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What customers love about GuestRevu

Operations Director in Durban (South Africa)

Its a great and easy way to manage your guest satisfaction. Easy to use and understand, quick integration and very helpful staff.

General Manager from Other in Grahamstown (South Africa)

Software is very easy to implement and use. Provides invaluable feedback from guests on a continuous basis.

General Manager from Boutique hotel in Draycott (United Kingdom)

It is simple enough to use and implement. It adds to your time where often technology if too complicated can steal your time.

General Manager from Boutique hotel in Johannesburg (South Africa)

Good friendly service, always willing to help. Issues get resolved within minutes. Survey questions can be altered according to your needs.

General Manager from Other in (United Kingdom)

It provides us with invaluable information quickly and our own customers take the time to use it after each stay

Reservations Manager from Other in Palo Alto (United States)

The software has taken a job that involved several people and made it a seamless process with a hands off approach. We are now able to see reviews instantly and everyone in the company see them too and making problem resolution immediate

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Marketing Assistant in Stellenbosch (South Africa)

Fast feedback Links with TripAdvisor Super convenient Super easy to use

PR and Marketing Manager from Other in Johannesburg (South Africa)

Easy and simple to navigate, and if you struggle with anything just ask the support team - they respond quickly and sort any issues out within 24hours (or less). Love that it is linked to TripAdvisor, allowing our guests to rate us on TripAdvisor nice and easy. Good tracking tools and reports as well!! By far the best guest review system I have worked with!

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Managing Partner from Other in Cape Town (South Africa)

It's quick, easy to use, customer friendly and allows guests to say what they think in as many or as few words as they want. It gives a great platform to measure consistency of performance and trends. The reporting is also very strong - easy to understand, customizable and powerful. It also allows one to set one's own parameters.

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Proprietor from Vacation Rental in Cape Town (South Africa)

I can gauge service of staff, even my own performance. I can liaise directly and immediately with guest to get more detail and give them feedback to ensure a positive goodwill. I can often prevent negative reviews on TripAdvisor. I can analyse who my market is.

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Property Manager from Boutique hotel in Windhoek (Namibia)

My monthly summarized reports as well as the fact that we can get in contact with the client directly by mail

General Manager from Other in Johannesburg (South Africa)

Quite easy to use and understand, uncomplicated. Great weekly and monthly feedback and reports. Very useful tool for our operations team.

Operations Director from Boutique hotel in (United Kingdom)

We are able to collect guest data quickly and efficiently. Having direct links to Trip Advisor also has huge benefits of increasing guest reviews. Couple tips to maximize your hotel's usage: - Create structured questions to get the exact information you are seeking - Remember to upload guests' emails regularly and respond personally to criticism and problems

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Front of House Manager from Other

I really like the OOPS reports come direct to my email.

Manager from Bed & Breakfast

The software allows for so many different reports to be shown which is very helpful. I also enjoy that we can post our reviews on social media via GuestRevu.

General Manager from Other

Summarises everything so its convenient. Interesting reports. User Friendly. Everything on one platform which makes feedback easier to manage.

Manager from Bed & Breakfast

It enables us to get feedback from our guests upon check out and improve on where needs be to ensure that out guests receive the best service possible. The reports generated are very helpful as well.

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Managing Director from Extended Stay

Easy to read you can check with competition and get a correct idea about the efficiency o your businesd

GM Marketing from Resort

We've been using GuestRevu for the past 4 years now. It has become an integral part of our guest feedback, relationship management and product development processes. The feedback we get from the software is discussed weekly in the resort management committees and from there specific issues are handed over to the various teams within each resort to monitor, action and provide feedback on. The integration with TripAdvisor is invaluable and we look forward to the coming updates.

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General Manager from Boutique hotel

We appreciate that we can handle all the reviews in only one space. Very user friendly and wonderful reports.

General Manager from Extended Stay

All my reviews on one email Timely monthly reports Comparison with competitive set review email sent to each guest after check out

Marketer from Resort

We do not only use this platform to create online reviews but most importantly, we use it to understand our customer experience (positive and negative in nature) in order to streamline operations, creating new and innovative ideas to stimulate our business growth and sustainability!

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Manager from Other

I like the software because it gives an immediate overview if the client's feelings and comments. It also gives a possibility of a quick response to clients' needs.

Owner from Boutique hotel

It is provides a very useful summary of all aspects of a guest's visit and their opinions which can be analysed to develop improvements in our service. It helps us to gain more TripAdvisor reviews (which are generally all very positive). If people have had a chance to air their (sometimes small) gripes directly they perhaps feel less inclined to complain in public.

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Customer Service Manager from Other

- real feedback from the guests, which helps us improve our services - ability to see how the locations do in comparison to each other

General Manager from Resort

Easy to use & very effective. As a hotelier you get to know what your guests think about the services provided in your property. Feedback received greatly helps in improving the problem areas.

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reference customers

GuestRevu has completely changed the way we manage our business from the way we interact with our guests to how we market, plan for the future and how we develop our business with our guests in mind. Our guest feedback is at an all-time high and by getting this honest and clear feedback we have been able to raise our standards and respond quickly to any issues that may arise. I see us having a long relationship with GuestRevu. Daniel Thompson General Manager at the Mullion Cove
I was unsure of the extra cost to start, but once we saw the clear information provided and the amount of responses we were getting from the trail, then to roll it out [to the rest of the group] was a simple decision. It’s is a natural add on to our site business meetings. We can also see repeating issues and therefore are able to deal with them faster. Kevin Charity CEO at the Coaching Inn Group
I would highly recommend GuestRevu, as it truly allows you build that open bridge between management and customers, and get on a more personal level with your guests and see things through their eyes. Tarek Aboudib General Manager at the Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort
Through GuestRevu, we are able to ensure that the quality of all the lodges that fall within the reserve remain high. Every month, we receive customised guest feedback reports that form a large part of management decisions that are made day to day. Mat Matysik Marketing Manager at the Shamwari Game Reserve

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