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Ranked 2nd in Reputation / Review Management

Headquartered in San Francisco (United States)

91 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
91 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence


86% recommend
Customer Service
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What customers love about Revinate

Regional Marketing Manager from Boutique in New Orleans (United States)

The Revinate platform is very user friendly and provides a very good snapshot of your review rating in comparison to your competitive set. I like the way all the information is displayed and the ease of extracting information is great as well.

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Marketing Manager in San Diego (United States)

Clean interface, easy to use, robust reporting, and many different ways to view data. It was easy to implement and is a tool I have used at multiple properties since it makes it so easy to monitor and manage our online reputation.

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Marketing Manager in Los Angeles (United States)

Easy to use and navigate; daily & weekly update emails; captures all social review sites; user-friendly dashboard

Digital Marketing Manager from Resort in Westmont (United States)

It has a modern, easy to use interface design, it connects to most third party sites, and it pulls helpful reports

Group Operations Director from Other in San Jose (United States)

We use Revinate to send all our guests a survey to understand how they experienced their visit. We also use Revinate to increase our online reviews and to monitor online reviews and mentions. We use it at all our properties now and we have increased our understanding and our rating through the use of Revinate!

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Hotel Marketing Consultant from Other in San Jose (United States)


Marketing Services Manager from Other in Bailrigg (United Kingdom)

Easy to use, useful data, good customer service.

Marketing Manager in San Francisco (United States)

It is a trustworthy provider, as it is being used by many global brands, such as Radisson Blu, where I had the opportunity to work with Revinate. Integration is okay, although could have been better.

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Marketing Manager from Branded in Warsaw (Poland)

Easy to use and very intuitive. One tool to rule them all ;)

Executive Assistant from Other in Monterey (United States)

The customer service is very professional and prompt in resolving any of my issues. The platform is simple and easy to navigate.

Marketing & PR Manager from Branded in Milpitas (United States)

can stay on brand with marketing pieces and it's a great social management tool

Marketing Manager from Resort in San Jose (United States)

Easy to use and user friendly design

Director of Digital Marketing from Branded in Englewood (United States)

I am a big user of the sentiment analysis and think Revinate is incredibily intuitive

Marketing Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Easy to use. Great filtering on different variables and segments

Digital Marketing Manager from Branded in San Francisco (United States)

Efficient, organized, robust platform for responding to guest feedback and reviews; aggregates from all review sites making it a one-stop shop for tracking reviews and submitting responses. It's continually innovating and improving and has a variety of products to really cover the whole spectrum of reputation management -- including the online reviews portal, the guest survey product, and social media management

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Director of Marketing from Other in Palo Alto (United States)

I like being able to stay on brand with marketing (CRM). Great tools and interface

Revenue Manager from Other in Paris (France)

I like having a centralized source of information and the response feature for reviews

General Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

Great dashboard. Easy of navigating and filtering of subjects

VP of Sales and Marketing from in Dallas (United States)

I like being able to view our portfolio roll up then drill down into details to isolate issues

Director of Sales and Marketing from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Easy to use the platform

Senior Marketing Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Revinate's reporting is very skimmable which makes spotting issues and trends really easy across social channels.

Director of Sales & Marketing from Branded in Austin (United States)

As a marketer, it saves me a lot of time and back and forth checking various social media platforms which helps us identify trends and spot issues fast.

Brand Marketing Manager from Boutique in Cambridge (United States)

Great customer service available at all hours. Easy design to see brand reputation in one place and easiest way to collect guest feedback

Director of Sales and Marketing from Other in San Antonio (United States)

Provides high quality data and is really easy to use

Marketing/Project Manager from Other in (United States)

Simple/Concise. Accessible to users throughout the organization (permissions)

Director of Communications from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Great analytics options across social and reputation management (Expedia, booking.com, etc.) for a broad scope. Ability to analyze key positives and negatives in hotel from all review sites and target problem areas within the hotel (i.e. search buzz words for "slow checkin" or "poor wifi")

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Director of Sales in Irving (United States)

Great snapshots of eCommerce reviews

General Manager from Branded in Nashville (United States)

I like that it compiles all reviews, etc. into one site

General Manager from Other in Bend (United States)

It is easy to use and has been helpful finding complaints unknown to us.

General Manager from Branded in Anaheim (United States)

Ease of use; ability to access datain real time; ability to take action on the data gathered. Good data analysis and aggregation.

Director of Operations - Rooms from Boutique in San Antonio (United States)

-Easy to use and configure without having to contact a help desk -Intuitive approach to marketing solutions -Interfaces with PMS systems -Surveys are completely customizeable -Marketing segmentation capabilities User since: 2016 Usage: Daily

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Chargée de Communication & Webmarketing from Boutique in Paris (France)

- Simple to use, but a very rich tool that brings back several information. - A team at the service of his client, who is very attentive & kind and answers at any questions quickly.

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General Manager in Winterthur Area, Switzerland (Switzerland)

- Automated guest surveys - Interfaces with Protel PMS - 3 in 1 system (Survey, reputation, marketing) - Big Data - Great support. You get a reply within a few hours.

Principal from Boutique

Revinate products are easy for all staff levels to understand. Their customer service response time is also excellent, making it hassle free to implement. Anisha, Dan and Dylan are fantastic!

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Director of Sales and Marketing from Boutique in Christchurch (New Zealand)

The ability to aggregate reviews using the Reputation Management module from all platforms and see feedback by timeline, by subject or my type (positive or negative) as well as compare against competitor set is great. To be able to manage all mailing lists, segments and campaigns through the Email Marketing module and auto unsubscribe as well as juggle GDPR compliance is wonderful. The automated campaigns are also a great function to communicate with guests pre and post stay or at a particular action/point e.g. a birthday or after a certain time frame has elapsed. The Guest Feedback module is a great tool for sending out post stay surveys that are more professional than perhaps a mail chimp or similiar service and the automation of sending and collecting of data is incredibly efficient.

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Head of Global E-Commerce from Resort in Vacoas-Phoenix (Mauritius)

The tool is very comprehensive. It has many additional features that its competitors do not offer or do less well. User since: 2012 Usage: Monthly

Ecommerce Marketing Manager from Boutique in Malahide (Ireland)

Easy to use drag-and-drop design build. Segmentation facility is good & easy to use.

Manager Online Reviews & Surveys from Resort

The ease and preciseness of retrieving specific data. The mobility of sharing, downloading, and printing reports. But mostly the vast scope of analyzing both guest surveys and online reviews. Corporate has asked, multiple times, to revise other Quality Assurance platforms, but none of them even come close to the vast resource of information that Revinate provides.

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Quality Manager from Resort

It is very friendly and easy to read, the analysis of web page comments is very practical and saves us a lot of time.

Assistant Online Reputation Manager from Resort

The ease to navigate through its multiple functions, the rapid and efficient response of your support team and the interesting tutorial programs and webinar.

Quality Assurance Manager from Resort

The platform is amazing to organize and filter all the reviews before goes on social media, give the proper follow up and have great number for my company.

Quality Assurance Manager from Resort

It is a tool that allows us to group the satisfaction of our customers who travel through different channels. Also, I love that I can receive comments from guests and have statistics to monitor the results, custom alerts if I want to follow a specific question's results.

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Corporate Marketing Manager from Boutique

Visually friendly, very easy to understand, communication deliveries on time, reports are easy to customize.

Operations analyst from Airport/ conference

- Great for checking the info of all our hotels in a simple way, all at once - User friendly, easy to use - csv files available, which makes the analysis process so much faster

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Corporate Operations and Quality Manager from Other

We believe we have to know our customer. We listen to them, learn what they love and what they don’t like - Revinate has really played a key role in those efforts. We are able to roll all that insight back into the company to inform corporate strategy—making educated decisions and revising our operational strategies to reflect the needs of the customer. Keep on inventing!

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Manager from Branded

I like the ability to fully customize the surveys and reports. Revinate's combination of guest feedback and reputation management allows us to accurately identify areas of dissatisfaction and this points us in the right direction to address our biggest challenges. The customer service provided is first class and my account/customer success manager often goes out of her way to ensure the needs of the organization is satisfied.

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Manager Quality from Branded

Revinate ORM Feedback Have been using the Revinate Online Reputation Management Solution since the last 5 years for our collection of hotels and it is the most user friendly, comprehensive and reliable tool that one could work on. With a commendable support available round the clock, it has helped tremendously to focus on the gaps and enhance guest perception about the brand. The result is visible in more and more hotels rising the TripAdvisor Ranks and Review Ratings on all online platform.

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Customer Service Representative from Limited Service

* Comprehensive Survey and Reputation Customer Feedback available on one platform * Superior client support and problem solving assistance with professional, customized service * Pre-designed and detailed custom reporting options available to utilize customer feedback data to identify trends, create and accomplish goals and motivate teams

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Director of Sales & Marketing from Boutique

Intuitive system, that allows for personalisation of message and format yet delivers the consistency required to benchmark performance against competitors and internally between properties

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Area Director of Revenue from Boutique

* Exploring alternative marketing options * Creative Marketing Solution for the hospitality industry

Creative Director from Boutique

The data provided by Revinate Marketing has truly changed the way we operate, allowing us as a company to make more informed decisions across our portfolio. From the segmentation to the reporting, the user interface is easy and intuitive. (review updated 12/28/18) (Original review 12/16/18): Utilizing the Revinate suite has been a game changer for our company. Being able to both manage consistent branding across all stages of the guest experience has resulted in stronger brand integrity and property positioning. The data and analytics available are amazing and allow us to make data-driven decisions across the organization.

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Marketing Manager from Boutique

Incredible resources & support, from implementation and training to onboarding and strategy.

Brand Marketing Manager from Boutique

Customized email marketing - has led to more engagement from our email databasde One stop shop for review replies

Líder de Aseguramiento de Calidad from Other

Agile support Interactive platform Possibility to evaluate ourselves with the competition. (translated from Spanish) (Original) Soporte ágil. Plataforma interactiva. Posibilidad de evaluarnos con la competencia.

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Marketing Coordinator from Boutique

I love that revinate is extremely user friendly and convenient, and streamlines so much work! It really helps out communication between us and our hotel guests.

Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager from Resort

* User friendly programs that are easy to use. * Programs are reliable. * Great customer service.

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Revinate easily saves us 8 hours a week, if not more, by pulling content from thousands of sources into a single location. It easily pays for itself each month in time savings. Lisa Juliot Social Media Community Manager at the Crown Paradise Club Puerto Vallarta
We didn't want a cookie cutter program but rather, something that was unique and tailored to the needs of our guests and teammates Lyn Aoki Senior Director of Guest Service & Brand Standards at the Aqua-Aston Hospitality

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