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Travel Tripper (CRS)

Travel Tripper (CRS)

Ranked 1st in Central Reservations Systems (CRS)

Headquartered in New York (United States)

90 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
90 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
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90% recommend
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What customers love about Travel Tripper (CRS)

Director of Revenue from Resort in Las Vegas (United States)

Travel Tripper is the BEST channel manager and booking engine available!!!! Technology is great, support team and account managers are the best by far!!!!

Director of Revenue Management from Boutique hotel in Philadelphia (United States)

Reztrip is always there to assist in answering any and all questions that I have. A great thing is that if any of the technicians or account manager don't know the answer to your question right away they don't try to 'skate' around it, they tell me they don't know and then do everything in their power to get the answer. And I find they are a great partner if I ever need someone to assist me in working with another third party vendor.

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Director of Revenue Management from in San Jose (United States)

The software is very upfront and easy to manage; everything from inventory to reports can be extracted to provide a great experience for revenue management.

Regional Vice President of Sales & Marketing from Branded in New York (United States)

One of the best products we have used after trying several. Its user friendly, runs quick, works well across all needed channels of distribution and the added feature of Call center makes it efficient and is the best value in its class. Highly recommended!

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Regional Director of Revenue, Distribution & eCommerce from Boutique hotel in New York (United States)

The product is extremely user friendly which makes it helpful and convenient. It is easy to navigate and manage.

Ecommerce Marketing Manager from Other in Irvine (United States)

I had the pleasure of working with TravelTripper when managing eCommerce for Hersha Hospitality. They have the best CRS available for boutique hotels, offering Best Rate Guarantee, Meta Search technology, and a user friendly booking engine. We also contracted them for SEM and could trust them to maximize our ad spend across 14 of our boutique hotels. I recently started my own marketing consulting agency for independent hotels and always recommend TravelTripper first!

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Director Of Revenue Management from Boutique hotel in New York (United States)

Continual growth is Travel Tripper's CRS' bread and butter. TT strives to continue to provide features within the CRS that are innovate and market leading in all areas.

National Revenue & Distribution Manager from Other in Sydney (Australia)

RezTrip is a great "out of the box" solution for hotels that want a simple system to use with lots of extra smart features and add-ons. There are two formats/flows to use and both are focused on converting the reservation. The Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) is quite revolutionary and as it develops further will be an extremely power tool to counteract a third party channel from undercutting the hotel directly. This is by far the best feature within RezTrip.

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Revenue Analyst from Branded in New York (United States)

I value the flexibility of TravelTripper's booking engine, RezTrip. It is a a great tool for managing rate plans and strategies to increase direct bookings. I love the targeting features - can be geographical, time zone, etc. Very effective! Their service is wonderful. I love working with the team at TravelTripper and they have a very efficient and helpful support service. In terms of the product, would just like to see more options in controlling how content appears on the front end of the website/having a preview option.

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Director of Revenue from Boutique hotel in New York (United States)

- Responsive time is very fast and very attentive to my request - Constant software update as per properties' needs

VP Revenue Management from Boutique hotel in Miami (United States)

This software is the best software out there when you want to fight OTA battle. You have the ability of creating all the prmos you need the same way you create them on the OTA's.

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Hotel and Sales Director from Boutique hotel in Eau Claire (United States)

The ease of operating the CRS and the convenience of property support to assist with problem solving through issues and discrepancies. Connectivity and realtime updates are great!

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Director of Sales from Boutique hotel in New York (United States)

The developers at TravelTripper are all eager to please. We have often recommended ideas to them and they have implemented them over time.

Revenue Analyst from Boutique hotel in New York (United States)

Reztrip CRS is easy to navigate and use. Also ARI updates are prompt and the changes take effect instantaneously.

Vice President of Revenue & Distribution: Florida & Caribbean from Boutique hotel in Hayward (United States)

The platform is powerful & continuously evolving. Ability to work around flexible smart policies, complex offers, geo-targeting functionality, and response time around support as needed remain key differentiators. Customer Since: 2011 Usage: Weekly

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Area Director of Revenue Management from Boutique hotel

-Reporting has been improved and it's very useful -Formula based pricing is useful to capture business

General Manager from Boutique hotel

I like that my point of contact is always very helpful. Even if he doesn't know the answer, he is quick to help us find a resolution.

Regional Digital Marketing Manager from Resort

I’ve really enjoyed working with Travel Tripper! They’re a great partner and their customer service is unbeatable. Travel trends are following those of nearly every other industry and the ability to acquire reservations on mobile is vital. Travel Tripper has helped on that front tremendously.

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Area Director Revenue from Boutique hotel

New ideas - first to market with Digital Marketing initiatives. Grows revenue YOY every month

Area Director of Revenue Management from Boutique hotel

The Travel Tripper team is one of the best I have worked with. I love interacting with everyone from the Client Services Manager to the Support team. Every individual is professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We are in the business of working with people and Travel Tripper truly embraces this culture.

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Director of Sales & Marketing from Boutique hotel

Travel Tripper is hands down my favorite tech vendor. Ever. They are super responsive and always helpful. Fantastic support.

Revenue Manager from Casino

Travel Tripper is user friendly and intuitive. They are easy to work with and constantly improving their product.

Revenue Analyst from Resort

Response time is quick and support staff are knowledgeable of the system.

reference customers

In my previous roles, I worked at several brand hotels. While I received a lot of support, there was a sacrifice or lack of flexibility and creativity. However, with Travel Tripper, this are all turned into opportunities — instead of adjusting myself to follow the brand's cookie-cutter rules, I’m able to talk to my CRS manager as well as the digital agency team to brainstorm and implement our ideas. So I’m very excited about the fact that I have the flexibility and expert support from the Travel Tripper team to make things happen. Michelle Mu Director of Revenue & Distribution at the Refinery Hotel
I really love working with the team at Travel Tripper. Everyone from our account manager to the client support team, to the product specialists have just been a dream to work with. It's been like night and day in comparison to vendors that we've worked with previously in a similar space. Eric Gooden Marketing Manager at the American Casino & Entertainment Properties
I appreciate many features of the RezTrip booking engine. The dashboard is very intuitive and user-friendly, allowing us to easily manage our content, distribution, metasearch connectivity, and many other critical components of a successful digital marketing strategy. I also find geo-targeting and the dynamic pricing rules incredibly valuable—both tools allow us to deliver the most competitive and attractive rates to the correct guest. As a result, we experience much higher conversion rates and direct bookings. Halei Young Digital Marketing & Community Manager at the Beach Terrace Inn

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