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Deliver personalized campaigns and upsell offers for rooms and amenities through targeted guest segm...

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Ranked #1 out of 53 in Hotel CRM & Email Marketing

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Revinate has opened its internal systems to Hotel Tech Report and earned the Verified Support Certification.

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  • Luxury Hotels 54 verified reviews
  • Boutiques 42 verified reviews
  • Resorts 28 verified reviews
  • Branded Hotels 20 verified reviews
  • City Center Hotels 13 verified reviews
  • Bed & Breakfast & Inns 10 verified reviews
  • Limited Service & Budget Hotels 5 verified reviews
  • Airport/Conference Hotels 4 verified reviews
  • RV Parks & Campgrounds 4 verified reviews
  • Hostels 3 verified reviews
  • Vacation Rentals & Villas 2 verified reviews

Revinate (Marketing) Overview

Revinate (Marketing) Overview

Transform guest data into revenue with Revinate Marketing, our email marketing solution. Automate your email marketing campaigns across your guests’ journeys so staff shortages don’t impact guest experiences. Bring guests who haven’t completed their booking back.

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Founded in 2009 | Headquarters in San Francisco United States | 400 employees

Revinate empowers hoteliers to connect directly with guests at every touchpoint to deliver delightful experiences and drive direct revenue. Our data platform an...

Product Modules
Cancelation Recovery Campaigns Direct Booking Tools
Create cancellation recovery campaigns to recapture lost revenue from cancellations.

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Integrates with

  • Revenue Management Systems
  • Property Management Systems
  • Direct Booking Tools
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What customers love about Revinate (Marketing)

Like 93% recommend

Director of Operations - Rooms in San Antonio (United States)

-Easy to use and configure without having to contact a help desk -Intuitive approach to marketing solutions -Interfaces with PMS systems -Surveys are completely customizeable -Marketing segmentation capabilities User si...

Sales & Marketing Manager | Digital Marketing Specialist in West Kelowna (Canada)

- quick response time - helpful, friendly - easy to navigate software - great training videos - easy to read revenue and click tracking

Marketing Consultant in Milwaukee (United States)

As an email marketer for our clients, this is the first tool I've seen where we can tap into the database to really evaluate past guest information and use it for our campaign. We are now able to sending HIGHLY segmented...

Chargée de Communication & Webmarketing in Paris (France)

- Simple to use, but a very rich tool that brings back several information. - A team at the service of his client, who is very attentive & kind and answers at any questions quickly.

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Expert Q&A and Partner Recommendations


What does this product or service do well?


Revinate is an established brand in the industry that offers a wide range of services under their hospitality specific Guest Data Platform. The solution is underpinned by data that helps address the various needs of a hotel in order to communicate effectively with their guests through features such...

by Mano Ladhar (IDeaS) on October 05, 2022

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What differentiates this product or service from the competition?


Revinate and IDeaS have a healthy partnership in place with an integration that enables hotels to recognize how the impact of reputation ultimately affects forecast, demand and pricing which is a key component in delivering optimal revenue and profitability.

by Mano Ladhar (IDeaS) on October 05, 2022

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Based on your experience with this product or service, if you could give one piece of advice to a hotelier considering this product or service, what would it be?


My advice would be to review all products that are available to ensure they meet your needs for today and more importantly it evolves to handle the growth of tomorrow. Understand what features and functions would be most important to you.

by Mano Ladhar (IDeaS) on October 05, 2022

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