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Ranked #5 out of 119 in Booking Engine

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Net Affinity has opened its internal systems to Hotel Tech Report and earned the Verified Support Certification.

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  • Luxury Hotels 77 verified reviews
  • Boutiques 64 verified reviews
  • Resorts 53 verified reviews
  • City Center Hotels 41 verified reviews
  • Branded Hotels 22 verified reviews
  • RV Parks & Campgrounds 18 verified reviews
  • Bed & Breakfast & Inns 14 verified reviews
  • Limited Service & Budget Hotels 9 verified reviews
  • Extended Stay & Serviced Apartments 8 verified reviews
  • Airport/Conference Hotels 5 verified reviews
  • Vacation Rentals & Villas 3 verified reviews
  • Hostels 2 verified reviews
  • Motels 1 verified reviews

Net Affinity (Booking Engine) Overview

Net Affinity (Booking Engine) Overview

Net Affinity’s booking engine is the newest technology on the market. Feature-rich, lightning fast and made for mobile, it’s everything your guest needs from their booking experience. This new piece of technology has been built from the ground up, with years’ worth of our knowledge and learnings applied. Hosted using the most modern cloud infrastructure and built around APIs, it enables us ...

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Founded in 2000 | Headquarters in Dublin | 42 employees

Net Affinity are award winning hotel technology experts. Our booking engine and services will facilitate everything your guest wants from the booking experience...

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  • Channel Managers
  • Property Management Systems
  • Metasearch & Ad Tech
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What customers love about Net Affinity (Booking Engine)

Like 94% recommend

Sales and Marketing Manager in Dundalk (Ireland)

The Support team behind the software, always there to support with any queries. They blog post offering advise on how to sale effectively. Ease and accessibility of the software always making our role in hospitality less...

Sales and Marketing Manager in (Ireland)

- Easy booking engine to use both on the front and back end of the site. - Good reporting features. - Great team to work with who are up to date with the latest trends.

Managing Director in Charlotte (United States)

Its just very easy to use and the reporting functions are fantastic when compared to other booking engines.

Sales and Marketing Executive in (Ireland)

Very easy to use and any issues that you may is quickly mended. We like how quick and simple it is for our customer.

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What does this product or service do well?


Net Affinity are experts in Booking Engine technology. I would highly recommend Net Affinity to properties who are looking to offer a clear and user-friendly booking engine. I love working with such a passionate team too.

by Ciara Madden (Mews) on December 20, 2022

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What differentiates this product or service from the competition?


Not only is the technology and user experience first class, but the support behind the product too. I think what really stands out for me is the personal touch and fantastic support that hotels talk about over and over again.

by Ciara Madden (Mews) on December 20, 2022

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Based on your experience with this product or service, if you could give one piece of advice to a hotelier considering this product or service, what would it be?


Elements of the guest journey are so often overlooked in our industry. No matter the size of your property, its so important to have an easy to use guest experience, which will make them want to book with you. Net Affinity are one of the best to help you with this journey.

by Ciara Madden (Mews) on December 20, 2022

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