Revinate (Surveys)

4.6 (136 REVIEWS)

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98 out of 100
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Revinate (Surveys)

4.6 (136 REVIEWS)

Ranked 2 (out of 26) in Guest Surveys & Feedback

Publish surveys for maximum exposure and booking impact.

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136 reviews
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98 HT Score

Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.

Learn how HotelTechReport uses millions of proprietary datapoints to rank the best hotel software in the world
About Revinate (Surveys)
Founded in 2009 | Headquarters in San Francisco (United States) | 400 employees
Improve online ratings and rankings by boosting review volume. Efficiently manage hotel reviews from sites like Google,, and Tripadvisor all in one place.   Revinate Surveys customers who publish their surveys to TripAdvisor see an average 409% increase in new review volume. You can also analyze your hotel’s performance against your competitors’ online review rankings.



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Survey Builder

4/5 features

Delivery Channels

4/5 features

Review Generation

4/5 features

Follow-up & Resolution

4/5 features

Reporting, Analytics & Insights

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Popularity by Segment


103 | Large (75-199 room)

93 | X-Large (200+ room)

31 | Medium (25-74 room)

3 | Small (10-24 room)

3 | X-Small (1-9 room)


93 | Luxury Hotels

74 | Resorts

67 | Branded Hotels

64 | Boutiques

29 | Bed & Breakfast & Inns

29 | City Center Hotels

11 | Limited Service & Budget Hotels

7 | Extended Stay & Serviced Apartments

6 | Airport/Conference Hotels

6 | RV Parks & Campgrounds

5 | Vacation Rentals & Villas

4 | Hostels

3 | Casinos

3 | Motels


157 | North America

70 | Europe

28 | Asia Pacific

13 | Oceania

5 | Central America

4 | Middle East

4 | South America

2 | Africa


168 | Hotel CRM & Email Marketing

139 | Reputation Management

136 | Guest Surveys & Feedback

44 | Upselling Software

35 | Guest Messaging Software

8 | Hotel Reservations Systems

6 | Group Sales Management Software




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By Product

  • Hotel CRM & Email Marketing
    Hotel CRM & Email Marketing
  • Reputation Management
    Reputation Management
  • Guest Surveys & Feedback
    Guest Surveys & Feedback
  • Upselling Software
    Upselling Software
  • Guest Messaging Software
    Guest Messaging Software
  • Hotel Reservations Systems
    Hotel Reservations Systems
  • Group Sales Management Software
    Group Sales Management Software

Property Size

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large


  • North America
    North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    Asia Pacific
  • Oceania
  • Middle East
    Middle East
  • South America
    South America
  • Central America
    Central America
  • Africa

Hotel CRM & Email Marketing

Marketing Director from 500+ room Boutique in Dublin (Ireland)

2 days ago
Simplicity and ease of the tool. Intuitive. Great customer support and CSM management. Good reporting options. Revinate University is very helpful and easy to use.

The experience with Revinate from implementation to actively seeking further revenue has been seamless. The team go out of their way to ensure a simple implementation process and furthermore the data capture / cleaning is phenomenal. Could not recommend highly enough. The guest survey feedback is quality.

Marketing Executive from 100 to 199 room Luxury Hotel in (United Kingdom)

3 days ago
The ability to create urgency and upsell based on pre-arrival emails. Driving further direct revenue. Furthermore the platform itself is user friendly and easy to navigate.

A 5 star guest journey

General Manager from 25-49 room Luxury Hotel in (United Kingdom)

3 days ago
Revinate gives our guest the belief of a personally tailored guest journey that is delivered automatically without high labour demands.


Revenue Manager from 100 to 199 room City Center Hotel in Drogheda (Ireland)

3 days ago
We started working with Revinate some time ago and we are very happy with the product and service that is offered. We use this everday and it give us very valuable insights into the guest experience and allows us to see what we are doing well and not so well. It also allows us to benchmark against our competitors.

Maximize revenue

Assistant Director of Revenue from 100 to 199 room Luxury Hotel in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

3 days ago
Be able to retarget repeat guest guest and the ability to review the not book leads to target them with special promotions and invite them to visit the resort.

Effectively collect guests’ feedback after their stay

Director of Sales from 200 to 499 room Luxury Hotel in (Hong Kong)

4 days ago
Guests feedback. It allows us to get feedback after guests departure, as a new hotel, we really need to know guests preferences to further enhance our service and product

Very easy to navigate and all the reviews from various channels are there.

Group Sales & Marketing Manager from 200 to 499 room Branded Hotel in Ultimo (Australia)

12 days ago
You can view all the reviews in Revinate and respond to them individually. Love the filter function so we could focus on responding by the star rating.

Revinate - a great relationship

VP Operations from 500+ room Resort in Singapore (Singapore)

27 days ago
Revinate are a vendor who provide excellent service and insight into exactly what our guests are saying about our properties. Their monthly corporate reports are very insightful and useful for our respective hotel teams, and for me to have a 'one stop shop' which very effectively summarises our guest sentiment across the group as a whole.

Restricted MIS

General Manager from 200 to 499 room City Center Hotel in (Indonesia)

29 days ago
The app with its prompt updates and features. The quick access and the dashboard layout. It’s consolidation of reviews from all channels.

Revinate Revives Campaigns

General Manager from 100 to 199 room Limited Service & Budget Hotel in Whistler (Canada)

30 days ago
- Easy to use - intuitive - Minimal support required - CRM, Guest feedback, campaigns and reports in one easy-to-use platform
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Revinate has opened their internal support tools and processes to Hotel Tech Report and has achieved the GCSC Support Certification which verifies the tools and processes they have in place to support customers.

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