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The platform used by top travel advertisers for driving bookings and revenue.
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Koddi is an advanced reporting, bid management and campaign intelligence platform for metasearch publishers like Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor... read more

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    Fort Worth, TX
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  • 100 employees on Linkedin
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Proven marketing solution for independent hoteliers with limited time and budget to invest in onl...


A true omni-channel approach that starts with building awareness. We put your property in front of people who are in-market to travel to your... read more

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    San Francisco, CA
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  • 343 employees on Linkedin


Ranked 5th in Metasearch & Ad Tech Top Alternative: Koddi (9.2 /10)
Affiliate & Search Marketing, Display Advertising, Lead Generation, Ad Serving & Comparison Shopp...


Conversant LLC is a leader in interaction management, empowering brands to transform ordinary customer experiences into meaningful, human... read more

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    Chicago (United States)
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  • 2146 employees on Linkedin


Ranked 6th in Metasearch & Ad Tech Top Alternative: Koddi (9.2 /10)
Experience Management Platform for the travel industry


Journera is a travel technology company developing the first Experience Management Platform for the travel industry. Through its Global... read more

  • Based in
    United States
  • Founded in
  • 26 employees on Linkedin


Ranked 8th in Metasearch & Ad Tech Top Alternative: Koddi (9.2 /10)
Data-driven marketing, Global proprietary travel data & intelligence, and Broad based, cross plat...


ADARA is the worlds largest marketing and insights platform that transforms loyalty, search and booking data into actionable knowledge that... read more

  • Based in
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Founded in
  • 183 employees on Linkedin

WIHP Hotels

Ranked 9th in Metasearch & Ad Tech Top Alternative: Koddi (9.2 /10)
META IO - Connect, manage and monitor metasearch distribution with one user-friendly dashboard.


WIHP, The Direct Booking Company We design, engineer and support state-of-the-art marketing tools for hotels and chains. Since the creation of... read more

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  • 40 employees on Linkedin

Recent Metasearch & Ad Tech Articles

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How to maximize your hotel’s bookings by aligning your technology with your goal

Hotel Tech Report

The growth in technology tools for hotels has complicated life for hoteliers. While it has always been important to bring potential guests into the conversion funnel, there are now many ways to both capture and convert lookers to bookers. When considering the different ways to bring prospects into your hotel’s funnel, it can be helpful to start with the goal and then look at technologies that accomplish that goal. This approach differs from other common vendor evaluation processes in one key way: it puts the goal first rather than the category. For instance, rather than comparing only direct booking tools to one another, this process focuses on the desired outcome -- and then compares tools across categories that may help a hotel achieve that outcome. With this outcome-based approach, hotels have stronger odds of successfully matching with the correct vendor for a specific issue.   "I want to improve conversion on my website" When it comes to getting more direct bookings, it’s all about the hotel website. After all, a hotel with a buggy website and poor user flow will scare off many potential guests who seek a trustworthy booking experience. Direct booking tools promise growth in direct bookings by increasing conversions on a hotel’s website through price check tools, real-time guest messaging, smart segmentation, and pricing optimization. These direct booking tools offer a mix of capabilities, so it’s best to evaluate each according to how your hotel prioritizes direct bookings. Booking engines are a necessity for selling rooms directly. Without a modern and intuitive interface that’s optimized for conversion, guests will go elsewhere out of frustration or suspicion. Look for a booking engine with real-time inventory updates; otherwise, you risk double booking across channels. Reputation management is more than just an operational tool: it’s also handy for marketing. Most hotel reputation management solutions have the ability to feature previous guest reviews on your website; doing so can dramatically boost your conversion rate. Virtual tours can help conversions. When potential guests consider a hotel, they want to be certain that the property is as advertised. Consider investing in a virtual tour to give guests piece of mind.   "I want to drive new traffic to my website" Once a website has been optimized for direct bookings and conversion, the next step is to entice more potential guests to it. There’s a blended approach to making this happen.   Content marketing is one of the most affordable ways to engage potential guests and to bring them to your website. With great content, you’ll have an engaging website to attract visitors, as well as plenty to post on social media. Be sure to make your content relevant to your guest profile. Social media is a challenging place but can deliver results when done right -- especially for distribution of the great content you’ve created! Social media is also a goldmine of consumer insights. Leveraging social media tools can bring you closer to your customers. Influencer marketing continues to be a growth area for hospitality marketers. Inviting influencers to experience the property, or paying them to post about the property, appeals to hotels looking to reach particular demographics. These influencer marketing tools should factor into the mix, helping identify the right influencers and tracking the success of your campaign. Digital marketing agencies are assets for those hotels that have enough budget to engage subject matter experts. Hospitality marketing agencies use their experience across clients to build high-impact campaigns that can be quite intimidating to deploy solo.   "I want to bring back old guests" According to research from the company that invented the Net Promoter Score, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. Statistics aside, it really comes down to customer acquisition cost for hotels. With each booking channel taking a large commission for bringing in a guest, it can be extraordinarily lucrative to re-engage former guests. Loyalty programs are helpful assets to organize and track a comprehensive loyalty program for independents. The best technology will give you insights into your guest profiles, and help you craft the best offerings to each group.  Read our article "Do independent hotel loyalty programs actually work?" to decide if this option is right for your hotel or properties. Email marketing is a critical piece of the loyalty puzzle. When evaluating email marketing tools, you want to be sure that it integrates with your existing loyalty program and hotel CRM tools.   "I want more bookings on OTAs & Metasearch" Third-party websites and metasearch are important pieces of any hotel revenue management strategy. As part of a cohesive approach that includes direct bookings, wholesale, and groups, these channels are valuable tools to shore up low demand periods and achieve overall revenue targets. Metasearch and ad tech bring advanced reporting, bidding and inventory management to your third-party distribution strategy. These metasearch tools help hoteliers wrangle the complex web of metasearch campaigns, as well as integrating in real-time with existing systems to maximize profitable bookings without overbooking. Review management software performs a critical function: it monitors your hotel’s reviews for potential operational issues. Catching poor performance before it affects the guest experience means better reviews -- and a higher ranking in search results on OTAs and metasearch sites.

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Metasearch Management Software Category Overview

What is hotel metasearch management software?
Effective metasearch and digital marketing campaigns help hoteliers drive revenue, attract new customers, and achieve greater business goals. The tools and services provided by a metasearch management software enable travel brands to maximize their digital reach. This in turn, allows them to grow their business and increase their profitability.

For info on metasearch and hotel advertising technology trends, questions that you should ask vendors and more download the 2019 Hoteliers Guide to Hotel Metasearch Software

How can metasearch management software improve profitability and efficiency?
  • It can help you attract new customers: Metasearch users are open to new experiences and are interested in finding a hotel that best meets their needs. They are typically open to trying new brands, which means that the majority of bookings that occur through metasearch are net new customers. Metasearch drives incremental traffic.
  • Strong metasearch advertising is part of a healthy booking mix: Once a user finds your hotel listing, you, the advertiser, own the customer experience. This gives you the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship and drive direct bookings, rather than relying on a reseller or travel agency.
  • Improves marketing efficiency: Metasearch is one of the most efficient digital acquisition channels. A well managed metasearch campaign will improve the efficiency of your digital marketing investment, driving higher impact and a reliable return on ad spend.

What are the most important features of metasearch management software?
  • Robust Reporting: Metasearch campaigns can have hundreds of thousands of data points and complex bidding layers. You’ll want the ability to access reporting that is robust, customizable, and in alignment with your internal numbers and business goals. 
  • Bid Management: Automated bidding features allow you to apply the best bidding model to fit your company’s goals, constraints, and data. This gives you the freedom to choose exactly how to bid for your campaigns and implement custom algorithms to maximize results. 
  • Custom Labels: Labeling or tagging features allow campaign managers to set both automated and one-off grouping of properties based on any custom value. If you’re managing metasearch for hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of properties, labels are a necessary feature for organizing your campaigns and identifying trends. 
  • Property Content Management: Reporting that is informed by rich property-level data, enables you to add geographic context to broad reports and bring in extremely granular hotel attributes for a more detailed analysis.
  • Intelligent Targeting: Audience targeting involves setting bids for specific groups of customers. The ability to segment your metasearch campaigns by audience is an important feature for reaching your target customers with your ads.

What makes great metasearch management software?
Critical to the success of your metasearch campaigns is knowing how much to spend (based on your goals), where to spend it, while also being able to make changes and adapt as market dynamics change.  Great hotel metasearch management software will help you increase direct bookings, boost ROAS (return on ad spend) and drive incremental revenue for your hotel properties.

To learn more about how to distinguish between metasearch management software providers download the 2019 Guide to Hotel Metasearch Software

What is the typical pricing for metasearch management software?
Most technology providers will charge a percentage of advertising spend. This can range from 4-8% (or lower) based on the volume of spend that flows through a platform and the amount of services that a customer requires.

How long does it usually take for a hotel to implement new metasearch management software?
Metasearch bid management and connectivity, while separate services, are dependent on one another. In your search for a bid management provider, you’ll want to mitigate risk by not requiring a big change to your connectivity.

Although every implementation situation is unique, you can generally expect a full implementation to take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks from start to launch. Here is an example of what steps may be involved in the process: (1) Share hotel info with the technology vendor (2) Determine how internal analytics will be provided Work with metasearch publishers to launch campaigns (3) Technology vendor completes backend build (4) Grant technology vendor access to click/cost reporting. Providing data to the technology vendor in a consistent manner (both in time and format) will help facilitate a smooth implementation.

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