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Ranked 1st in Email Marketing & Hotel CRM

Headquartered in San Francisco (United States)

94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
94 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence


94% recommend
Customer Service
Ease of Use

What customers love about Revinate Marketing

Director of Operations - Rooms from Boutique hotel in San Antonio (United States)

-Easy to use and configure without having to contact a help desk -Intuitive approach to marketing solutions -Interfaces with PMS systems -Surveys are completely customizeable -Marketing segmentation capabilities User since: 2016 Usage: Daily

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Sales & Marketing Manager | Digital Marketing Specialist from Resort in West Kelowna (Canada)

- quick response time - helpful, friendly - easy to navigate software - great training videos - easy to read revenue and click tracking

Marketing Consultant from Other in Milwaukee (United States)

As an email marketer for our clients, this is the first tool I've seen where we can tap into the database to really evaluate past guest information and use it for our campaign. We are now able to sending HIGHLY segmented campaigns to people who really want to hear from our clients. Open rates and click rates have climbed through the roof! The Revinate team is FULL of ideas and support for our clients.

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Chargée de Communication & Webmarketing from Boutique hotel in Paris (France)

- Simple to use, but a very rich tool that brings back several information. - A team at the service of his client, who is very attentive & kind and answers at any questions quickly.

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General Manager in Winterthur Area, Switzerland (Switzerland)

- Automated guest surveys - Interfaces with Protel PMS - 3 in 1 system (Survey, reputation, marketing) - Big Data - Great support. You get a reply within a few hours.

Director of Revenue Management and E-Commerce from Other in Toronto (Canada)

Easy to Navigate and set up. Exceptional customer service and continual follow up support and training. Customization for the e-blasts and upsell to fit the needs and requirements of my various brands.

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Deputy General Manager in Saint Helier

The software is easy to use, functional and a comprehensive tool. Revinate provides us with everything we need to engage with our clients, and the analytics/information we need to improve as we progress.

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Principal from Boutique hotel

Revinate products are easy for all staff levels to understand. Their customer service response time is also excellent, making it hassle free to implement. Anisha, Dan and Dylan are fantastic!

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Ecommerce Coordinator from Boutique hotel in Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic)

The best features of the platform hands down: • Revenue tracking that works flawlessly • Campaign automation and one-time campaign features • Segmentation is also another great feature on the platform. You can target any particular audience with minimal effort. It really does make segmenting your mailing list a breeze. • Amazing CS/Technical Support

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Director of Sales and Marketing from Boutique hotel in Christchurch (New Zealand)

The ability to aggregate reviews using the Reputation Management module from all platforms and see feedback by timeline, by subject or my type (positive or negative) as well as compare against competitor set is great. To be able to manage all mailing lists, segments and campaigns through the Email Marketing module and auto unsubscribe as well as juggle GDPR compliance is wonderful. The automated campaigns are also a great function to communicate with guests pre and post stay or at a particular action/point e.g. a birthday or after a certain time frame has elapsed. The Guest Feedback module is a great tool for sending out post stay surveys that are more professional than perhaps a mail chimp or similiar service and the automation of sending and collecting of data is incredibly efficient.

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Corporate Jr. Website Developer from Resort in (Indonesia)

It is easy to use the software. - Create, schedule and send email even managing contact is not easy tasks, there are complexity regarding this. And Revinate just make it simple. - Flexible to manage our email campaign. - Revinate meet our requirement to make our life more flexible with custom email information and data. The WYSIWYG email builder feature is so helpful that we can add images, gif, text, link, styling even custom HTML format. It is flexible! - It has a great support team. - The good thing is you'll never get lost, they have documentation support at their website and contact support via email. - Beside that, they always update and aware in term of feature and regulation e.g. GDPR.

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Community & Marketing Manager in New York (United States)

Revinate makes the e-mail marketing process seamless from the creation of each campaign to the segmentation of the targeted recipients. The product is user-friendly and their webinars and online resources are easily digestible and helpful. They proactively tackle global issues like GDPR and provide solutions for how to comply in the best way possible.

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Marketing Coordinator from Casino in Sandy Bay (Australia)

Very easy to navigate and well structured. For those integrating Revinate Marketing into their business after utilising other products you wonder what you had been missing out on. User since: 2018 Usage: Daily

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Head of Global E-Commerce from Resort in Vacoas-Phoenix (Mauritius)

The tool is very comprehensive. It has many additional features that its competitors do not offer or do less well. User since: 2012 Usage: Monthly

Ecommerce Marketing Manager from Boutique hotel in Malahide (Ireland)

Easy to use drag-and-drop design build. Segmentation facility is good & easy to use.

Corporate Director of Revenue from Boutique hotel in Greater Los Angeles Area (United States)

Revinate's email marketing platform is very user friendly and makes it easy to create things that we need to be able to communicate with our guests.

General Manager in

The versatility of the product, which is user friendly and has endless possibilities of personalization. And despite this new features continue to be added. The technical team is very open to feedback and looks at ways to update the product to better suit the ever changing and evolving needs of the customers.

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Quality Assurance Manager from Resort

The platform is amazing to organize and filter all the reviews before goes on social media, give the proper follow up and have great number for my company.

Quality Assurance Manager from Resort

It is a tool that allows us to group the satisfaction of our customers who travel through different channels. Also, I love that I can receive comments from guests and have statistics to monitor the results, custom alerts if I want to follow a specific question's results.

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Corporate Marketing Manager from Boutique hotel

Visually friendly, very easy to understand, communication deliveries on time, reports are easy to customize.

Director of Sales & Marketing from Boutique hotel

Intuitive system, that allows for personalisation of message and format yet delivers the consistency required to benchmark performance against competitors and internally between properties

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Director of Front Office from Boutique hotel

For Hotel Emma, the upsell feature is attractive as it can be incorporated in confirmation letters and pre-stay reminders.

Creative Director from Boutique hotel

The ease of use of the platform, the reports and campaign customization. On top of that, the customer support from the Revinate team is unsurpassable.

Area Director of Revenue from Boutique hotel

* Exploring alternative marketing options * Creative Marketing Solution for the hospitality industry

Marketing & Communications Manager from Boutique hotel

I have been working with Revinate since April 2017, and what I like the most is the integration with our PMS and the possibility to create smart segments and targeted campaigns. The possibilities are endless with Revinate. I also enjoy the outstanding Customer Service, both the Revinate team's responsiveness handling support requests and their proactiveness providing needed and timely feedback on how to utilize the Marketing platform capabilities at the fullest. Last but not the least, Revinate is always improving and introducing interesting enhancements.

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Corporate Director, Marketing from Boutique hotel

I like how I can call anytime and the associates help me with my most difficult problems.

Creative Director from Boutique hotel

The data provided by Revinate Marketing has truly changed the way we operate, allowing us as a company to make more informed decisions across our portfolio. From the segmentation to the reporting, the user interface is easy and intuitive. (review updated 12/28/18) (Original review 12/16/18): Utilizing the Revinate suite has been a game changer for our company. Being able to both manage consistent branding across all stages of the guest experience has resulted in stronger brand integrity and property positioning. The data and analytics available are amazing and allow us to make data-driven decisions across the organization.

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Proprietor from Resort

I think the analytics will be most helpful as well as the filtering options. I have very unique filtering requirements and Revinate is going to help me achieve this goal.

Marketing Consultant from Boutique hotel

The depth of the tool and analytics, as well as the ease of building campaigns. I also love our support team of strategists!

VP Marketing & Franchise Relations from Resort

I have found Revinate Marketing to be an extremely easy and effective platform to manage our hotels' databases and execute both automatic communications and targeted e-blast campaigns to interact with guests. The dashboard provides a consolidated overview of efforts as well as documented results in a timely manner and Revinate's customer support is consistently exceptional; would recommend use of the platform as an effective component of an overall marketing strategy,

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Marketing Manager from Boutique hotel

Incredible resources & support, from implementation and training to onboarding and strategy.

Account Executive from Other

- Great for A/B Testing - Extremely helpful for managing various lists - Easy to use platform

Digital Marketing Director from Boutique hotel

Integration with Opera, flexible email template, amenity and room upsell pre-arrivals.

Brand Marketing Manager from Boutique hotel

Customized email marketing - has led to more engagement from our email databasde One stop shop for review replies

Director of Sales from Boutique hotel

Its easy to communicate to our clients and to encourage repeat stays. We have seen some great results,

DORM from Boutique hotel

Incremental Revenue We have had been using the email communications successfully for some time but this summer we added the Upgrades and Add Ons segments and have seen very nice incremental revenue. It is easy to set up manage.

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Director of Marketing from Resort

Revinate Marketing has been a huge improvement over previous ESPs that we've used and helps us send emails faster, that are more targeted, and look really good. Pros of the Revinate Marketing software are: - Ease of use - Great guest segmentation - Easy template builder - Great reporting including a graphic of where users click on the actual email - Quick support - Constantly improving product

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Director of Room Operations from Resort

The Revinate team has been very responsive, and work well with us as partners. The email marketing initiatives we have done have proven to be very successful for our property.

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Marketing Coordinator from Boutique hotel

I love that revinate is extremely user friendly and convenient, and streamlines so much work! It really helps out communication between us and our hotel guests.

Regional Marketing Manager from Boutique hotel

- the platform offers so many great features tailored to hospitality that are straightforward to use -very informative account managers + support tickets are responded to very quickly -Revinate is continuously rolling out new innovative features that really help properties improve their CRM ROI

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Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager from Resort

* User friendly programs that are easy to use. * Programs are reliable. * Great customer service.

Revenue Manager from Resort

Revinate publishes amazing content online, that allows for quick learning. Their user interface is very intuitive, fast and responsive. Campaigns are set-up in no time, usually less then 10 minutes. Revinate has an amazing team of experts, that are always willing to help and share their insights. Revinate is constantly innovating, most recently they launched guest preferences to capture more information about guests, database insights, A/B testing.

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Corporate Director of Marketing from Boutique hotel

I like that I'm able to get real time insight into how my email campaigns are performing and the revenue they are generating. The reporting is great.

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reference customers

Revinate Marketing allows us to respond to the market immediately and be agile with our communications. It’s simple, user-friendly, and eliminates the need for technical HTML developer. I can build and send our guests a nice, designed email in five minutes. Rebekah Hubbard Engagement Manager at the Provenance Hotels
Revinate has been an essential component of our success in driving rate and RevPAR. From its ease of use, to the segmentation capabilities, it has helped us reach our guests directly in a way that was not possible before. Our reliance on OTAs has lessened significantly as we communicate with guests directly during pre-stay, post stay or while they are on property. Jamie Fox Director of Operations at the Hotel Emma
[Revinate] made it easy to create personalized communications for our database, leading to over $1 million in revenue in five months. The Revinate team was also incredibly knowledgeable and patient in the months leading up to GDPR, empowering me to appropriately communicate with our European guests. Molly Collins Brand Marketing Manager at the The Charles Hotel
I’m not paying for Revinate. I’m making money with Revinate. Tomo Kakegawa Director of Revenue and Digital Marketing at the Access Hotels and Resorts
I can send emails from the parent umbrella company and from the individual property level. As someone who does all of this for a hotel group, Revinate has made my life so much easier Irene Pallais Area Internet Marketing Director at the Interstate Hotels & Resorts

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