds Canary's culture. One employee, having returned to Canary after a brief hiatus, remarked on the team's growth and the culture of learning and development that has flourished, a clear indicator of the nurturing environment Canary maintains​​.

Company events and retreats are also a highlight. Camp Canary, described by an employee as "epic fun," exemplifies the company's commitment to team bonding and creating memorable experiences. These gatherings are not just about fun; they're crucial in building a cohesive and collaborative team spirit​​.

In its pursuit of excellence, Canary is also receptive to feedback. Employees express desires for improvements, such as better integration of tools and more inclusive activities for international colleagues, showcasing a culture that values and acts on employee input​​.

Canary Technologies is not just a workplace; it's a vibrant community where flexibility, personal growth, inclusivity, and a spirit of adventure thrive. It's a place where employees feel heard, valued, and excited to be part of a dynamic journey. As one employee puts it, "Everything is perfect for me. I'm really thankful I found this company"​​. This sentiment echoes across the organization, making Canary not just a great company to work for, but a great company to be part of.

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3. RoomPriceGenie

RoomPriceGenie's culture is more than just a set of values on a webpage; it's a vibrant and dynamic environment that thrives on flexibility, empowerment, and a deep commitment to its employees' well-being. Here's a more fun but still professional look into what makes RoomPriceGenie a unique and beloved workplace.

Picture a company that zips through growth like a "rocketship," where employees are both proud contributors and passionate innovators. This sentiment was echoed by a team member who cherished the "absolute highlight" of the Marbella trip in 2023, a perfect blend of luxurious relaxation and strategic alignment, making it an unforgettable metaphorical voyage towards collective ambitions​​.

At RoomPriceGenie, work-life balance is paramount because happy employees create better products. An employee shared their appreciation for the company's prioritization of family, stating, "RoomPriceGenie always prioritizes family... I feel that work and life are very balanced here"​​. This balance is further exemplified by their commitment to personal development and gender equality, ensuring that every member, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to grow and excel.

The company's culture is steeped in equality and contribution. One employee expressed that RoomPriceGenie is a favorite workplace for fostering a culture that promotes both these values. The company's rapid growth provides a promising environment for both the organization and personal growth opportunities​​.

Flexibility is another cornerstone of RoomPriceGenie's culture. As one employee put it, "We get the flexibility to get the job done when you need it"​​. This flexibility extends to remote work, where biannual team gatherings, like the one in Marbella, bring everyone together for collaboration, connection, and fun.

RoomPriceGenie's commitment to sustainability is also noteworthy. An employee expressed a desire for an even stronger commitment to sustainability, reflecting the company's responsibility towards the environment and the broader community​​.

The sense of camaraderie and support at RoomPriceGenie is palpable. Employees feel cared for and are given the freedom to pursue personal and professional growth. Happy hour meetings on Fridays, on-site meetups, and paid vacations are just some of the ways the company promotes a positive work environment​​.

RoomPriceGenie fosters a deep sense of connection among its team members. The ability to work from anywhere, coupled with opportunities for personal development and a strong focus on hiring women across all positions, reflects the company's commitment to inclusivity and diversity​​.

In essence, RoomPriceGenie isn't just a workplace; it's a community of dedicated, talented individuals who are empowered to grow, innovate, and contribute to a thriving company. From exciting team-building events to a supportive and flexible work environment, RoomPriceGenie has created a culture where employees not only love to work but are proud to be a part of.

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4. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds isn't just another company; it's a vibrant, innovative community where the work culture is as refreshing as a vacation! Imagine a workplace where you can tailor your hours like a custom-made suit, ensuring a perfect fit with your personal life. This isn't a fantasy at Cloudbeds; it's everyday reality. Employees revel in the liberty to manage their schedules, whether it's fitting in an appointment or just catching some 'me-time'​​.

But it's not all about flexible hours. Cloudbeds is a nurturing ground for personal and professional growth. From LinkedIn Learning to manager training, opportunities for development are as abundant as beach sands! The company's commitment to fostering talent and skill is evident in its promotion of continuous learning and career advancement​​.

At Cloudbeds, gender equality is a reality. The company is a beacon of inclusivity, with women holding the reins in leadership roles and an environment free from gender discrimination. This is a workplace where diversity is celebrated, and equality is the norm​​.

The heart of Cloudbeds beats with a genuine concern for its people. Whether it's providing mental health support or standing together in tough times, like the empathetic response to the Ukrainian conflict, the company shows it's more than just a business; it's a family that looks out for each other​​.

Recognition and respect are cornerstones of the Cloudbeds culture. Achievements don't go unnoticed, with promotions and commendations regularly doled out. This culture of acknowledgment fosters a deep sense of belonging and pride among employees.

The global, remote nature of Cloudbeds weaves a rich tapestry of connections across continents. From team meetups to world-spanning conferences, employees cherish the opportunity to bond beyond the digital realm, turning colleagues into friends and friends into family​​.

Cloudbeds is more than just a workplace; it's a thriving community where professional dreams are nurtured, diversity is celebrated, and every employee is valued. It's where work feels like a blend of innovation, passion, and fun - a perfect recipe for a place where everyone loves to work!

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5. WebRezPro

At WebRezPro, the company culture isn't just a set of values on paper—it's a vibrant, living entity, shaped by the enthusiastic voices of its employees. Here's a glimpse into what makes WebRezPro a beloved workplace, as told by the team members themselves.

Picture this: It's Friday, and you're wrapping up your work an hour early, a perk enjoyed by many at WebRezPro. This early end to the workweek, along with extra time off at Christmas and flexible vacation days, is a testament to the company's commitment to work-life balance. One employee shares, "We're never expected to work more than our designated hours," highlighting the respect for personal time and the importance of family​​.

Education and personal growth are cornerstones of the WebRezPro culture. The company not only provides internal training but also financially supports external development courses. "They encourage and pay for personal development/educational courses," says one team member, reflecting the company's belief in continuous learning​​.

In a tech industry often dominated by men, WebRezPro stands out with its strong female leadership. With over 60% of the staff and a majority of the management team being women, the company sets an empowering example. "The majority of management are women," notes an employee, showcasing the inclusive and diverse environment at WebRezPro​.

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6. Oaky

At Oaky, the vibrant company culture isn't just about the numbers or the business strategy; it's a living, breathing part of everyday life. Oaky allows employees to blend their work and personal lives seamlessly. An employee shares, "I am able to work abroad several months out of the year with flexible working hours"​​. This level of flexibility, echoed throughout the company, underpins Oaky's respect for personal needs and individual career paths, as another adds, "Oaky gives a complete flexibility in terms of balance between work and life"​​.

Professional development is not just encouraged; it's actively supported. With personal development budgets, employees feel empowered to grow and achieve their career goals. One employee's journey from a software developer to a tech lead exemplifies this spirit of growth and equal opportunity​​. The company's investment in personal development and promotion from within, as shared by an employee, showcases Oaky's commitment to nurturing its talent​​.

Teamwork and collaboration are the cornerstones of Oaky's success, especially evident in projects like the Front Desk Upselling module. This innovation not only demonstrates the company's forward-thinking approach but also its ability to work harmoniously and effectively as a team​​. The strategy weeks are a testament to this collaborative spirit, where employees from all regions come together to shape the company's future​​.

Diversity and inclusion are not just policies at Oaky; they are ingrained in the company's ethos. With a leadership team comprising both men and women and a culture that offers equal opportunities regardless of gender, Oaky sets a benchmark for inclusivity​​.

Employee well-being is a priority, with Oaky providing flexibility to attend to personal needs without disrupting work-life balance. This approach is deeply appreciated by employees, as one shares, "Oaky provides me with the flexibility to attend doctor's appointments or house viewings without needing to take an entire day off"​​.

Innovation is at the heart of Oaky, driving the company to constantly evolve and stay ahead of the curve. The launch of the Front Desk Upselling module is a prime example of how Oaky's innovative solutions are making a significant impact in the hotel industry​​.

Oaky's unique culture is a blend of flexibility, growth opportunities, teamwork, diversity, employee well-being, and innovation. It's a culture where employees are not just workers but active contributors to a dynamic and thriving community, all united in their quest to "paint the world orange" with Oaky's vision​​.

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7. Mews

At Mews, the workplace is more than just a space to tick off tasks; it's a vibrant ecosystem where creativity meets efficiency, and every day is a new adventure. Here, employees don't just walk into an office; they step into a realm of endless possibilities and kinetic energy.

Imagine a workplace where decisions ripple through Slack channels faster than a boomerang returns, and code morphs into reality, creating a symphony of urgency and precision. This is Mews, a place where "we serve not just customers but partners in progress"​​. It's not just about meeting deadlines; it's about fueling purpose and passion.

Mews champions an open and inclusive environment, where no topic is off-limits. From discussing business results to equality and even personal challenges like HIV, the executive team leads by example, fostering a culture of openness and acceptance​​.

What truly sets Mews apart is its commitment to employee development. The company invests time in training and runs multiple 'Lunch and Learns' each week, encouraging a culture of learning and cross-departmental growth​​. It's a place where your growth is as important as the company's growth.

Equality is a cornerstone at Mews. In this egalitarian utopia, opportunities are based on merit, not gender or race. The company's humane approach ensures a level playing field for everyone, celebrated through events like last year's company meet-up in Prague, where inclusivity shone bright​​.

Innovation is in Mews' DNA, and adopting new technologies is a norm here. The unique, email-free work environment, replaced by Slack, adds a personal touch to communication, making working here an experience like no other​​.

Mews' global engagement is another feather in its cap. The company is not just about its products; it's about shaping the entire hospitality industry. Roadshows and partnerships worldwide underscore Mews' commitment to creating a diverse and vibrant ecosystem for its customers​​.

But it's not all work and no play at Mews. The company understands the importance of work-life balance, offering unlimited holidays and additional wellness days. This respect for personal time is deeply ingrained in the company culture, as one employee recalls, "When my baby was born recently, I was encouraged to take as much time as I'd like, no strings attached"​​.

Trust and empowerment are key themes at Mews. Employees are given the freedom to schedule their work and are trusted to deliver. The company's effort in ensuring salary equity and creating roles that fit individual strengths is a testament to its commitment to employee empowerment​​.

Mews doesn't just innovate for the sake of it; their customer-centric approach has led to groundbreaking solutions that transform the hospitality industry. Awards like 'World's Best Hotel PMS Solutions Provider' are just the tip of the iceberg for a company that's constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in hospitality​​.

Inclusivity extends to every aspect of Mews' operations. Events like RnDCon not only showcase the company's innovative spirit but also its commitment to diversity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, feels included and valued​​.

Career progression at Mews is not just a promise; it's a reality. Employees are encouraged to develop into their dream careers, and the company's focus on internal promotions is a key driver of motivation​​.

Mews is not just a workplace; it's a canvas where each employee paints their own path, guided by innovation, equality, and a relentless drive to create remarkable experiences in hospitality. It's a place where you're not just a part of the team; you're a part of a movement, striving towards a future as bright and as exciting as the people who power it.

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8. Duetto

At Duetto, the company culture is a vibrant blend of innovation, inclusivity, and community spirit, where the excitement of change and the comfort of work-life balance come together in a unique and empowering environment.

Imagine a company where a rebranding effort is not just a superficial change, but a deep, transformative shift in ethos. Duetto's decision to revamp its image resonated with employees as a symbol of renewed energy and cultural evolution. As one team member put it, "It was more than just a new look; it showed that our company was changing its energy and culture"​​. This rebranding was a collaborative journey, reflecting the team's shared values of excitement, innovation, and dedication.

Duetto's commitment to work-life balance is not just a policy, but a lived experience. The company respects and accommodates personal schedules, empowering employees to manage their time effectively. An employee describes this culture of flexibility: "If I need to start late some days or finish early, it's never questioned as long as the work is done"​​. This approach fosters an environment where employees feel trusted and valued, blending professional responsibilities with personal commitments seamlessly.

The spirit of Duetto comes alive during its annual global gathering, Jubilee, where employees from around the world unite. This event is more than a corporate meeting; it's a celebration of Duetto's diverse and inclusive culture. An employee shares their experience, "The most memorable experience for me this year was annual company all hands - Jubilee"​​, highlighting the sense of inspiration and energy derived from being part of such a global family.

Innovation and forward-thinking are at the heart of Duetto's operations. The company is driven by a shared goal of success and a passion for progress. An employee emphasizes this shared ambition, saying, "We are doing our best to be the best Software ever!"​​. This collective drive fuels Duetto's journey towards excellence and market leadership.

At Duetto, personal growth is a key focus. The company not only values but actively supports the development and career progression of its employees. This commitment to growth is reflected in an employee's words: "Duetto gave me the opportunity to develop my career in a new area"​​. It's a place where career aspirations are nurtured and realized.

Duetto's culture is a dynamic mix of collaborative change, respect for individual needs, and a united pursuit of innovation. It's a place where employees are part of a global team, working together towards common goals, and where personal and professional growth is a shared journey.

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9. Actabl

Actabl masterfully blends professional excellence with personal fulfillment, creating an environment where work feels less like an obligation and more like a part of a fulfilling lifestyle.

At the heart of Actabl's culture lies a deep respect for work-life balance. The company doesn't just talk the talk; they walk it by fostering a culture that values flexibility and encourages regular breaks. One employee shared, "I feel that my life outside of work is respected...There is also a culture of flexibility that I value greatly."​​. This sentiment is echoed across the board, with another team member highlighting, "Actabl allows me to be a great mom with a great career!"​​. It's clear that at Actabl, life doesn't take a backseat to work; instead, they harmoniously coexist.

Actabl isn't just a workplace; it's a growth platform. The company zealously invests in its people, offering opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth. An employee shared their appreciation for the supportive environment, saying, "With awesome mentors who are available to help and a focus on constant learning via Udemy and other resources, I feel supported to chase my career dreams."​​. This culture of continuous learning and development ensures that every employee at Actabl not only grows professionally but also personally.

Actabl's commitment to inclusivity, especially in promoting women in leadership roles, is not just laudable but inspirational. An employee proudly noted, "Many of the leaders within Actabl are women, this makes me feel like there are many opportunities to progress as a woman in SaaS."​​. Actabl's Women Empowerment Program actively cultivates opportunities for women, ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment.

Actabl understands the power of recognition and celebration. Whether it's through the Acty Awards or other forms of acknowledgment, the company ensures that hard work and achievements don't go unnoticed. One employee reminisced about a particularly memorable event, "The most memorable aspect of my time at Actabl this past year has been the incredible opportunity to collaborate closely with the team during the rollout of our new 'Actabl' CRM."​​. These moments of celebration not only boost morale but also reinforce a sense of community and shared success.

In the world of Actabl, teamwork is paramount. The integration of four companies into one is a testament to this. An employee reflected on this journey, saying, "Bringing together 4 companies, 4 cultures, 4 best practices is HARD, and I think this year our milestone is that we truly became ONE."​​. This collaborative spirit is a cornerstone of Actabl's culture, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Remote Work and Employee Autonomy: Actabl’s remote-first approach is a beacon of modern workplace flexibility, enabling employees to manage their schedules autonomously. This approach is particularly appreciated, as one employee shared, "Actabl is a remote first company that has a very generous and stabilized Discretionary Time Off policy."​​. This autonomy empowers employees to strike the perfect balance between their professional and personal lives.

Actabl is not just a workplace; it's a vibrant, supportive community that thrives on mutual respect, continuous learning, and a deep commitment to employee well-being. It’s a place where professional aspirations and personal dreams are not just nurtured but actively pursued. Actabl’s culture is a beacon for what modern, employee-centric workplaces should aspire to be.

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10. Flexkeeping

At Flexkeeping, the company culture is uniquely characterized by shared values, equality, and continuous innovation, creating an environment that's both energizing and empowering. This vibrant culture is brought to life by the team's cohesion and passion for excellence.

One of the most memorable events from an employee's year at Flexkeeping perfectly encapsulates this ethos. The employee recounts, "This year was exciting for us with all the new collaborations and the influx of new team members"​​. The addition of each new team member is not just an expansion of the workforce; it's an infusion of fresh energy and perspectives. This constant flow of new ideas and skills keeps Flexkeeping at the forefront of innovation and growth, making every addition a catalyst for the company's continued success.

Flexkeeping also stands out for its commitment to equality in the workplace. The company upholds a no-pay-gap policy between men and women, ensuring equal opportunities for all. An employee proudly points out this commitment: "No pay difference between men and women. Women have the same opportunities as men"​​. It's a testament to Flexkeeping's dedication to creating a balanced and inclusive environment where everyone's contributions are equally valued.

The greatest achievement at Flexkeeping isn't just in their products or sales but in forming a team united by shared values and aspirations. An employee expresses this sentiment: "Having a team full of individuals that share the same values... wanting to do and achieve great things"​​. This shared vision isn't just about working together; it's about enjoying the journey, learning from past mistakes, and consistently striving to be better.

Flexkeeping's culture is more than just a set of principles; it's a lively and engaging journey shared by a team united in its values and vision. It's a place where each new member adds to the company's dynamism, where equality is not just a policy but a practice, and where the collective journey towards success and innovation is both shared and exhilarating.

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