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Ranked 2nd (out of 72)
95 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked 2nd (out of 72)
95 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence

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95 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked #2 out of 72 in Property Management Systems

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Clock Software (PMS) Overview

At Clock Software, we do what we are best at – developing hospitality software. Our modern all-round hotel PMS in the cloud that lets you do your job the way you’ve always wanted outperforming your competitors through a single powerful system. We have been around since 1996 when we launched our first property management system. Starting small in size but big in ambition and enthusiasm, today, we are bigger and stronger. What hasn’t changed through all these years is that we keep on working hard to develop new features, involve new technology, delight new customers from all over the world. Living today but focused on tomorrow, we believe in people who think out of the box and are ready to innovate, who are charmed to be successful hospitality managers. It’s also our belief that technology has to simplify the processes and optimise the workload letting you achieve higher results and better guest satisfaction. We listen to customers, and follow the trends to deliver the best combination of advanced hospitality software and superb customer support. Read more Less

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Founded in 1996 | Headquarters in London | 27 employees

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Integrates with

  • Revenue Management Software
  • Property Management Systems
  • Mobile Key & Keyless Entry
  • Housekeeping
  • Point of Sale
  • Metasearch & Ad Tech
  • Direct Booking Tools
  • Guest Messaging Software
  • Reputation / Review Management
  • Marketplaces & Integrators
  • Guest Surveys
  • Booking Engines
  • Channel Managers
  • Guest Room Tablets
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What Customers Love About Clock Software (PMS)

95% recommend

The workflow is easy and intuitive, great API functions and a very good support and development team!

Owner from Other in (United Kingdom)

- Continuous development - The support online suggestion system - The cloud base system, I can access from everywhere - The API system make you do everything

Hostel Owner from in Whitethorn (United States)

Have been using Clock PMS for about 6 months now. Both my staff and I are loving it. They roll out bug fixes and feature updates roughly every 2 months and are proactively developing new functionality combined with being hungry for customer feedback. The interface is simple and intuitive. Generally a very professional company to work with.

General Manager from Boutique in Glenelg (Australia)

- Responsive, incredibly quick in retrieving data. - Cloud accessibility, multi-platform, Iphone, IPad and Mac work excellent. - Reliability, maybe 1 minor issue, which was quickly resolved, in 4 years - Development, Clock Listen to customers and develop accordingly, constantly improving.

General Manager from Other in Sunnyvale (United States)

It offers all we need and more. The staff have been very efficient in helping us in a timely manner and have been able to assist us with all queries from the very beginning.

General Manager from Boutique in San Pedro (Belize)

Very friendly and easy hotel software for beginners to professionals. Its accessibility and variety of modules make it suitable for each department in the hotel giving them the chance to operate in an automatic working environment. Usage: Weekly Customer Since: 2013

Sales & Marketing Manager from Vacation Rental in Балчик (Bulgaria)

Very user friendly, you can configure the program to your own needs. No separate channel manager is wonderful. Also integration of Adyen payment service is a big plus. Suggest an improvement really works.

Operations Manager from Other in Leuven (Belgium)

Nowadays it is of paramount importance for all hospitality software to be Cloud Based, as the most important accommodation providers have chains of hotels/ hostels that need to be unified under the same umbrella and also accessible from all over the world. Secondly, Clock PMS covers all business aspects: reception, housekeeping, maintenance (imagine that there are PMS that do not have the out of order function), bar, restaurant, guest relations and reports. This saves a whole lot of time when capable managers are able to check the reports they need without asking another manager and another. But, what I appreciated most as Sales Manager was the flexibility of the rate plans. They are 3 leveled, easy to use by beginners and also delightfully challenging for seniors. During your trial see how the reports come out, check if it is what you expect, this will help you figure out the best rooms/beds configuration and also where each part of earnings ends up: rooms / breakfast /bar etc.

Hospitality Consultant from Other in Milano (Italy)

Its being nearly a year since we started our business relationship between our small hotel restaurant in Malaga (Spain) and Clock Software company. Our 11 rooms hotel and our well known restaurant needed at that time a new efficient and up-to-date tool to improve our performance. We needed a software based in internet to use all info through different devices as nowadays high speed internet allows it. The key aspect of Clock at the time to choose it was its versatility to adapt to a small business, its personalized structure to shape it as we wanted. This could never be possible without the priceless help and support service given the Clock especially in the first months of operation. Throughout the month we could see results of higher efficiency in our work, flexibility with working flows and options the sistem gives you, more control in the employee working time and tasks and higher involvement of the potential clients and Guests with Clock in terms of reservation, billing and marketing. Just adding up Clock is permanently updating and improving its service towards us which gives us an impression that they listen and take into account our suggestions. Certainly thumbs up to their company, their service and their product!!

General Manager from Boutique in Málaga (Spain)

It has made it easier to keep track of our reservations coming from different platforms, and had made it easier to upload our prices to multiple websites at once. Now we have the same prices everywhere without having to Actively check everyday on multiple platforms.

Reservation Manager from Other in Lochem (Netherlands)

System is cloud based and has good functions for a hotelier to use. Good features for marketing or selling and reporting. Good videos to teach you!

Business Director from Bed & Breakfast in Joensuu (Finland)

Clock PMS has proven to be an amazing tool for our operations. Almost every process has been adapted to fit Clock ways of working. That has helped organize our operations in such a way that the Company has been upgraded to a more professional environment. Almost every member of the Company has found helpful tools in this software. The support team has proven to be so helpful and patient that we feel confident that most of our requirements have (and will be) meeted and surpassed by their capabilities.

Revenue Manager from Vacation Rental in Santiago (Chile)

It is a very straight-forward and easy to use system and is easy to navigate around. Also being a cloud based we are able to access this system on a number of different platforms. The support is excellent and any problems or queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Office Manager from Other in Rancho Cordova (United States)

If I had to highlight the 3 most valued features of Clock PMS, they would be: - intuitive and user friendly design and logic of the bookings and financial information regarding the bookings - the steadiness and consistent in working with them; being a cloud based system, one might be afraid of loosing information, but it is not the case - very willing and always responsive staff

General Manager from Boutique in Yerevan (Armenia)

First of all the interface, which is smooth to use and clear. I also really like the regular updates and improvements that Clock rolls out. Lastly, the experts on Clock's team are always ready to assist their users. This software continues to really improve and the company is succeeding to meet the needs of hoteliers like us.

Sales Manager from Branded in Lyon (France)

- Clock's property management software is easy to understand and learn - You can do anything that could help with the organization - The help of the staff about checkin the connections, or any time that you have a problem they are ready to help you

Reception Manager from Other in Palo Alto (United States)

-Extremely functional and efficient. -Friendly interface. -GREAT customer service. -Applies client feedbacks from regular online surveys to all Clock users -Constant updates and improvements being done -Very up-to-date with new technological advances (for integration purposes) -2way channel manager -Best PMS/POS combination

B&B Owner from Boutique in Bossier City (United States)

The software is very flexible, rich in features and large choice of report. The support team is helpful, quick and effective. Highly recommended

Hostel Manager from Hostel in Milano (Italy)

The main reasons why we chose CLOCK PMS are: - All-in-one cloud-based application accessible from any device from anywhere; - The seamless connection with guests via the Self Service Portal (without forcing guests to download the application); - Full integration with Channel Manager gained higher occupancy with better control over sales and impressionable growth of revenue.

General Manager from City Center in Sofia (Bulgaria)

- It easily integrates PMS and Channel Manager. The interface is easy to use and it is not so difficult to implement and learn how to use it all - It has many capabilities, more than I can use right now - The team is very helpful , they reply to my emails right away

Owner from Vacation Rental in Milpitas (United States)

Real SaaS service, accessible via API - which means we can integrate easily with other tools, be it a Google Sheet spreadsheet or a script, a procedure manual or a custom Chrome extension.

CEO from Boutique in Siracusa (Italy)

User friendly and easy to learn. Excellent and very knowledgeable customer service team. High value for the money. Clock PMS has all the tools you need to run your property efficiently. It is a perfect system for small inventory hotels/family hotels where we need to keep it cost effective. Aside from being user friendly, it has magnificent revenue management tools which will ease your life by yielding whenever is needed without the need of being behind the screen.

Corporate E-Commerce Manager from Other in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

User-friendly and easy to use for multiple accounts. Great customer support. Always there when you need them.

General Manager from Vacation Rental in San Jose (United States)

I find Clock PMS super user friendly (It became way easier and faster to train new staff members) . Love the fact the customers (us) can suggest improvements and you can actually make them happen. Reports options a pretty good too. Keep surprising us every month with your upgrades :)

Hostel Manager from in Whitethorn (United States)

- The API connection is flawless, making it possible to integrate the system deeply on our own platform. - Unique cloud based solution that works great on all platforms. - A versatile companion for the high demands of modern guests and hoteliers. - As a partner you are being heard and new ideas are appreciated. - Everything a modern and evolving hotel needs!

Owner from Other in (United Kingdom)

Simple to set up Guest friendly Amazing personal support Regular updates good interface Cloud based.

Business Owner from Boutique in Blackpool (United Kingdom)

Every month we are surprised with new improvements. Door locks, IOT, self service, kiosk, REST API, etc. All this improvements are ahead of the competitors. Plus we always synced with OATs and this help to improve our rankings and bookings. A lot more to expect from this state of the art hotel system.

IT Manager from Vacation Rental in Castellón de la Plana (Spain)

Among the really incredible features of Clock PMS are that it is very easy to use and synchronizes all data on all distribution channels in real time. And the support team behind Clock PMS is really very quick to react to any arising issue.

General Manager from Boutique in Palo Alto (United States)

- Cloud based - Very user friendly and functional - All in one design - Great and friendly support .

Director Of Revenue from Boutique in Amesbury (United States)

All aspects of software required to run a hotel are here in one package, PMS, POS, Booking Engine , Function bookings and Channel Manager. Its all created by Clock and runs on fast cloud servers. Its easy to use and easy to train new staff. Clock's help dept are also super helpful and quick to add new updates. Clocks software runs on all types of devices and allows all our team to work easily anwhere in the hotel. We run 3 properties on Clock and its easy to navigate between all of them.

Proprietor from Boutique in Lytham Saint Annes (United Kingdom)

I love that it offers complex options such as virtual rooms, very accurate reports and the team is extremely helpful for any questions. It feels easy and we get accurate reporting. It's the best PMS I have come across - and the pricing is great too for a boutique hotel.

Owner/Co-Founder from Boutique

Easy to use and efficient support and training. OTA and channel manager relatively easy to use and change prices efficiently. Staff controls are easy to put in place. Reports are efficient. Cheap compared to a traditional on-premise system or compared to its competitors in the market.

General Manager from Boutique

I like mostly booking reports, real-time monitoring, financial approach , safe and secure data. And all of these come in familiar interface.

Assistant General Manager from Resort

- Everything is integrated and work amazing PMS and Pos systems - Quick and efficient support respond - No errors when using the software

General Manager from Resort

Pms nomadic and very powerful, always in contact with our customers with a simple click in term confirming and sending invoices. Automation of reminders and confirmation for the customer. In terms of marketing the possibilities are endless.

Operations Manager from Other

2-way integrations Reactivity of the support when we request help Possibility to manage all things by our own (self-serve) Good visibility

Front Office from Boutique

You can have control of otas, wrs, and more with a few clicks on your phone, the way you can control rates and availability is just great and easy.

Front Desk from Resort

Great customer service, Great to have it all in one - booking system, engine etc etc Many feature that are very useful

Hotel Manager from Boutique

- Availability of support team. - Company listens and applies their users ideas to get better. - Easy interface to get used to, easy to train our staff to get to know it.

Marketing Manager from Hostel

The system is wonderful! provides tools to meet all our needs. The system is constantly updated, adding new tools that we did not even know we needed! The best thing is that they have a great support team, which never leaves you! They solve all your problems in one way or another.

Head of Sales and Revenue Management from Vacation Rental

- it is very user friendly, intuitive - reports are very detailed - customer service is amazing: quick answers to any problems you may have

Director from Extended Stay

Seamless solution with no exorbitant set up fees, easy to use for staff and management alike with there best feature being there contactable support.

Revenue Manager from Vacation Rental

Keeps contact with guest from first request to check out and beyond. Easy to use use and cloud based. Never got a down in years.

Owner from Vacation Rental

Adaptable, customizable, and reliable. Clock PMS is everything you need for a proper(ty) management system!

Marketing/Sales from City Center

Clock Software is very convenient and easy-to-use. It's in the cloud, there are monthly updates and they have a superb support team. For the more advanced users there is a wide range of API's. The Clock Team listens to the client and improves the software continuously with the right focus.

Manager from City Center

Cloud based, ready to use system. No training needed, customer service that always replies within minutes and easy to use. Nice guest portal.

Rooms Division from Boutique

Clock provides our small boutique hotel with an intuitive product we can scale as we acquire new properties. Their customer service is unrivaled.

General Manager from Boutique

Setting up the PMS was a smooth process. I like that it's easy to use and accessible from all devices. It's clear and gives a great overview of the things I want to know about my reservations and hotel status.


The continuous improvements in Clock PMS and CRS to the system, layout and features, and the responsive support team make it a great hotel solution to work with. The ease of function and ease of scale make it virtually effortless to use and maintain.

Manager from City Center

One stop shop It's a great system that enables you to get different funcionalities that you need as a professional hotel to operate in a smooth and efficient way

General Manager from Resort

Really easy to use and when I have a question, technical support is awesome.


It is easy to use, if there is something you don't understand they have many walk-through's to help you along the way. They also have a great customer service department where you can call or email to get assistance.


Things take less time and effort and it is great to be able to easily manage everything from one program, even when not at the office. Upselling with the guest engagement and price matching from the PMS during phone calls have had a very positive effect. It feels like the system is working for us rather than us working for the system.


Flexibility of the program and the advantages you get by the using it on mobile devices.

Hotel Management from Extended Stay

Fast and reliable access on any device and without installation. Having guests involved and generating additional revenue. Seeing new staff trained in days and not weeks. No longer being sent from the pillar to the post, for instance when channels cause trouble. It deserves to be said, thanks to Clock we are now more efficient, leaner, better supported and decidedly more profitable all-round.

Managing Director

Clock is a cloud based software, an essential feature nowadays and a very efficient and flexible configuration system, able to adapt to the various needs of hotels. The configuration of the rates and the options available is also excellent. Reporting is complete and precise. (translated from Italian) (Original) Clock è un software cloud based, caratteristica imprescindibile al giorno d'oggi e un sistema di configurazione molto efficace oltre che flessibile, capace di adattarsi alle varie esigenze degli hotel. Ottima anche la configurazione delle tariffe e le opzioni presenti. La reportistica è completa e precisa.

Marketing Executive from Boutique

We are using Clock PMS from spring 2018 and the main reasons that attracted us to choose Clock PMS is that this software is intuitive and flexible together with possibilities to have distant access and meanwhile high security level. For the time we are using the program I have noticed optimization in the time needed in many processes, as check-in and check-out, handling reservation process etc.

Manager from Boutique

Bullet proof, stable cloud based hotel PMS system with integrated channel manager and payment system. Continuous updates keeps it ahead of comparable packages. Very responsive helpdesk is a mouse click away.

General Manager - Owner from Boutique

All in one, take control of all your channels from your cell phone and the endless possibilities to do.

Marketing and management assistant from Villas

- Simple API - Robust infrasturcture - Efficient Customer Care - Simple User Interface

Chief Navigator Officer & Co-Founder from Hostel

practical Quick simple Easy to use It is a very noble system, all its use is very exact and concrete

reservation manager from City Center

Clock PMS is "features full" and it keeps getting better with regular new releases. It is easy to use and highly customizable if you wish to expand functionalities. It provides my business with hassle free reservations (no overbooking over 3.5 years), automated customer communications and lots of management tools and reports for reception, housekeeping, groups & meals management and finance. Clock PMS keeps adding integration with other business systems, simplifying management. System integrations include accounting, rate management, restaurant POS, payments solutions and many more. With Clock PMS, my team is more efficient and can focus on the right things: provide great customer service and grow the business.

General manager from Boutique

Good customer services from support team 2 way connection with channel manager and occupancy adaptable rate that help us control reservations and maximize revenue on OTA channels effectively.

Director of sales from City Center

- Ease of use - Easy to block rooms and review all of them - Easy to block rooms by creating events - Nice interface - Easy to find information with Advanced search

Sales Exectuive from Bed & Breakfast

After literally years of research because we change no pms on a whim, Clock Pms met all my criteria: saas can be used remotely, pms but also booking engine and Channel manager, manual and / or automatic management of emails, total freedom of creation of emails, themselves kept in Clock, extranet portal for customers etc ... in short a real Swiss knife for the hotelier! (translated from French) (Original) Après littéralement des années de recherche car on change pas de pms sur un coup de tête, Clock Pms répondait à tous mes critères : saas donc utilisable à distance, pms mais aussi booking engine et Channel manager, gestion manuelle et/ou automatique des emails, liberté totale de création des emails, eux-mêmes conservés dans Clock, portail extranet pour les clients etc... bref un vrai couteau Suisse pour l’hôtelier !

Gérant from City Center

Simple yet versatile, easy to use, efficient. Good and helpful staff, and superb founders. Please keep it simple for years to come!

CEO, partner from Bed & Breakfast

I like the simplicity of the software. It is very handy to use. It covers everything needed and still the program gets developed more on behalf of the customers wishes.

General Manager

The fact that its a fabulous, cloud-based product with tremendous integration possibilities and great support service. An all around the "CLOCK" solution for hotels which are looking for a powerful and innovative tool the elevate their operation into new heights.

General Manager from Boutique

Easy to work, I am managing my small hotel from the phone. Professional support, even for small details. A very nice help desk.

Owner from Bed & Breakfast

The Total intergration of all neccessary functions of a hotel management software And with that the possibility to intergrate other Key tech software suppliers of the restaurant and hotenmanagement environment

Owner from Airport/ conference

The cloud software provided by clock is excellent for my business. It gives us all the freedom we need in managing the rooms and bills of the hotel. I can strongly recommend it! Calin Muntenau

General Manager from Extended Stay

We can work quicker It is a simple PMS We can do many things only using the PMS Letters


Everyday ease, the clarity of the information we need every day. Clear and precise updates . When we are in trouble we will always help us

Hotel Manager from Other

This pms works very well, the use is very intuitive and the fact that it works in the cloud makes it available from wherever you are. It has nothing to envy to much more expensive pms systems that I used to work with.

Duty Manager from Boutique

Best fully integrated Cloud PMS. The rich feature set in combination with the fantastic Kiosk allow us to almost 100% automate our hotel.

Co-Founder from Boutique

Staffs ( Mira and Presvela) are both highly professional, friendly and helpful. Clock Systems are user friendly, compared with the old RoomMaster system our property has been used in the past.

Director from Boutique

easy to use, stable, 100% web and cloud based, runs on mobile devices, excellent support

CEO from City Center

very professional setup period, very good and fast support, very stable application, runs on mobile devices too, easy to use, stable interfaces to huge amount of otas

CEO from City Center

Clock is the e optimal solution for the private hotel industry. Create rates, enter or control reservations? No problem thanks to the intuitive user interfaces. The Clock PMS represents for us the ideal and future-oriented system solution for all reception and reservation concerns. (translated from German) (Original)Clock ist die e optimale Lösung für die Privathotellerie. Raten anlegen, Reservierungen einpflegen oder kontrollieren? Dank der intuitiven Benutzeroberflächen kein Problem. Das Clock PMS stellt für uns die ideale und zukunftsorientierte System-Lösung für alle Rezeptions und Reservierungsbelange dar.

Director from City Center

PMS works well and is user friendly. Especially staff who work with the 'front part' of the system are pleased with this PMS software

General Manager from Boutique

We were looking for a new PMS for our apartment rental business as the PMSs in the market at that time were far from ideal for our type of rental business. Clock filled a lot of gaps for us. Especially the ease in which adjustments in the system can be made was a big step forward! Revenue management was made a lot easier, automating processes and adding products and services. For any type user of a PMS the usability, and with that I mean the ease in which any type of process can be handled in the system, is the most important subject I believe. Front office employees need quick and easy access to availability, reservation information or reservations status, a manager needs quick and easy access to clear and proper reports and an accountant needs to easily access financial information. In Clock everyone can find all the needed information in just a few logical clicks it is as simple as that.

Project Manager from Boutique


  • Spa & Wellness Module
  • Channel Manager
  • EPoS
  • Revenue management module
  • Integrated CRS
  • Payment processing
  • Booking engine
  • Calendar view
  • Calendar view
  • Reservation management
  • Ancillary revenue tracking
  • Custom rates
  • RevPaR & ADR Reports
  • Housekeeping module
  • Direct billing
  • Group functionality
  • Online 24/7 support
  • Automated night audit
  • E-training
  • Mobile App
  • Centralized user & role management
  • On premise
  • Cloud based
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-lingual
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Guest CRM
  • Guest profiles
  • Mobile access on any device

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Featured Clients


The usability of the system throughout the company from the sales team to the accountant and the front desk to the cleaners saved us a lot of time. Richard Timmerman Director of Sales at the Small Wonders
The best feature about CLOCK is the team behind, they listen to their customers and constantly improve their software. CLOCK PMS and POS are completely recommendable from small to bigger hotels and restaurants who are ready to implement a modern software that is completely online based. Mischa Delpy Managing Partner at the La Perla Suiza
Switching from Micros Opera, the work flows much easier freeing our people from administrative tasks to dedicate to customers. Aldo Pigni CEO at the Algila and Roma Charme hotels
The things we most love about Clock PMS are: ease of use, cloud-based and last but not least the support team behind the system. Clock has given us a system which can be accessed remotely and is very straightforward, and easy to use and manage. Also we found that any queries or questions that we have are dealt with by the Clock team quickly and efficiently. Tanya Orr Office Manager at the Glenapp Castle
Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this company and their software! As a small lodging and retreat operator switching from a very high powered and expensive solution to Clock Software is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only is it great already ~ the staff and development team are excellent and very responsive! Lynda Paquette Managing Member at the The Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay
Clock has proven itself as the native cloud-based, full featured solution that we’d been looking for. Jan Teughels Managing Director at the Flanders Hotel Hampshire Classic
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Each year along with individual awards for the top rated product in each category, Hotel Tech Report recognizes the top 10 most customer centric global companies in the annual People's Choice Awards. The People's Choice Awards serve to honor and recognize companies who have balanced strong growth with a relentless focus on customer centricity. Hotel Tech Report has named IDeaS the winner of the 2019 People’s Choice Award based on data from thousands of hoteliers across more than 120 countries around the world. Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology companies competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. Other finalists include: TrustYou (2nd place), Clock (3rd place), TravelClick (4th place), GuestRevu (5th place), Mews (6th place), Guestline (7th place), Travel Tripper (8th place), Cloudbeds (9th place) and ALICE (10th place). The HotelTechAwards platform (by Hotel Tech Report) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products and companies that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “The People’s Choice Award goes to the single company across all categories who demonstrates the strongest customer relationships during the HotelTechAwards.  Clients came out to support IDeaS in droves - it has been incredible to see” says Hotel Tech Report’s Jordan Hollander. The most common pitfall that successful technology companies face is that scale often has an inverse correlation with customer satisfaction.  With each new hire customers become further removed from the leadership team and with each new client their business becomes less critical to the company. IDeaS breaks the mold and is not just the largest revenue management software company in the world  but also the most beloved hotel technology company in the industry as determined by verified client data.  The key factors used to determine the annual People’s Choice award include total verified customer reviews, geographic reach of reviews and overall review sentiment and ratings.  More than 200 verified IDeaS clients dedicated more than 25 hours to supporting the company by writing reviews about their authentic experiences with the firm. Unbiased and verified reviews build trust in a way that biased case studies and whitepapers cannot.  The best companies know that the most effective way to communicate their value proposition is to empower and amplify the voices of their customers.       “We saw 5 star reviews come in from Zambia to Moscow and everywhere in between.  Happy customers vouched for IDeaS from cities we had never even heard of. This is the one of the most impressive organizations we’ve seen in hotel tech history.  It’s hard to imagine how IDeaS keeps clients this satisfied at such an enormous global scale but if there’s one company everyone can definitely learn from about scaling a global organization with a relentless focus on customer centricity, its IDeaS ” says Hollander. IDeaS clients from the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America commended the company for it’s world class customer service and software. Congrats to this year's finalists: IDeaS, TrustYou, Clock, TravelClick, GuestRevu, Mews, Guestline, Travel Tripper, Cloudbeds and ALICE!   About the People's Choice Award   The People's Choice Awards serve to honor and recognize companies who have balanced strong growth with a relentless focus on customer centricity. Early on as a startup its easier for companies to maintain strong customer relationships with a limited customer base.  But as a company grows its install base and scales globally, maintaining high customer satisfaction becomes increasingly more challenging. Each year along with individual awards for the top rated product in each category, Hotel Tech Report recognizes the top 10 most customer centric global companies in the annual People's Choice Awards acknowledging the achievements of top innovators across all categories who embody the values, transparency and customer centricity that lie at the core of truly great companies. More info on the People's Choice Awards and scoring methodology

Clock Software Named 2018’s Top Rated Property Management System in the HotelTechAwards

By Hotel Tech Report

February 12, 2018 -  Hotel Tech Report has named Clock Software 2018’s top rated Property Management System based on data from thousands of hoteliers in more than 40 countries around the world.  Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by HotelTechReport.com) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “The Property Management System is effectively the operating system of a hotel. Historically the PMS market has taken a closed approach but we’re seeing an explosion of growth from providers focused on integrations, open architecture and cutting edge design,” says Hotel Tech Report’s Jordan Hollander. Clock Software is poised for sustained growth in 2018. Hoteliers recognized Clock’s truly world class implementation and on boarding where Clock exceeded the category average by more than 19%.  This focus on implementation is a testament to the importance of hoteliers adopting cloud based property management systems or risking quickly outdated infrastructure which can balloon costs and inefficiencies over time.  Clock has created incredibly easy to use software which can be implemented at lightning speeds which makes transitioning over easier than ever for hoteliers who realize benefits in no time compared to legacy providers. As one Malaga, Spain based General Manager told us that just two months after installing Clock, “We could see results of higher efficiency in our work through increased flexibility with workflows, more control over employee tasks and higher involvement of guests with Clock in terms of reservation, billing and marketing.” Read the full review and more at Clock PMS