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Hotel Effectiveness Overview

Hotel Effectiveness is the only company that provides complete, real-time labor monitoring, scheduling and time & attendance designed specifically for hotels. We are experts in all areas of hotel labor management,delivering significant cost savings and reducing the time required to create and manage departmental and staff schedules. Hotel Effectiveness is used by thousands of hotels including more than 70 brands from each major system plus hundreds of independent properties. Read more Less

About Hotel Effectiveness

Founded in 2007 | Headquarters in Roswell (United States) | 45 employees
Hotel Effectiveness is the only complete labor management system designed exclusively for hotels and hotel management companies. Hotel Effectiveness helps more than 3,000 hotels across more than 70 hotel brands achieve rapid return on investment through matching employee schedules with customer demand. From economy hotels to large convention hotels and resorts, the solution is a fit for all types of properties. To learn more about Hotel Effectiveness, visit www.hoteleffectiveness.com. Read more Less

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What Customers Love About Hotel Effectiveness

95% recommend

Their product is simple, straightforward and works for its intended purpose...which is to help everyone manage labor costs! They are responsive to our questions and suggestions for improved functionality.

VP Finance from Branded

HE allows us to better see and control labor with on time, at your finger tip reports. HE support is willing to work with us to insure we are able to get full benefits from their program.

Sr VP from Branded

The fact that the design is simple and that the important data around labor controls is constantly in the face of our operators. We have found that having such simple and good reporting data that directly correlate to our labor standards constantly in front of our operators affects change and labor savings across our portfolio.

VP of Operations from Limited Service

- Hotel effectiveness staff is very receptive to any modifications we need to make for any of our hotels. The program is very customizable and very user friendly - Our Hotel managers have embraced this program and have become more efficient in their scheduling based on forecasts - The different department teams are competing against each other in meeting the standards and goals and has resulted in a greater productivity .- The benchmarking feature is very helpful. We can compare how our hotels are performing compared to similar hotels in labor costs.

VP from Branded

It is nice to see labor on a consolidated level and to track MPORs as well as OT.

VP Asset Management from Branded

Hotel Effectiveness software is very user friendly. The employees are truly there to help support you and help make sure their customers are satisfied.

Regional Director from Airport/ conference

Controlling Labor is the best virtue of this system. Ease and simplicity of use and effectiveness, and, managers learned quickly!

General Manager from Branded

In hospitality, leadership engagement behind a mission critical objective is usually the key to successful execution. Unfortunately, when it comes to objective of effectively managing labor, having data over multiple platforms makes this mission extremely challenging and that is where "Hotel Effectiveness" walks in for the win! The software platform supported by leadership that understands hospitality and the importance of department head engagement have create a tool that takes all aspects of labor management and combines it into an easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to understand tool that the entire leadership team can get behind and support. The tool supports both leading and lagging performance and is the one stop solution that connects all data points and all touch points. We have observed engagement by mid-career and new department heads increase significantly since the launch of this tool. Our teams are effortlessly able to create schedules, forecasts, and measure performance in 5 minutes every single day. If that was not enough, the Housekeeping Gameday automates the way Houskeeping Leadership benchmarks and measure room attendant productivity and simplifies the process. No need for spreadsheets or whiteboards. Everything is just there!

Director of Financial Planning from Branded

Extremely powerful Labor Management software. I used it n my previous company and as president of a new company it was one of the first tools I chose to implement because I KNOW IT WORKS! Best of all is the tremendous customer support. Someone can develop the best software in the world, but without customer support and service it's just software. Hotel Effectiveness is simply put. EFFECTIVE!

President from Resort

The simplicity of use and interpreting the intel that is given. This was a huge labor savings tool that after using, I do not understand why every hotel company does not take a serious look at making this a part of their money saving arsenal. The more I utilized each facet of the program, the more seamless it made reading the numbers and making intelligent labor decisions. I am an emphatic supporter of this labor tool!!

Operations Consultant

- Ease of Use - Self-Training is very useful - Support staff are very engaged and helpful - the system truly does save money and pay for itself dozens of times over if used properly

Corporate Director, Operations and Procurement from Other

- outstanding training and implementation team. - ongoing video based training, self paced. - perfect data integrity! - quick responses to all of our requests.

EVP Operations from Branded

This platform is very easy for my employees to use for clocking in and out. My Managers and I can easily set up Labor Plans and check the efficiency of those on a daily basis. As an above-property manager, I can very easily monitor performance and make changes as required.

EVP of Operations from Limited Service

- Controlling labor is #1 - Helping employees understand time management - talking points about understanding scheduling - being able to change scheduling daily

Manager from Branded

The helpfulness of seeing projected overtime based on schedules and current employee hours.

Accounting Manager from Branded

Great tool for scheduling to established labor standards. Wonderful for monitoring potential overtime and ability to be proactive and make adjustments to schedules to reduce and/or eliminate approaching overtime. You can also view or run reports to know if your leaders are using this tool on a daily basis to manage their labor.

General Manger from Branded

Having everything in one spot. I'm able to check hours, labor standards and performance within a few clicks.

General Manager from Limited Service

Simple and effective approach that gives department managers a scheduling tool based on customer volumes. As occupancy increases the labor templates allows more man hours for the department manager and as occupancy declines, the labor template lowers the amount of hours available to the department manager. There's no formulas to calculate labor costs, just color indicators if your meeting your labor guidelines or not.

General Manager from Airport/ conference

I like that the system is user friendly, that I am able to easily keep up with time management, and minutes per occupied room for housekeepers. 5 minute labor check in, let’s me know who is getting close to overtime and I can adjust schedules accordingly. The system lets me know when employees have been late or missed their scheduled shifts. When ever I contact the help desk I get immediate response.

General Manager from Limited Service

I like the fact that no matter what issue comes up someone is always available to help and fix the problem.

General Manager from Branded

Hotel effectiveness is an easy friendly system to use. Can assign different roles to people.

General Manager from Limited Service

This application is literally revolutionized my life in the housekeeping department. It makes my day so much easier by building my boards. I enjoy how much it shows my labor and whether I have OT risk or missing punches.

Executive Housekeeper from Casino

The ease of viewing and printing punch edits as well as printing payroll were really helpful. Hotel effectiveness overall is simple and straightforward.

Accounts Receivable/Front Office Manager from Other

Schedule with Hotel Effectiveness is effortless. You can enter all request offs and do all the schedule with just a push of a button, I love making schedules now.

Assist General Manager from Branded in

Ease of navigation. The program has easy to read instructions that allow for easy and convenient listing of programs that allow you to maneuver quickly.

General Manager from Limited Service

Using Hotel Effectiveness has helped in showing where we can save hours if we are over from one day to the next.

Chef from Branded


Featured Clients


The tracking system has been better than I imagined and the GM's and Departmental mangers trust the data. Best news is that labor cost overages are now an exception! Lonnie Funk President at the Rolling Oaks Hospitality, Inc
I’d say any hotelier that’s out there, whether it’s a management company or an independent owner that does it, the tool and its uses that it allows you to do and control efficiently – it’s worth its weight in gold. Kerry Ranson Chief Development Officer at the HP Hotels
Hotel Effectiveness helps our GMs be more efficient at managing their labor. It gives them the tools they need to control their labor costs and improve house profit. Maria D’Alessandro Chief Financial Officer at the
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Here's how to boost NOI: A review of the Hotel Effectiveness Labor Management System

Hotel Tech Report

Labor Management Systems provide tools to reduce labor costs by more effectively allocating resources and scheduling shifts.  Labor is the largest expense on any hotel P&L (~44.2% of all costs) so managing how that labor is deployed is critical to operational efficiency.  Managers use the software to get a high level view into optimization of employee shifts, to minimize overtime risk and more. Workers use the software to request time off, schedule shifts and view their schedules in real time. Hotel Effectiveness offers a solution to rising labor costs in the hotel industry. The product is an intelligent, easy to use labor management system that has proven to reduce total labor costs by 5% or more. The system utilizes staffing rules developed for each hotel combined with key operating drivers to produce dynamic work schedules for each manager. Full visibility into forecasted staffing needs, active trends, and individual employee productivity and hours enable real-time decision making to achieve 100% perfect labor costs.  The firm touts major clients such as Heritage Hotels & Resorts, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Pacific Host Hotels, Chartwell Hospitality and Spire Hospitality   Decrease operating costs with Hotel Effectiveness Hotel Effectiveness claims to reduce total labor costs by 5% or more.  The primary way they deliver on this promise is by creating a set of rules for each hotel client and notifying managers when those rules are at risk of being breached.  For example, managers receive alerts when overtime risk is approached to avoid costly overtime and compliance violation penalties. Hotel Effectiveness conducted a case study with two select service hotels in the same suburban market.  In the test hotel, the team set different room cleaning metrics for MPR (minutes per cleaned room) for guests staying over and those checking out.  In the control hotel, they maintained a flat target. The test hotel achieved a 7.4% decrease in housekeeping costs based on Hotel Effectiveness’ recommendations with no change in brand quality scores. Hotel Effectiveness can decrease operating costs for clients by setting labor goals such as hours worked per employee and delivering real time insights to managers with recommendations of which staff to reduce hours with and which they should be ramping up to meet goals.  This avoids overtime and maintains compliance with local labor laws. Hotel Effectiveness also ran a case study for a portfolio of 20 small limited service hotels that implemented its labor management system.  In just 2-3 months after implementation of the software, the portfolio was able to eliminate 10,000 labor hours with cost savings in excess of $100,000.     In an increasingly squeezed labor market - clients seek optimization "We have been in the business for 25 years and know how to operate high performing hotels. Hotel Effectiveness has helped us to control our labor costs. They are hotel professionals who get the hotel business." ~Naren Shah COO, Imperial Investments Group, Inc. "Hotel Effectiveness has made a significant difference in our hotel’s ability to control labor, save money, and streamline work. We have never worked with a more accommodating and customer-oriented company. Our General Managers love the products and timely information." ~ Jim O’Brien Executive Vice President, Wilson Hotel Management, LLC   As with any product, there are weaknesses but Hotel Effectiveness is committed to improving them User interface for labor standards can use some modernization and updating for ease of use The learning curve requires training your entire team on the software which can make implementation challenging for disorganized properties or groups The data needs to be updated in real time with regard to labor rates We’d like to see an owner’s view The budgeter needs more data points to maximize benefits Benchmarking tool needs to be a bit more granular by enabling same brand comparisons The software needs budget comparisons in relation to the plan.  Integrating budget forecasts would be a huge upgrade to provide more context. We’ve heard some complaints around room cleaning data accuracy when not integrated (2-way) with property management systems   Key Features Labor standards: Cut your labor budget into precise and actionable labor standards that can be tracked against Dynamic scheduling: Develop a set of automated rules to adjust labor based on a combination forecasted occupancy and labor standards Automated labor monitoring: Get notifications for key risk areas such as employees ‘riding the clock’ and housekeeping productivity issues Corporate visibility: identify at risk or underperforming hotels in your portfolio by creating enforceable and trackable labor goals. Robust reporting: Real time insight into how your hotel is performing Benchmarking: compare your hotels against similar properties to see how you stack up and make necessary adjustments     Key Integrations Time & Attendance Systems: ADP, M3 RightTime, Attendance on Demand, Kronos, Netchex, Paycom, Swipeclock, Ultipro, Workday, WorkRecords Business Intelligence Software: ProfitSword, Broadvine, Aptech Property Management Systems: Oracle Micros, Hilton OnQ, Marriott Fosse Payroll Software: A1HR, Execupay, Paycom, ADP, Fortune Business Solutions, Paycor, APS Payroll, Heartland, Payentry, Asure Software, Insperity, Paylocity, Avintus, iSolved HCM (Infinisource), PayMaster, Certigy, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Payroll Rx, CYMA Payroll, MPAY, PrismHR, Engage PEO, Oasis, Progressive, Evolution Payroll Services, Oracle Peoplesoft, Sage 300, ExcelPay, Paycheck, Shaner Solutions, TriNet, Workday, Valiant   Hotel Effectiveness Pricing Pricing is based on number of employees and starts at $99/month for companies with fewer than 1-15 employees. Pricing is on a per month per employee basis 35+ employees: $4.90 100+ employees: $3.80 200+ employees: $2.70 301+ employees: $2.30 Additional cost associated with: Automated data integration Time & Attendance service Custom reporting & professional services   Conclusions Most hotels are coming off of pen and paper or excel when it comes to labor management protocol.  Hotel Effectiveness builds on Time & Attendance platforms such as Tsheets and ADP with tailored solutions to help hotels run their businesses more efficiently.  Our main complaint with Hotel Effectiveness is around its user interface that is a bit dated; however, they seem to be updating consistently making the software easier to use for clients.  When working with Hotel Effectiveness, realize that implementation does take work and focus - but once implemented the software will save more than the time you invested setting it up for your team. Hoteliers should strongly consider working with a specialized provider such as Hotel Effectiveness because combining PMS data with reporting solutions and time/attendance software allows hotels to unlock insights that can’t be acted upon in real time when any of those components are removed.  We are most encouraged about Hotel Effectiveness’ ability to help hoteliers create rigorous and trackable labor standards. While the software is valuable in itself, Hotel Effectiveness provides industry specific benchmarking solutions and contextual data that is critical for success in the hotel industry.  These insights can’t be gained through generalist providers or with Time & Attendance software alone. The platform is best suited for management companies looking to gain more visibility into their portfolio operations and is least likely to impact small hotels with minimal labor forces.

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This is the tech every hospitality HR manager needs for success

Hotel Tech Report

Relentless turnover challenges the sanity of even the most composed hotel manager. I would know: after owning two restaurants that employed 70 people at peak times, the constant battle against turnover triggers plenty of stressful memories. We tried offering health insurance and a living wage for BOH employees, but the economic realities of the low-margin restaurant business made this nearly impossible. Add in the appeal of jobs in less low wage industries, and hiring and retaining quality candidates with a passion for hospitality was always the top challenge. While hotels enjoy slightly better margins than standalone restaurants, the labor crunch extends equally. As hospitality businesses struggle to stay staffed up, a “mercenary frenzy” leads to lower-than-usual loyalty among workers who shop around for the best offer -- and jump ship at the slightest opportunity for a greater wage. Even with generous benefits, it can be incredibly difficult to retain staff. Rising rents and low wage growth, coupled with low unemployment in the U.S., have sharpened employee focus on gross wages above all else. To combat these employment trends, HR managers for hotels must rely on tools to increase their own productivity around sourcing new hires, as well as retaining dedicated team members with flexible scheduling and professional development opportunities. While there are certain features of the hospitality business that make hiring difficult, such as wage competitiveness, the right technology helps HR managers excel in an challenging labor environment.   The role of an HR manager When it comes to technology, It's important to match the functionality with the desired outcomes. Let's briefly review the roles and responsibilities of the hospitality HR manager: Sourcing. The HR manager sources potential candidates through online platforms, employee referrals, and personal networks. Interviewing and hiring. The HR manager screen candidates and oversees the process alongside hiring managers. Onboarding. Once hired, the new employee’s onboarding must be swift and thorough, balancing quality with speed. Retention. Existing employees are assets that must be treated as such. An HR managers helps retain staff, which is vital to the consistency of the guest experience and the profitability of the hotel. Each of these roles as a specific subset of technology that, when implemented correctly, makes the hospitality HR manager more productive and successful in the role.   Candidate sourcing Turnover for most hotels reaches far into the double digits. This figure is even larger for those hospitality brands that also hire for extensive food and beverage operations. The churn puts hospitality HR managers on constant offense when it comes to sourcing quality candidates. HR managers should use a three-part strategy, sourcing potential candidates through staffing and recruiting networks, employee referrals, and personal networks. A blended approach brings a greater mix of candidates, and contributes to a healthy talent pipeline. An emerging category of online platform especially compelling for today’s hospitality HR managers is on-demand staffing. With an on-demand workforce, HR manages can fill unexpected labor gaps, both short and long-term. While the hiring process may be less rigorous and more suited for filling roles with specific responsibilities, these platforms are a useful addition to any hospitality HR managers toolkit.   Speed to hire Staff departures are common -- but can still catch management off guard. The HR manager must be equipped to quickly hire candidates by moving them through the hiring funnel in the shortest amount of time. The “speed to hire” metric, which Hired defines as “the total time the candidate spends in the funnel,” is an immensely useful metric for hospitality hiring. “We define speed to hire as the total time the candidate spends in the hiring funnel from initial sourcing to offer acceptance.” -Hired.com By tracking how long it takes to hire, HR managers improve business outcomes by helping department heads replace outgoing stuff and fill new roles quickly. Another benefit: quality candidates have less time to be snagged by others. In the competition for talent, a mere hours can make a huge difference in closing a new hire.    The Applicant Tracking Software is the hospitality HR manager’s greatest ally. It encompasses all aspects of the hiring funnel, from sourcing candidates down to the eventual hire. Effective management of this process leads to greater hiring success. Once the candidate is in the funnel, avoid scheduling hassles and use on-demand video interviews which are more candidate friendly. Potential employees can submit these videos on their own time, which also frees up HR managers with far fewer initial candidate screens. When evaluating Applicant Tracking Software, look for these types of automations that boost productivity and enhance the hiring experience. The best candidates see disorganized hiring processes as warning signs.   Onboarding Once the candidate has accepted, now it's all about how quickly she can be trained. Just like with speed-to-hire, an efficient training process prepares the employee to be an individual contributor. The faster this happens, the lower the turnover costs associated with filling an open role. The trick is to balance speed with quality -- what’s the minimum amount of time that this person, at this experience level, needs to become an integrated team member? In collaboration with the hiring manager, the HR manager should shape the training process to be as mutually beneficial to both the organization and the candidate. Most candidates want to be trained, but many will be turned off by overtraining or a disorganized onboarding process. Applicant Tracking Systems with on-boarding functionality make it easy for HR managers to check-in with new employees periodically in the first few weeks on the job.   Retain and reward Regardless of the business, turnover costs money. With each lost employee, the business faces additional costs related to finding replacement workers, training them, and often paying overtime to workers covering the schedule gaps in the meantime. [Turnover] has high management costs associated with it as you’ll need more exempt managers to ensure training, quality and to pick up the pieces when the quality is just not there. -Restaurateur Azhar Hashem on Why SF Restaurants are Suffocating. Mitigating these costs must be top-of-mind for an HR professional. Since it's far more affordable (and beneficial to both the guest experience and staff satisfaction), focus on retention through a positive employee experience and strong professional development support. The current state of the employee experience can be captured with employee engagement software that gather real-time feedback so HR managers can take the pulse of the organization often. These platforms also improve on-property staff communications, reducing mistakes, increasing productivity, and generally making everyone’s day that much better. Workers and hospitality often prioritize flexibility when it comes to scheduling. For those workers, it's important to offer mobile-optimized scheduling tools that facilitate shift trading and communications among colleagues. Some employees won't have access to computers at home, so these mobile-optimized solutions encourage engagement without alienating a core subset of staff. Many of these tools also integrate labor management, which provides a better on-property life for staff with digital logbooks, as well as performance benchmarks to reward high-performing teams. Payroll solutions should also be reliable and accurate, as a consistently paid staff is the bedrock of any hotel. Hotels must also reward the most promising employees with additional responsibilities and perks wherever possible. Beyond the obvious, such as promoting from within and seeking growth opportunities for the most promising staff, HR managers can more productively support staff with professional development features embedded in staff engagement software. By codifying the professional development process, HR managers boost retention by lighting the path for ambitious staff.   All in all, be communicative, adaptable, and action-oriented. The best hospitality HR managers stretch across the entire organization, collaborating and hustling to keep staff quality and retention high. And never underestimate the power of a simple “thank you.”

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