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Spa scheduling software, and so much more. MINDBODY’s spa software makes it simple to accomplis...


MINDBODY Business Management Software is trusted by thousands of clients in over 80 countries to manage and grow their businesses. Named one of... read more

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Ranked 3rd in Spa Top Alternative: MINDBODY (0.0 /10)
Appointment scheduler, billing, marketing, inventory, employee management, customer loyalty, Clou...


Zenoti is an easy to use web-based software for service industries including spas, salons, medical spas, cosmetology clinics, fitness centers... read more

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Ranked 4th in Spa Top Alternative: MINDBODY (0.0 /10)
Book4Time is a global provider of cloud-based Spa Management, activity scheduling and revenue man...


Book4Time is the leader in guest management, revenue and mobile solutions for the most exclusive spas, hotels, and resorts around the globe... read more

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Luxury Day Spa: How to Get Things Moving

Lillian Connors

Luxury spas have boomed over the years, with millions of people around the world shedding the daily stress off by visiting a place where they can relax, feel pampered, and unwind. In a hectic modern world, there is not a business with such a potential as one aimed at alleviating the pressure of everyday life.If you dream of running your own luxury spa, the time is now to set your plans in motion. However, as with any new business venture, success is never guaranteed. If you plan to achieve success in the competitive market, you will have to create a service that far exceeds the customer’s expectations, and leaves your peers in awe. Here is how to get your luxury day spa up and running. Determine the services you are going to offer First things first, you need to determine the services you are going to offer to your customers. The golden rule applies: the more, the better. While there are dozens of services you can offer, massage, skin care, and body treatments are essential.You also want to carefully select, organize, and offer your services in order to separate yourself from the competition and come out on top. There are three ways you can go about this. You can offer everything, you can specialise in a handful of services, or you can choose to offer the things one would rarely find in other spas. Decide on the type of customers you want to attract Before you go ahead and equip your spa with the tools that will lead you to success, you will first need to conduct some thorough market research. Particularly, you need to know exactly the type of customer you want to attract with your brand. Choosing the right demographic can mean the difference between being completely booked and having to close shop.Make sure you set up an avatar of your ideal customer, their likes and dislikes, their spending habits and daily routines. This information will be crucial in determining your price range, your service range, your working hours, etc. For instance, attracting rich wives with plenty of time on their hand requires a different brand than attracting workaholics, so plan wisely. The tools for the job When it comes to running a successful luxury spa, it can boil down to the quality of your equipment and the comfort your offer. You want to make sure the tools you use and the equipment you offer is state-of-the-art, so not only should your pool area feature attractive above-ground swimming pools with plenty of room to lounge about, but your massage rooms should also be equipped with the best massage tables and pampering tools.But that is merely scratching the surface, as you want to enrich your spa with the tiniest of details that will elevate the overall feel and bring a sense of luxury. So, think overall design, colours, greenery and other natural elements, comfy furniture, etc. Hire professional staff Another crucial element that will define the future of your business venture is the quality of your staff. Not only should you hire experienced professionals who are certified in the trade, but you should also act as a mentor to your employees, offering the latest courses and training programs to allow your workers to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques.Your customers will develop a strong opinion about your business based solely on how they are treated and how well your staff does their job. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure your employees are providing a consistent service, while being pleasant and professional at the same time. Don’t forget about marketing Finally, don’t expect your business to boom all on its own – you will need to advertise your brand. Be sure to spread the word of the hot new spa in town via social media, and set up a responsive, optimized website people can find easily. You will have to stay consistent to remain relevant, so don’t forget to post regularly on your social media and your blog, and encourage people to participate and share their experiences.Running a spa might be a dream job, but in order to make it a success, you will need to employ some planning, organisational skills, and strict management. Be sure to follow these essential steps and you will have no problem getting your luxury spa up and running in the right direction.

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