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IDeaS Revenue Solutions

IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Ranked 1st in Revenue Management Software

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN

92 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence
92 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence


89% recommend
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What customers love about IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Regional Director of Revenue Management in Saint Helier

I like how they do their one night LOS rate strategy. It does do a good job and not have a RM to go back multiple times a day to change Retail rate.

Director of Revenue from Branded in Santa Clara (United States)

Each day, I started to review BAR pricing as referred competitors. And reviewing occupancy forecast which I set scheduled report and communicate with related people in timly.

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Director of Revenue Management in Boston (United States)

It's a great analytical tool. I find it useful for research of past data and can quickly provide visual data to share with an audience. I like the group displacement tool to help quickly decide the value of a piece of business.

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Revenue Manager in Pune (India)

It helps in forecasting, pricing, competitive pricing. Also to guage the performance vis a vis budgets

Revenue Manager from Other in Florence (Italy)

The user experience, the quality of report, easy to use, the accuracy forecast and the customer care service

Front Desk Agent in Dallas (United States)

It tells the best available rate and gives all the details of what comes in the room if the guest would like to get a package with their stay.

Director of Rooms from Other in Winnipeg (Canada)

We love that it's web based so we can access our data off property. It manages and makes good decisions based on history and trends.

Operations Manager in Tankersley (United Kingdom)

As above, allows for maximum yield. System optimises 4 times per day and uses the information to make decisions for future days.

Director of Revenue Management & Reservations from Branded in Beverly Hills (United States)

Connectivity to PMS, CRS and vendors to avoid competitive issues, capacity to connect to companies that provide further business intelligence reports that help on decision making. Automatic rate uploading. Overbooking levels.

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Revenue Manager from Branded in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Forecasting is most accurate compared to other well known systems and group pricing suggestions are logical

General Manager from Boutique in Pocatello (United States)

Sped up the group rate quoting process allowing my team to be more effective in responding as well as more efficient in quoting the correct rates for our business to be successful. Game changer for our business that was handcuffed by old revenue management strategies.

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Managing Director from Other in Milpitas (United States)

Helpfull and in constant evolution, always helping hoteliers to be aware of the new trends and technologies about revenue management

Sr Director Revenue Optimization from Branded in Omaha (United States)

These guys are the real deal and the team is committed to innovation. The software has forecasts at the room type level which is great and also does a good job of overbooking . The training material is very good.

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Corporate Director of Revenue from Other in West Hollywood (United States)

Broadly used therefore hiring employees with prior experience is easy, therefore less time training on systems and more time focused on the important things.

Revenue Management from Branded in Rosemont (United States)

IdeaS includes both event space and rooms. It can also provide additional reports to help analyze the best piece of business and inform your rate strategy.

Area Director of Revenue from in Los Gatos (United States)

System provides realistic forecasting with a small stretch

Revenue Specialist from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Ease of use and adequate training for all users to ensure preparation

Cluster Revenue from Other in (United Kingdom)

I like having the information together which helps me to decide on pricing strategy

Revenue Specialist from Branded in San Jose (United States)

It's a great step up from previous antiquated systems. Also has some great features and reporting.

Rooms Division Manager from Other in (United Kingdom)

Good forecasting tool that's also helpful with group quotations.

Cluster Revenue Manager from in Hopkins (United States)

Strong pricing tool that maximizesour revenue focus

Director of Revenue Management from Other in San Francisco (United States)

The algorithms are exceptional and the company is really responsive on customer service issues.

Revenue Manager, Full Service - RMCC Americas from Branded in San Jose (United States)

I like that it catches things on dates further out that I might not catch as quickly, and makes changes to those dates accordingly.

Group Revenue manager UK&NI from Other in (Ireland)

When forecasting is accurate IDeaS can greatly assist in driving quick decisions and improve both LOS and revenue mix for next 365 days daily. Also, the reporting suite is excellent allowing to pull any information required allowing for quick detailed analysis.

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Revenue Specialist from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Great program once you utilize best practices. Easy to use once implemented and trained.

Revenue Manager from Other in Benicia (United States)

Ease of use, rate changes are all done in one place. Supports LOS pricing

Revenue Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Ease of use. Lots of good data

Revenue Managers from Branded in Irving (United States)

Provides a single system for managing revenue. Optimizes pricing & revenue opportunities with alerts & automation

Corporate revenue manager from Branded in Natchitoches (United States)

Helps us icrease monitoring of changes and provides a comprehensive centralized sourc of information

Revenue and Reservations Manager from Other in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Open pricing. Easy to use dashboards

Revenue Manager from Branded in Dallas (United States)

Ease of use. I like looking 365 days out on a daily basis

Revenue Specialist from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Easy navigation. Accurate forecasting when data quality is good

Regional Manager, RM Operations from Branded in San Jose (United States)

User friendly for hotels and corporate employees. I like the continuity between in-program applications

Revenue Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Constant updates to increase usability and extended customer/technical support (if needed)

Revenue and Reservations Manager from Other in Mandaue City (Philippines)

Compared to other revenue management tools I've used in the past, IDeaS is really easy to use.

Area Revenue Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

I really like that they are constantly rolling out updates and improvements.

Director of Rooms and Revenue from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Great support with forecasting and I like being able to offer rates based on LOS

Revenue Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

IDeasS requires less inputs from so I can spend more time on other tasks. The system makes pricing adjustments overnight which helps with efficiency so I just need to review decision changes each morning.

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Revenue & Distribution Manager from Other in Boston (United States)

Powerful data with robust integrations

Senior Director of Revenue & Global Initiatives from Other in New York (United States)

Automated system decisions provide rate guidance and overbooking prevention. Analytics help provide detailed rate decisions by room type.

Revenue & Reservations Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Transient forecasting. BAR decision making

Revenue Analyst in (Singapore)

Helps to look out for groups and for periods a long way out

Regional Revenue Manager in Omaha (United States)

Does a great job managing inventory and restrictions. Good with pricing suggestions and implementation

Corporate Revenue manager from Branded in Natchitoches (United States)

Auto implements length of stay strategy . Great multi day optimization

Revenue Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

I really like how it calculates transient wash and monitors pricing.

Brand Revenue Manager from in Dallas (United States)

Great analytics and pricing automation

Director of Revenue Management from Other in Cupertino (United States)

IDeaS is really easy to use. I like being able to incorporate Demand360 data and Social Media score as variables for BAR recommendation

Revenue manager from Other in Peyia (Cyprus)

I like being able to easily manage rates by room class.

Regional Director of Revenue Management from Branded in San Francisco (United States)

I'm a big fan of IDeaS. One of the things that makes them a top notch provider is that they respond well to customer requests for enhancements & new features which is the sign of a customer centric company.

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Cluster Revenue Manager from Branded in Singapore (Singapore)

The interface is simple and the ability to improved profitability across all market segments.

Director of Revenue from Branded in Santa Clara (United States)

Hyper-accurate forecasting and excellent reporting

Regional Revenue Manager from Branded in Atlanta (United States)

The interface is really easy to learn.

Associate Director of Sales from Other in Ciudad de México (México)

I have been an IDeaS RMS user for the last 4-5 years and the system has helped us a lot to have the right data at any time and make better decisions to drive more revenue to our property. Now that we have completed the transition to IDeaS G3 we have seen immediate positive impact in the revenue optimization results.

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General Manager in Winterthur Area, Switzerland (Switzerland)

- Great an easy to use and understand - Improves your ADR immediately - Compares your rates with your competitors - Support is there to help anytime

AVP - Revenue Management and Distribution from Branded

- System reliability - Continuously evolving and innovating - Effective supporting network across all regions

Revenue Manager from Resort

Support staff are responsive and knowledgeable. IDeaS RMS has increased the revenue for our properties by being able to adjust rates and hurdles multiple times a day based on demand.

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General Manager from Extended Stay

- Insightful with proper reporting functionality - Regular data updates keep the rate decisions relevant & up to date - Takes out the need to go on 'gut feeling' and has proper data sets to make informed decisions - Saves so much time

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Director of Revenue Management

- Good customer support and experts providing insights - User friendly system - Host education sessions to teach revenue management concepts from time to time

Vice President Revenue Management from Resort

Using the IDeaS RMS and Pricing system helps our hotels revenue managers understand the current pickup trends and changes in patterns, which result in the forecast from IDeaS. Human forecasts can be based on emotions and hope, the statistical patterns and trends can show a true forecast, allowing hotel revenue managers to focus on the strategies. The support team and support culture of IDeaS helps hotels really understand the system, focusing on how to manage the system and configuration. Monthly calls from the Client Relationship Managers help to ensure teams are really using and understanding the system.

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Vice President Revenue Management

Using the IDeaS RMS and IDeaS PS assists our revenue managers understand the ever changing business trends, which factored in to the forecast from IDeaS. More importantly system takes emotional and hope factors out from forecasting which tends to happen with Human forecasts. Having forecast purely based on trends and statistical data assists our teams to concentrate on strategies more effectively. Monthly calls from the Client Relationship Managers help to ensure teams are really using and understanding the system.

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Area Director of Sales and Marketing from Resort

The product is great because of their dedication to service. They stick with you all the way until you are maximizing the use of the product. They have a smart, knowledgeable team that is committed to getting you ramped up quickly. They also monitor the use of the product and help you grow to fully understand it.

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Project Manager

User-friendly system Impressive trainer from the company Good to improve hotel Revenue Culture

Revenue Manager from Boutique

Efficient revenue software and easy to use. Efficient support system from Ideas which makes it easy to work with. Calls with Eden with constant reviewing of system hygiene and configurations works positively ensuring accuracy of forecasting

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Director Of Revenue Management from Resort

If you feed in correct and accurate information in Ideas, it does definitely give you the correct output.

Corporate Director of Revenue from Branded

IDeaS is a great solution for revenue management. The system not just provide pricing recommendation but also provide other element that helping hotel maximize the revenue. The system also provide reports that helping hotelier to make a right decision on business cases.

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Revenue Manager from Resort

- helps me to have a more effective control of my rooms pricing; - forecast information that facilitates a more accurate médium / long term price management;

Director of Revenue Managements from Resort

- The dynamic BAR decisions - Detailed Business Analysis help to understand the overall business scenario to take an appropriate call

Director of Revenue Management & Distribution from Airport/ conference

- User friendly/intuitive tool - Pricing optimization & demand forecast based on segments and pricing - Competitive pricing analysis and optimization tool

Revenue Manager from Boutique in

It makes my job more efficient because it allows me to spend less time doing reports and more of my time is spent analyzing data and strategizing.

Assistant Revenue Manager from Branded

-Extensive reporting system -Smart decision making -Price positioning is relevant and close to expectation

Director of Revenue Management from Boutique

Great Reports which I use for pace and forecasting Calendar view is great with demand levels and decision features for quick reviews

Revenue Manager from Branded

Analytical areas which help properties to make decisions effectively than will maximize hotel revenue.

Revenue Manager from Airport/ conference

- BAR Rate increase through continuous yielding - Learned more about our group displacement and rating with the group pricing tool

Head of Sales & Marketing from Branded

It's probably too early to feedback on the tool so I'll feedback on the staff who trained us and provided assistance where needed. They were ready to help and all have been through in their designated role to perform. The tool look promising only we have issues regarding overbooking facility but that's not a problem of IDeaS. The problem comes from a different source.

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Sales Manager from Resort

Ideas is a platform that provided an easy access to navigate on Has a fast response and very accurate

Director of Revenue Management and Distribution from Resort

Overall, functionality, support, customer care and always looking at ways to improve for the betterment of the industry.

Director of Revenue Strategy

- Group pricing module is quick and easy to use - Monthly summary is intuitive and easy to understand

Area Revenue Manager from Branded

Product is easy to use, well laid out and has great functionality. Fast and reliable customer service when problems do arise.

Revenue Manager from Resort

The distribution of Rates days by day and the best control of them during high demand periods

Director of Revenue from Boutique

Pricing management, distributing decision to all channels, saving time and improve price elasticity Overbooking by room type, useful when there is no demand for some room categories, allowing lower categories to sell beyond physical inventory Group evaluation tool, useful for deciding on the value of a group business, factoring transient displacement and profitability of the business

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Revenue Manager

It is a very efficient assistant for a revenue professional and forecasts correctly as well. Also the large number of reports help in granular study of hotel performance

Revenue Manager from Airport/ conference

accurate Forecast & appropriate BAR decisions and the most important is Support

Revenue Manager from Branded

-Proactively update the online rates after each optimization cycle and no need for manual update. -The provided analysis reports ie Booking pace report, Data Extract, forecast validation..etc

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Director of Revenue Management from Branded

It helps in end to end revenue management solution for rooms. Has an accurate forecasting mechanism Regular monthly interaction with relationship manager. Regular enhancements and upgrades

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Revenue Manager from Branded

Very quick decision upload . Super customer support . Ideas reports are very informative and useful for revenue management .

Revenue Manager from Branded

The way ideas manage BAR recommendations and monthly follow up calls by Client Relationship Manager.

Revenue Management from Branded

user friendly software, helps to forecast unconstrained demand, better forecasting helps us to achieve desired results

Revenue Manager

- Exact STLY comparison helps with forecast validation - Pricing updates are easy

Revenue Manager

You know that you always have appropriate rates in place for a full year. Monthly calls with your Market Manager to assist you. Easy to use.

Revenue Manager from Boutique

I think revenue strategy is a key aspect to a hotel´s culture. Since our IDeaS G3 RMS implementation, there´s been a noticeable shift in focus as we´ve become much more oriented to revenue strategy.

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Director of Revenue

They are trying to take into consideration your remarks. They are efficient regarding the issue or questions for my property.

Regional Revenue Manager from Branded

Takes out the emotion but makes you think about the decision process and question what you would think. Challenges you.

Revenue Manager

IDEAS has helped simplify the Revenue Management task so that more of my time can be spent on strategy. IDEAS is useful for -Forecasting -Responsive Revenue decisions -meeting budgets The customer service and support of the staff is faultless.

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Director of Revenue from Branded

Amazing tool that assists hotels to be on top of its competition. Great yielding opportunities with revenue maximization.

Director of Revenue from Branded

The relative ease of objectivity for the software to relate to the hospitality industry and it's transparency for Revenue Management as a whole. I also love the support and follow up services.

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Revenue Manager from Resort

- Dashboard, it display data to provide quick insight into historical and future OTB and BAR level - Professional client support teams, we got experts interacting with property to provide full support of any system issues or urgency - Enhanced mobile accessibility, allows us to utilize iDeaS even we are not around the office and that smart devices also allow us to make critical decisions from their phone at any time and any place - Accurate data store, iDeaS continue to provide different kind of reports to support analytics based on the statistic historical data and drive a better revenue performance - Useful Analytics, iDesS provides extremely powerful performance-driving capabilities such as market segmentation analysis, accurate unconstrained demand and high performance forecasting models

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Sales & Revenue Manager from Resort

-Great forecasting tool -Superb functionality and simple to use and teach -Exceptional after sales service -Account management is great

Director Of Revenue Management from Boutique

easy system to understand and many reports that are easy to read from. training is good too.

VP Revenue from Branded

G3 optimizing by room type demand Overall forecasting and optimization process CARE support.

Channel and Distribution Manager

- Support always reply in a timely manager - Easy to access an account manager - Great functionality

Revenue Manager from Branded

IDeas reporting system is extremely good and helpful in daily reporting. Occupancy forecast really helps us to improve our judgements.

Revenue & Reservations Manager

Intuitive system when it comes to forecasting and pricing. Great support from the IDeaS team

Revenue Manager from Resort

I like the most "At Glance Screen" with summary of the month, Calendar with Bar pricing, OTB and forecast.

Director of Revenue Management

-Group Pricing: it saves a lot of time on group evaluation, especially for big groups

Revenue Manager from Branded

The Group Evaluation module is extremely helpful for properties with high group business and multiple sales managers. Flexibility of sales managers to evaluate a quote online remotely speeds up quotation process and waiting times for clients.

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Director of Revenue Management from Branded

Ideas was helpful in calculating future and optimizing revenue, the group evaluation has helped in finding the optimal mix for the hotel by calculating the displacement to minimize risks.

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Director of Revenue Management from Branded

The report system is comprehensive. It generates as much as data from the PMS and allow the user to use. The layout of reports is easy to read for all tiers of colleagues.

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Assistant Revenue Manager from Resort

Increase room revenue in demanded dates as they will recommend correct BAR value Also help us to enhance the ADR & Revpar

Financial manager from Branded

I really enjoy the realistic revenue forecasts. A useful tool for every manager.

Hotel Manager from Branded

Clear visual of occupancy Helpdesk Business Analysis The show me function is really handy

Marketing & communication from Branded

I really like the business forecast, the show me function and the group pricing.

Director of Sales from Branded

reports/ group pricing / next to excellent solution for Yield & Revenue management, interesting for sales to target segmentation

Reservations Agent from Branded

The show me function Business details - great to see the how the numbers evolve everytime there is an update

Corporate Director from Resort

The science is solid, enhancements are frequent, and client feedback is really valued. Our assets see continued improvement in performance & our teams are enriched by the capabilities the technology affords them to enhance their strategy and understand their business.

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Area Director of Revenue

-System updates rates daily without intervention necessary on my part -Data extraction reports allow for deep dives into statistics by day, month, segment, etc. -Frequent updates add features suggested by users

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n/a from Boutique

IDEAS is very user friendly and visual. The team is very efficient and supportive.

Head - Revenue Management from Other

The software helps with calculating demand and letting the hotels make more informed decisions.

Revenue Manager from Branded

The user friendliness and the awesome one on one support from a human being

Director of Revenue from Branded

IDeaS RMS is good match to the hotel commercial startegy. It provides good detailed forecast, easy pricing system and the IDeaS CRM team is great support for all kind of queries. Overall great product and with G3 version gives more flexibility to the user to manage as well as understand system decisions in more detail than before.

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Revenue Manager from Resort

Ideas offers a multi-dimensional overview of the business and its health, forecasting and deployment of hotels pricing is very convenient

Senior Director of Revenue from Branded

■ Improved hotel forecast accuracy. ■ Increased number of red dates with higher sell out efficiency. ■ Great tool for group business displacement calculation through the evaluation module which ensures the most profitable scenario. ■ In addition to the perfect list of analytical reports, the scheduled report tool has been very helpful.

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Jr Revenue Manager from Other

Best after-sales support from a partner! Clients are involve in the product improvement - getting feedback from the users as to what they really need. Ensures that concerns are heard and addressed promptly and comprehensively. The mobile app version is friendly to use, all the essentials are included.

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Senior Revenue Manager from Resort

System is robust and easy to use. For properties with limited human resources IDEAS will be very helpful when it comes to forecasting and recommending rate strategies. Sophisticated optimization that is refreshed a few times a day to ensure that the rates are always competitive.

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Revenue Manager from Resort

Having a system react regularly to changes in demand behavior, both short and long term, helps us maximize our accommodation revenues.

Reservations Manager & Revenue Analyst from Branded

-very user friendly -very useful tools -very efficient support and trainings

Director Of Revenue from Branded

The easy to read data is great. It assists in making decisions that are number based and not just gut feel based. The forecasting module is excellent, I could not do the maths as accurately or as quickly It frees me up to make strategic decisions instead of focusing on spreadsheets

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Director of Revenue Management from Branded

The analytical part, i.e. its reporting but also the whole group evaluation part. We use it for every single group evaluation.

Revenue Manager from Other

The system is very clear and easy to use. The are a lot of possibilities regarding reports to be generated. You can get the data you need very easily.

Director of Revenue from Airport/ conference

One of the best RMS for hotel Pricing and Forecast are the most important part of revenue management and Ideas RMS are pretty accurate in terms of taking decisions for the same

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Revenue Analyst from Branded

Easy and visual way to see all the informacion necessary to analize your properties.

Revenue Manager from Boutique

Data analysis is very good. Helping us to maintain the best available rate throughout the PMS and GDS.

Revenue Manager from Resort

Very intuitive and easy to use. Gives good scope for users to update configurations without calling on support. Gives users the ability to run light configurations and also the ability for super users to get into the more detailed strategies. IDeaS is the 3rd RMS solution I've used in my RM career and have found IDeaS to be the best.

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Revenue Manager from Boutique

Simplicity of the system. Easy to understand and train team members who are not in revenue field.

Reservations Manager from Other

I like the pricing decisions and Group evaluation. This is best and always saves revenue managers time and makes life easier.

Area Revenue Director from Branded

BAR Module (Taking into account the Comp Set) Group Evaluation Forecasting

Revenue Manager from Resort

Rate recommendation which is flexible.

Director of Revenue from Resort

saving our time to see the performance and what forecasting, more strategy to be implemented to increasing revenue

Deputy Director of Revenue from Branded

Ease of operation and setup and ongoing support from the support team and account manager!

Cluster Revenue Manager from Branded

- Group pricing evaluation help us in details of displacement calculation - LRV and Web BAR recommendation that we using on daily basis, this help us increase revenue

Revenue Manager from Other

Good insight on demand levels as well as LRV. Able to set rates based on different factors both internal and external

Revenue Manager from Boutique

I like the forecasting part with analysis and gives me a idea for market analysis. 2. Analysis 3. Group Pricing 4. Pricing 5. Decision

Cluster Director RM from Extended Stay

Ideas is really helpful in forecasting rooms in volume and suggesting rate positioning

Group Revenue Manager from Resort

The support received during installation and ongoing is second to none, both from the technical support to the client relationship management point of view. The UI is easy to use, they keep developing it including as much of the input provided for the users as possible and the documented manuals and support online is great.

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Revenue Manager from Boutique

The easy of the system to aid in revenue management decisions. The reporting functionality gives a competitive edge to make the correct decisions in a timely manner.

Director of Revenue from Resort

The Four Cycles: Revenue Optimization Cycle- Forecast, Optimize, Control and Monitor. Accurate Forecast. Able to select the best mix of business to maximize the hotel's revenue. Useful Reports.

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Revenue Manager from Resort

Help full to do Forecast and make life more easier to take pricing decision. Monthly review with ideas relation ship manager also great initiative

Assistant Revenue Director from Hostel

* Forecast validation: IDEAs vs. User Forecast to help an accurate forecast * Data Analysis of demand patterns * Relationship Manager to help for utilization of IDEAs

Reservations Manager from Branded

System is very reactive and give us realistic forecast aligned to our expectations and also has very useful reports

Reservations Manager from Boutique

Assisting me in rate deployment and provides robust data for analytical purposes.

Assistant Director Revenue & Distribution – Europe And Latin America from Boutique

- professional account Management - stabilized platform with excelent performance - provides exactly what promoted and with the %'s mentioned

Assistant Revenue Manager from Branded

Monthly CRM meeting is very helpful where our team can share their insight with IDeaS about hotel performance and IDeaS' assistance is very on point.

Director of Revenue Management from Extended Stay

Very useful for forecasting based on trend of business. System give us the alert of any Yield, like forecast changes, Last Room Value changes, BAR rate available etc. Actually can't say only one or two points as very valuable key for hotel revenue management.

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Anne-Kathrein from Airport/ conference

Reporting features and forecast accuracy Overview page "@ a glance" with all important information on one page

Director of Revenue Management from Branded

Pricing for hotel and comp set. Pace Report and also the alert which help us to take action.

Revenue Manager from Boutique

Its easy to use, customer service is appreciable. Quick response and guidance. Accuracy is commendable.

Director of Revenue from Branded

Intelligent Revenue Management Systems, forecasting, web rate shopping, reports.

Revenue Manager from Bed & Breakfast

- Rate Recommendation, the ability to quickly and accurately calculate ideal room rates. - Competitor rates features

Director of Revenue from Branded

IDeas enables easier decision making by accounting for outliers and consistent trends. It enables a user to seamlessly monitor and evaluate decisions with respect to change in pace on a daily basis to adjust the strategy

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Revenue Manager from Branded

1. The systems can support our hotel business on business analysis and revenue maximization 2. Good Customer Support

Revenue Manager from Boutique

Group Evaluation as the sale team can interact with the guest with real time information. Moreover the response from sale team to guest is also much faster.

Assistant Revenue Manager from City Center

- The ability to pull out reports in different aspect aids in analysing and also create efficiency in reacting to demand change better.

Director of Revenue - Centralize Service from Branded

Easy to use and save time for analysis which help forecast and optimize revenue to hotel.

Business Manager from Other

- Forecasts and demand are clearly available - Smart and learning system - Right pricing all the time - IDeaS focuses professionally on RMS

Cluster Director Revenue from Airport/ conference

- Continues and accurate Forecasting abilities - Reporting and integrated tools - Support team is super! Always quick and ready to optimize and improve outcome

Director of Revenue Management from Boutique

Customer service is top notch and really helped us through the entire set up and continue to work with us as a true partner all the time.

Revenue Manager from Resort

The forecasting which gave 90% accuracy of the forecasted occupancy and room revenue. The group pricing recommendation and the various reports that you can use in doing the anlaysis. The community portal which you can raise cases and you can get a response within 1-2 days.

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Front Office Manager from Other

The details, reports and the statistics. The group module also due to the fact the group offers are based on facts and data now.

Revenue Manager from City Center

Unconstrained demand analysis tool is precise and trustworthy. Reports are a great strength also.

Founder & Revenue Optimisation Specialist from Other

IDeaS RMS is - Innovative and forward thinking. Always exploring new avenues to increase revenue - The system is build on granular date, filtering down to the detail and allows you real impact

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Director Of Revenue Management from City Center

Daily decisions with upload functionality. Daily 3 times decision updates. Data extraction reports.

Regional Director of Revenue from Resort

IDeaS allows us to now be more strategic and spend less time on data compilation. The system has saved us countless hours of research and data-input changing rates and making yielding decisions, that by the time we have completed are likely outdated. It also has given us more insight into how our different market segments perform such as booking window and wash ratios, which has allowed us to make more confident, data-informed decisions to push toward a sell out. Finally, the team at IDeaS has been incredibly helpful to work with from Crystal in Sales to Geoffrey in training, they are always available to help and strategize on how the system will best work for your hotels' unique selling points.

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Director of Revenue from Resort

knowledgeable and helpful client relationship manager. very approachable, willing to go the extra mile to help you with system challenges and/or any questions we have.

Revenue Analyst from City Center

- the most significant: assistance in forecasting, pricing decisions, distribution, reporting

Director of Revenue Optimization from Branded

1) Forecast accuracy 2) Pricing Decisions 3) Group Evaluation 4) Reporting 5) Monthly Calls on updates, etc.

Senior Director of Revenue Management and Distribution from Resort

Effective Results Robust System with numerous analytics and assessment tools

Revenue Optimisation Analyst

In Reporting, it provides various and useful reports to assist hotel to analyze business situation. Another is group evaluation function to assist hotel to evaluate how the risk is.

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Hotel Manager

IDeaS provides reliable data that me and my team can always trust with stats to help our strategy decisions

Director of Revenue Management

They are trying to take into consideration your remarks. They are efficient regarding the issue or questions for my property.

Regional Revenue Manager

Takes out the emotion but makes you think about the decision process and question what you would think. Challenges you.

Revenue Manager

1- Forecast accuracy 2- Helpful reports 3- History records and comparison reports 4- User friendly

Regional Revenue Manager

Easy to use visuals of IDeaS at a glance screen is great gives you a lot of information

Regional Revenue Manager

Easy to use and effective with its forecasting and pricing recommendations.

Revenue Manager

It's a pleasure to work with the IDeaS organization, it helps to make my work more easier than before and saves me time.

Revenue Manager

The ease of navigation and the reports available with IDeaS is a lifesaver.

Revenue Manager

- Reports in IDeaS system is really good, helps to improve in our forecasting. - Glance Facility

Revenue Manager

There's so much to love about this software but mainly the revenue forecasting, automated BAR rate settings and group pricing facility.

Revenue Manager

Forecast function, integration with rate shopping tool, and sound commercial logic

Regional Revenue Manager

System is easy to learn, with great support available in the form of the CARE support team, our client relationship Manager (Frank Boshoff) and the online 'Discover' platform. A logical approach to pricing and rate controls. User feedback is taken into consideration for regular system upgrades.

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Director of Revenue

It makes my life so much easier on a daily basis - easy to use and helps me in my job

Director of Revenue

Great Forecasting, ability to make informed decision and ability to make instant changes in decisions.

Revenue Manager

Easy to work with, it produces meaningful reports, user friendly. Wonderful summary reports, screen shots. Information at your finger tips

General Manager from Boutique

Ease to use, the support from the account manager and the support team, very user friendly, and the reports.

Regional Revenue Manager

Very user friendly, updated on a regular basis in line with market changes and also feedback from clients. You also have the ability to use the system through an App on your phone giving access when on the move.

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Cluster Revenue & Sales Manager

It is a great tool to help forecast the future, knowing that there is a "second pair of eyes" over viewing the business

Head of Revenue Management and Group Sales from Boutique

It gives business insights that allow anticipation and it's an excellent tool for Revenue Managers who make training and also on property non revenue management professionals (housekeeping, FO, Sales...).

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Data Analyst - Revenue

The software is easy to use. Rate updates are quick to market. Forecasts are fairly accurate and give a good indication of what to expect.

Director, Revenue Optimization

When setting up the system it was flexible to meet the original setup of rate structure and room structure which allowed us to continue operating as previously but at the same time allowed us to enhance what we were currently doing with the daily data review and forecasting that it has internally. After 10 months of using the system it continues to work with me and for me instead of against me or making me switch to their specific requirements. Of course their were minor changes we had to incorporate but these were to be efficient ourselves as well as allow G3 to perform at peak.

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Revenue Supervisor

The never-ending support and training. I LEARN A LOT FROM THE COURSES. And I appreciate the 24 hr support.

Revenue Systems Deployment Manager

It allows Revenue Managers to focus on strategy, instead of collecting data. It helps to see the big picture and overlook several properties at the same time.

Director of Revenue

Relatively easy to use, good learning system for new staff. good reporting capabilities

Revenue Manager

To know that our rates are up to date for 365 days in the future. To have automatic rate updates and interfaces to our other partners.


after one year using the system on a daily basis, there is not much left, which would make me choose the system again. the only feature I like, you can extract data by reservation, which you also need, as that's the only way to get some basic RM statistics.

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Area Director of Revenue from Boutique

The IDeaS G3 platform is great for yielding by room types

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reference customers

IDeaS has done their homework in areas no one else has touched. As a result, both the IDeaS product and roadmap are ahead of everyone else. IDeaS automates pricing down to the individual rate code and room type, instead of centering all pricing around a single retail or BAR price point. Calvin Anderson Chief of Revenue Optimization at the RLH Corporation
We want our guests to do their own thing, and our take on revenue management is similar. We need to be able to do our own thing. My team couldn't be happier that IDeaS RMS will help us catch trends and booking patterns more quickly--allowing us to price ourselves ahead of the competition. Brent Hinton Director of Sales & Marketing at the ACME Hotel Company
The IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System's Information Manager and Business Analysis dashboard provide data that is clear, simple to understand and easy to use. This information really helps revenue managers stay on top of everything while allowing them to concentrate on other tasks like data quality. Veli-Petteri Korpi Business Manager at the S-Group Portfolio
IDeaS Revenue Management System has made our hotel management company's budgeting process so much easier. By using next year's forecast reports as a baseline, the whole process has been streamlined saving us time and effort. Jason McCormick Regional Director of Revenue Management at the Magnolia Hotels - Stout Street Hospitality
It's like the IDeaS system was designed for a revenue manager; always thinking of the end goal. The system and my revenue objectives are perfectly aligned to successfully driving RevPAR. Firas Asad Revenue Manager at the Fairmont Amman
We have sold rates that I would have never published if I hadn't been working with IDeaS. In August 2017, for example, we had revenues +16% vs 2016 and 8% over budget. Stefano Fusaro Assistant Hotel Manager at the Grand Hotel Minerva

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