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Ranked 2nd (out of 30)
88 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked 2nd (out of 30)
88 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Certificate of Excellence

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Ratings Summary
88 HT Score
Hotel Tech Score is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.
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Ranked #2 out of 30 in Channel Managers

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SiteMinder (The Channel Manager) Overview

35,000 hoteliers trust SiteMinder for seamless channel management. With over 700 integrations to the industry's best channels and systems, SiteMinder helps hoteliers in large and small operations acquire guests, drive more profit and manage property operations with ease.

About SiteMinder View website

Founded in 2006 | Headquarters in The Rocks (Australia) | 700 employees
In an age of rising choice and accessibility for curious travelers, SiteMinder exists to liberate hoteliers with technology that makes a world of difference. SiteMinder is the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, ranked among technology pioneers for its smart and simple solutions that put hotels everywhere their guests are, at every stage of their journey. It’s this central role that has earned SiteMinder the trust of more than 35,000 hotels, across 160 countries, to generate in excess of 87 million reservations worth over US$28 billion in revenue for hotels each year. Read more Less

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Integrates with

  • Revenue Management Software
  • Channel Managers
  • Property Management Systems
  • Reputation / Review Management
  • Guest Surveys
  • Mobile Apps/Developers
  • Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence
  • Central Reservations Systems
  • Booking Engines
  • Hotel Management System
  • Email Marketing & Hotel CRM
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Distribution Channels
  • Ancillary Upsell Software
  • Browse integrations (64 verified)

What Customers Love About SiteMinder (The Channel Manager)

87% recommend

Keep parity rate loaded to channel, easy use & friendly user experience. The system is integrated with our PMS and our Booking engine.

Sales Admin from Boutique in (Indonesia)

- Clear and concise instructions - Good training menu - Menu tabs and options are simple to use - Instant channel updates

Vacation Rental Manager from Vacation Rental in San Jose (United States)

- Very simple system to work with - Integration to PMS system is also working great - Very good solution the way credit card is stored in the system - Easy and quick setup - Takes no time - Good support

Hospitality Consultant from Boutique in Kjellerup (Denmark)

SiteMinder is very easy to use and is the best at managing prices and allocations. Its also very easy change to all details possible.

Revenue Manager from Other in Istanbul (Turkey)

The system is very straight forward and user friendly. The use of colors make the important information stand out. Easy to manage all inventory and rates for all websites in one go.

Revenue Manager from Resort in Estepona (Spain)

Siteminder makes it easy to manage OTA alotment by rate type which has been really helpful for me

Revenue Manager from Branded in San Jose (United States)

Very easy to use, great support staff and with plenty of integrations.

Revenue Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

Easy to use. Comprehensive connectivity with channels and PMS systems of all types

Revenue Manager from Other in București (Romania)

Easy to understand.

Revenue Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

Inventory across all OTAs is easy to manage/maintain rate parity

Reservations and Revenue Manager from Branded in Geelong (Australia)

Really easy to and intuitive to use. Give incredible control of room availability automatically

Revenue & Reservation manager from Other in Barcelona (Spain)

Siteminder is incredibly easy to use and much cheaper than the competition

Revenue Manager from Other in Paris (France)

The interface is user friendly, modern and easy to navigate.

Sales Manager from Other in Lido (Italy)

Ease of use. Thresholding capabilities

Group Revenue Manager from Other in San Jose (United States)

Very easy. Good conexión with all the OTAs

Revenue manager from Other in Chevy Chase (United States)

Next gen user interface

Revenue & sales director from in Bilbao (Spain)

I like having a single marketing tool to look at how people are booking my hotel - it saves me time

Reservation Revenue Manager from Other in Tagaytay (Philippines)

I like the easy navigation, Siteminder is a good tool for small properties

Revenue & Distribution Manager from Branded in Melbourne Airport (Australia)

Ease of use. Instant connectivity

Revenue Manager from Other in Detroit (United States)

Incredible functionality and easily accessible

Revenue and Strategy Manager from Other in Glendale (United States)

Siteminder is easy to use and a market leader which gives us comfort in the solution

Revenue, Sales & Marketing Consultant to Independent Hotels from Other in San Jose (United States)

Appearance of software is very attractive to look at, there colour scheme is a good choice. I have nothing else to add.


Easy to use but not deeply details as we expected but if we try some others, we might can tell more details

Resident Manager from Boutique

* Easy sync functionality between various vendors. * Intuitive GUI * Nice logo!

Owner from Boutique

Every time we ask help from the managing account. She never fail to assist us every time. She response fast.

Front Office from Other

Keeps you in touch with what channels are having problems and work very professional

Owner from Boutique

Customer service! The ease of navigating the page, once the training by the customer service is done.

Operations Manager

Very helpful when asked questions although sometimes slow in sending out bookings which can can cause double bookings.

Resident Manager from Vacation Rental

Good channel management system Reliably works well Good customer support

Manager from Other

1. Calendar View 2. Res mapping screen is easy to use and setup 3. Ability to pull up res XML files which helps in trouble shooting.

Revenue Analyst from Boutique

Easy to use. Well featured. Reliable. Excellent Support. Good Communication Love the simple rate setting and options for different rate plans, cta, ctd, etc.

Manager from Motel

I love the fact that rates and inventory can be distributed directly from our PMS giving everyone an even playing field in real time. Adding restrictions such as minimum LOS etc. Connecting to both major OTAs and Tour Operators makes selling our rooms a lot faster.

Reservations Manager

I love the phone system, never have to wait long, rarely get transferred to another person.....very knowledgeable staff manning the phones

Reservations from Motel in The Rocks (Australia)

We can mange the rate in the same time with all OTA and it reduce rate disparity.

Sales Manager from Resort

SiteMinder offers both technical excellence and personal service - with real hospitable people you can talk to! I have had the same contacts (Justin for service and Andres for tech) since we started with them over a year ago.

Proprietor from Bed & Breakfast

SiteMinder offers both Technical Excellence and Hostpitable Personal Service. I have had the same reps (Justin for Service and Andres for Tech) since we joined SiteMinder a year ago. Their Channel Manager makes it easy and reliable to use the OTAs as an added revenue stream.

Proprietor from Bed & Breakfast

We always get a perfect service for a perfect product. Easy to work with and before you start you get short compact training! After service is also perfect; they really to the time to solve your problems and explain everything in that way that even not experts understand it!

GM from Boutique

Site minder is easy to use even for a layman like me . Support system is great.It is very reliable.

Manager from Extended Stay

yes my problem was solved due to rates being wrong. Hopefully it will not happen again


Everything, even the updates. Maybe I miss that you take in count that I am working for some other hotels and I cant see benefits for that.

External Revenue and Sales Manager

The system works reliably and we get Tech support when we need it without any drama.

Owner from Motel

It is so easy to use, very reliable, and the support is excellent. Everything really!

CEO from Motel

We have been using SiteMinder since they began and have been more than happy with the product for our needs. Once setup correctly it is a very low maintenance integration with our reservation system.

Operations Manager from Other

Layout is great. Easy to use and swap from page to page. Usually have 3 tabs open, Booking Button, Reservations and Inventory so I can swap between tabs for up to date information throughout the day.

Manager from Motel

Bookingbutton: cannot add flexible package. Siteminder: Cannot upload XLS/CSV allotment/price.

Sales Manager from Villas

- Easy to manage the inventory, prices, bookings and channel - One platform for all make effective, efficient and accuracy to check all the online connection with a real time update

E-Commerce Executive from Villas

Ease of loading, updating rates, inventory and stay restrictions. Rachel, SiteMinder support is very helpful. Always receives her swift response that helps me out when I am stuck.

Distributions Manager from Resort

Over all it's a good channel manager, it distributes rates and drops in bookings correctly

Revenue Manager from Branded

Siteminder is very reliable and it's easy to map rates and flexible to make changes. The BookingButton could include more features - see below.

Revenue Manager from Boutique

Effectiveness, fast, easy to use. Pricing is acceptable. Customer support is also helpful.

General Manager from Bed & Breakfast

- The efficiency of the bookings coming through and how accurate they are. All in details with guests reference numbers etc. -How the credit card details are also saved yet hidden, but especially if our booking system fails the siteminder channel works as a backup.

Reservations Officer from Branded

- It is easier to control rate due to when we click rate it is automatically shown rate in all online agent

Ecommerce Executive from Resort

Siteminder is user friendly, we really appreciate your prompt response time, never having to wait too long. Support staff are knowledgeable and very helpful

Reservations Manager from Branded

Efficient & effective for our requirements. Easy to work with and the staff understand it

General Manger from Motel

The prompt action and good service. Site Minder is always develop the system and update channel information. For example, the maximum update period of each agent is useful for us. We can update the price for agents as per mentioned period.

Sales Executive from Resort

- Easy to manage the availability - Saving time once updating the rate - The customer service was also very helpful once we need help and always patience to guide us until the problem solved

SE from Villas

ShortstayMK have been working with Siteminder now for some 3-4 years and they have offered expert advice for Channel Managing. Their system works well alongside NewBook and the national and international agents we operate with. As a company we saw the need to load our properties on the GDS. Aoife Harris has been absolutely superb in assisting our company with this new task, both with mapping and loading rates.

Marketing Manager from Extended Stay

We can adjust the rate and inventory as we want. Helps a lot for minimum stay and the close to departure and close to arrival program.

Reservation manager from Resort

I like that rates travel quick, the possibility to add multiple channels and conditions to each one.

eCommerce & Distribution from Resort

Also Have little Hotelier. Amazing!! Makes my life so much easier. Think it saved my marriage.

Manager from Villas

The Booking Button is quite basic. Very complicated to use. Unfortunately payment gateways are very restrictive. Also load times of customers are very slow. The promo codes are very restricted.

Owner from Boutique

- After a small learning curve, it is relatively easy to understand and operate - They support throughout the process to make setup as easy as possible - Does what it is supposed to do - Seemless integration with all channels

Director/Owner from Branded

Ease of access Helpful support team Clear and concise UI Comprehensive information in regards to setup and operation of Channel Manager.

Manager from Motel

it is really convenient and effective. easy access and visible. help us to boost up the hotel revenue

Hotel Manager from Boutique

We really appreciate the prompt attention to any problem that we may come across.

Owner from Motel

That I do not have to worry because Siteminder looks after my bookings without me having to do much. It is reliable and immediate.

Manager from Bed & Breakfast

1. management of online reservations avoids double bookings 2. helpful support team Siteminder allows me to set restrictions and manage my online exposure, creating a stress free system for my reception team.

Owner from Motel

Easy to use channel manager with clear paths to load hotel rates. Not 5 star as the response time for some queries can vary and there is no contact with the hotels on a monthly or quarterly basis to make sure we are okay or to provide suggestions to help businesses.

Hotel Manager from Boutique

Very easy to resolve issues (if they arise) with SiteMinder. Prompt and extremely helpful.

Manager from Motel

- very easy to work with - easy set up and mapping with OTA's - very useful control of rates OTA's from one place - support team always helpful when I need them.

Reservations Manager from Boutique

Easy platform to use as owners and for our clients Very good and fast assistance when needed

General manager from Villas

Easy platform to use as owners and for our clients Very good and fast assistance when needed

General Manager from Villas


Front Office from City Center

Connect quickly with another sites. Convenients. Thank you so much for this.

Manager from Other



  • PMS connectivity
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Inventory Management
  • 2-way real time integrations
  • Unlimited Channels (no additional cost)
  • Multi-lingual
  • Virtual Properties
  • Centralized user & role management

Featured Clients


After a competitive review of the world’s leading channel management systems, we chose SiteMinder’s Channel Manager as the product that could provide us with an unmatched competitive edge. It is business critical in today’s rapidly changing distribution landscape to have disparate systems connected via a robust and reliable platform. Bernd Mauritz Revenue Systems & Project Manager at the GCH Hotel Group
The power SiteMinder’s Channel Manager gives to us to access both local and global markets is unsurpassed, and it’s the reason it is the leader in the market today. Supported by the company’s local customer service, SiteMinder’s Channel Manager has empowered our hotel business to increase year-on-year room nights by 45 percent and year-on-year revenue by 33 percent, while significantly reducing the cost of acquiring guests. Max Herbst Head of Revenue Management at the DORMERO Hotels
SiteMinder’s Channel Manager has given us direct access to new distribution channels through which we can now sell our over-300 rooms. And best of all, the updates from our property management system to those channels works two ways – in real-time – so we can optimize and sell our rooms right up to the last minute without any fear of being overbooked. José Morilla Commercial Director at the Hoteles Casas y Palacios de España
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An expert review: What you need to know about Sabre's SynXis CRS

Hotel Tech Report

Sabre Hospitality Solutions recently announced its completion of the Wyndham migration, closing out the years-long process after on-boarding La Quinta’s 900 properties. Wyndham’s 19 brands now operate with SynXis central reservations, joining the 40,000 properties across 160 countries that use the SynXis platform worldwide. So why choose SynXis for your central reservations solution? Let this Expert Review guide you as you evaluate Sabre’s SynXis CRS and how it aligns with your property’s objectives -- and how the central reservations piece fits into the rest of the SynXis Platform.   What SynXis CRS does: The platform proposition for direct bookings In today's hospitality technology marketplace, platforms are everywhere. Vendors want to be able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of complementary products that still leaves flexibility for a la carte usage. One of the main selling points of SynXis is that it can be molded to your property or brand’s needs, and can scale to accommodate emerging priorities. For example, you can start with one piece of the platform, such as central reservations, and then layer others over time. Or, you can drop the entire platform into your operations and transform your workflow. Sabre buckets its SynXis platform into four discrete objectives: driving direct bookings, optimizing distribution mix, managing the business, and increasing guest loyalty. This article focuses on the first part of this platform: driving direct bookings with SynXis CR central reservations and its associated Booking Engine, Digital Experience, and Voice Assistant. The central reservations tool manages reservations and rates; the booking engine drives direct bookings on desktop and mobile; the Digital Experience designs digital experiences for hotels; and Voice Assistant allows hotels to provide integrated voice support via Sabre call centers. SynXis Central Reservations (CR) is a rate, inventory, and reservations management solution that enables a finely-tuned distribution strategy individualized at the property level. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to use a solution from a major player in the distribution space -- there’s a level of familiarity that hotels can expect from a solution provided by one of the major GDS. As laid out in the graphic below, the SynXis CR solution functions as the connectivity engine that powers a property’s revenue.     Who SynXis is for: The ideal customers and uses SynXis is built for scale. This structure means that the platform is best suited for mid-to-large scale brands and properties with more complex operations. Smaller independents will be better served with cloud-based central reservation systems built (and priced) for their needs.   Since SynXis is available in 8 languages, another ideal customer and use case is for a brand with international properties. Sabre has regional HQs in Montevideo, London, and Singapore, as well as field offices in most major cities, which means that your hotel is likely to have at least a regional support team. That’s a helpful thing to know for properties that prefer a global support team to a smaller vendor footprint. Having said that, at the time of writing, Sabre’s customer support rating on Hotel Tech Report is 3.8 out of 5 which is lower than comparables such as TravelClick iHotelier CRS (4.3) and Travel Tripper Reztrip CRS (4.7). For Quality Reservations, a brand with 280 hotel properties, SynXis’ global scope was a key differentiator when evaluating technology partners, says Quality Reservations’ Managing Director Carolin Brauer: “We needed a strategic partner that had the ability and knowledge to leverage travelers’ shopping and booking preferences while offering greater international reach and found such a provider with Sabre Hospitality Solutions. All without losing the regional variations in customers’ preferences when maximizing online bookings for each of our hoteliers.” After deploying the SynXis central reservation system, as well as the booking engine, Quality Reservations saw 20% increases in bookings and room nights, and a 32% jump in revenue. For brands of a certain size, there’s clearly a benefit to SynXis global scope. Let’s look at some of the most essential features, followed by a candid look at SynXis’ online reviews.   Five essential Sabre SynXis features Integrated revenue management controls SynXis CRS has very rudimentary revenue management capabilities built in, so you don’t need another vendor to optimize rates but you are advised to use one as firms like IDeaS, Duetto and Atomize specialize in rate optimization and profit maximization. SynXis offers real–time rate and inventory information across all channels, from a single system of record that these distributes rates effortlessly across over 400 online channels through direct GDS/IDS/switch connectivity. Given the fast pace of online channels in international markets, these types of integrated rate controls help hoteliers be more responsive to changing market conditions -- without the latency of a third-party integration or manual processing. And, with advanced revenue management strategies, such as Length of Stay Pricing, Dynamic Packages, Loyalty Program, Seasons, and Predictive Inventory, you can take control of revenue right from the CRS.     Optimized for tablets Many hotels are doing away with complete desktop systems at the front desk, preferring the slimmer footprint of tablet computers. The SynXis CRS system is optimized for tablets, allowing all of the same functionality. The UX is equally functional, enabling staff to touch and tap through the system.   OTA channel activation wizard Managing OTA connectivity can be a hassle. Activating new channels can take weeks, and then there’s time to test the connection to be sure everything works as it should. SynXis offers an OTA channel activation and management wizard from within the CRS. While this feature requires a Channel Connect agreement with Sabre, it’s a handy addition to the CRS that greatly reduces time and pain associated with independently managing your distribution channels. Channels can be added, removed, and edited from a single screen, so you can individualize distribution with less stress and headache. The Channel Connect feature connects to nearly 600 OTA channels, allowing you to manage pricing at the channel level.     Refreshed design and updated UX Sabre has made great strides over the past couple of years on the UX front. The dated legacy design is nearly fully sunsetted in favor of a modern, card-based user interface that’s easy to navigate and much easier on the eyes. No longer does the software look like a nightmare from the days of 90s legacy software -- an important point for hotels looking to avoid alienating younger staff with outdated technology. Great design improves the staff experience, so staff can get the information they need and complete the tasks required to maintain a consistently great guest experience.  Despite these improvements, users on Hotel Tech Report rate Sabre Synxis CRS usability and design slightly lower than comparable products at 4.2 out of 5 versus a 4.3 for Travel Tripper Reztrip CRS and 4.6 rating for TravelClick iHotelier CRS (view side-by-side ratings comparison).   Dynamic packages Incremental revenues can be the silver bullet that helps you hit your revenue targets. The SynXis CRS has a simple setup for packages, which allows your team to build unique packages that can then be sold right in your website’s booking flow. Packages can be attached to a specific rate plan or room type so that you can build a menu of appealing add-ons for guests.   Once the packages are created and pushed live, guests will be offered new options as they check out. This is where the value of the platform comes into play -- you’ll need SynXis Booking Engine to fully take advantage of these dynamic reservation add-ons. You can see how that would look below. If you’d prefer not to have guests book these add-ons during check out, you’ll see additional options in the Booking Engine.       SynXis CRS pricing Like any platform, pricing depends on which solutions are used across how many properties. Here are a few key points on pricing when it comes to SynXis: Monthly subscription: You’ll pay a per-property monthly subscription fee based on your customized package. Depending on which integrations you have (such as a per property fee for 2-way PMS integration), and functionality (such as channel management, rate insights, etc), this pricing adds up. It’s one of the reasons why smaller hotels are better served by an “all-in-one” solution that meets their needs without increasing price. GDS fees: Of course, you’ll pay a fee to whichever GDS partner sources a booking. This won’t change as a Sabre customer; although larger properties and brands have much more leverage to negotiate an overall package that includes lower GDS commissions in return for using more of Sabre’s technology. Here’s a pricing example: If your average booking is 1.5 nights at $100 per, then your "direct commission" to Sabre is 5/150 or 3.3%. That’s just to facilitate your own bookings without including the subscription fee, PMS integration, etc. Now add the channel connect fee of $2.50/reservation and any OTA commissions and it is looking even more bleak. If you go with a provider, such as SiteMinder or Cloudbeds, you’ll pay a flat fee. SiteMinder is $75/month, meaning that you’re better off there if your hotel has more than 30 OTA bookings per month. IDS fee: There’s also a per reservation charge for connecting to the Internet Distribution Fee, which can range upwards of $9.25. And, for reservations that go through third-parties, there can be an associated Channel Connect fee as well. Booking engine: Not all providers charge a fee for bookings through a hotel’s direct channel. These per-reservation fees add up quickly: 250 keys at 85% occupancy and 1.5 length of stay, can cost $710 per month just to facilitate the direct channel! This doesn’t even include the subscription, cost to build and maintain your website or any paid advertising used to bring in that direct business. As you can see, pricing is a major impediment for hotels of a certain size. SynXis really thrives in larger environments where it can provide the cost savings and productivity boost that justify its higher cost.   Areas for improvement For quick reference, here are a few areas for improvement, as perceived by both our expert opinion and candid SynXis user reviews shared on Hotel Tech Report. There’s also some interesting nuggets unearthed from the always-rich TalesFromTheFrontDesk on Reddit. Manual involvement: For certain hotels that don’t have Channel Manager or that are using the standard SynXis CR without add-ons, there may be some overbooking issues related to channel management, per this review: “I guess our night guy didn't know to call SynXis and have them take us offline on the 3rd party websites, and it just kept piling up. He would cancel, the rooms would look open again, and it was a loop. From stories of guests so far this morning, he had a lobby full of disgruntled guests without a place to go all night.” Another HTR reviewer mentioned manual involvement when discussing adding new features: “[I’d like] access to more items to do on your own as opposed to waiting for customer service to do it for you.”   Reliability: Uptime and system availability are frequently reported issues. While anecdotal, the reports are worth mentioning. A Hotel Tech Report review from March 18, 2018, said that there are “lots of outages, delays and poor customer support. The system seems to be degrading instead of improving.” Security: Two years ago, Sabre did report a breach of its systems, telling Forbes that “less than 15 percent of the average daily bookings on the Sabre Hospitality Solutions reservation system [...] were viewed.” It appears that the issues have since been addressed, but we’d be remiss in not mentioning it. Be sure to grill you sales rep on security!   Conclusions: Should you consider SynXis? Overall, Sabre’s SynXis is a powerful platform with ambitions to stretch across departments. For larger properties, corporate hotels, and multi-brand groups, the scope and scale of this ambition aligns with their needs. Having said that, products such as Reztrip and iHotelier have gained a ton of ground on Sabre and are versatile alternatives for both small independents and large hotel groups alike.  There’s also an ongoing investment to improve Sabre Hospitality Solutions’ University training portal, which includes videos, progress trackers and printable guides for sharing tips with colleagues. These efforts will help reduce on-boarding time and keep everyone up-to-speed on the technology. For smaller and to some extent mid sized properties, proceed with caution and really push the sales team to put down in writing how they intend to value your business with customer support guarantees and trainings. You’ll be a small fish in a big pond, and that’s not always the best place to be with a mission-critical system like a CRS. All that being said, you absolutely must have a CRS! It’s an essential piece of managing a hospitality business in a digital world. So, for those who can afford it (and are able to navigate the corporate environment of a massive vendor), there’s a strong ROI proposition from Sabre. The cost isn’t cheap but if you have both the budget and the internal buy-in, then it’s worth it. Remember that the front desk can be a busy place -- there’s always another guest to serve, another issue to handle.  The key is to select software that staff want to use each day, that’s easy to use, easy to train on and has top notch customer support. The CRS should function without fail, effectively and accurately distributing inventory to the right channels at the right prices, and then slingshotting reservations into the PMS seamlessly. When staff spends hours each day staring at a screen, be sure that the tool removes barriers and eliminates frustrations -- and doesn’t become a source of frustration itself. The question that remains is how Sabre will help you effectively on-board the new solution, and keep your team engaged and willing to give it enough patience and attention. A successful rollout of any new tech requires a partnership between client and vendor -- so be sure that you’re confident in that partnership before signing that contract!

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9 CEO predictions about the future of the hotel business

Hotel Tech Report

IDeaS CEO Ravi Mehrotra: Revenue management will be the glue that connects siloed departments “I’m no Nostradamus, but there are quite a few areas ripe for disruption. In my opinion, there are two main areas we will see a major category shift in the next five years. First, I believe automation in day-to-day revenue management will become standard, resulting in a higher-order shift of the revenue manager and leaders’ roles. This is especially true when we deal with inevitable market upturns, and most importantly, downturns. The sheer number and complexity of the daily decisions a revenue leader must make will exceed their capacity, driving them to rely on intelligent automation to ensure they remain competitive in a fast-paced market. Second, revenue management concepts will continue to spread across more segments in the guest’s total trip compilation, from the time they start searching online to the time they are reflecting on their memories and preparing to plan the next trip. All of this layers together to show that revenue management will be a major hub, if not the major driver, between marketing, distribution and sales systems. I think we will see players in complementary areas start to link themselves together to drive a more direct connection to revenue, while delivering the right price to the right person at the right time.”   Cendyn CEO Charles Deyo: CRM will be seen as an operational tool and not just as a marketing platform. “We will see more intelligent use of data with AI and bots to further leverage the guest experience. Because of more integrations between technology systems and a higher flow of data between platforms, bots and AI will increase in learned automation and intelligence that can deliver more of the right messages, at the right time through the right channel. We’re in the process of breaking new ground with CRM technology as the core with bots and AI serving based off centralized intelligence. In five years, it will all evolve around the model of a central global profile for guests that references a sophisticated rolodex of data to help serve the customer’s desire for personalization at every touchpoint. Bots will make recommendations, personalize communications and adjust service algorithms in real-time based on data points. CRM will no longer be seen as a marketing function, but rather an operational tool that intelligently orchestrates how everyone interacts with a guest.”   SiteMinder CEO Sankar Narayan: Data will make it possible for hotels to understand their guests like never before. “The emergence of new players in the market has been great for competition and I think it’s forced innovation that ultimately hotels have been the beneficiaries of. However, I think the breadth of choice now available to hotels, coupled with the level of complexity that now exists to keep up with today’s traveler, has indirectly created further disparity that means, as a hotel, it is more overwhelming than ever to know which technological solutions are best and if they will work together to make the day-to-day easier, not harder. I think the disparity and complexity will continue to grow over the next five years, but it will be met with tech innovators that rise to that challenge and provide a way for hotels to benefit from a single, holistic, reliable solution that unlocks a world of potential guests and personalizes every relationship. That will be the pinnacle of data democratization and I think it’s coming.  There is a huge opportunity to ace the guest journey end-to-end. I think the in-stay experience has traditionally been the sole focus for hotels, as it’s what they’ve always had immediate visibility and control over, but of course we know that the journey began long before the guest arrived and continues long thereafter – if it ends at all. The explosion of data and technology has made it possible for hotels to understand their guests in a way they’ve never been able to before, and it’s an opportunity I think most hotels are missing.”   Travel Tripper President Gautam Lulla: Winning hotels will be powered by technology platforms not products. “Traditionally, the companies in the hotel tech space have focused on being very good at one “category” of product. Sure, a PMS company could offer a booking engine, but ultimately it was more known for being a PMS company. The new startups in the space have amplified this trend. But now that companies are starting to mature and consolidate (ourselves included), the lines are going to start blurring and it’s going to be difficult to pigeonhole a company into a product type or category. The industry is moving quickly in the direction of a “platformization” model, where the breadth and interconnectedness of solutions will trump—or at least bring together—smaller niche solutions.”   Revinate COO Dan Hang: Antiquated systems will go extinct and secure cloud based systems with open architectures will be the status quo “There’s a big opportunity for hotel tech to become more guest-centric by bringing together all of the industry’s raw and disparate data and turning it into actionable insights. Unfortunately today, a lot of the tech in this space is antiquated, unnecessarily complex, inflexible, and not really optimized around the guest. For example, the property management system, even by name, is designed to manage an inventory of rooms in a building as opposed to optimizing guest experience or driving revenue.  Future systems need to close the gap I just mentioned. They need to harvest all the guest data, make sense of it all, and provide the hotelier with actionable insights or automated campaigns that drive revenue. With this year’s launch of the GDPR and all the news surrounding data breaches, I think we’ll also see increased efforts in security and data privacy protection over time.”   INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson: Front and back of house tech will become unified. “Digital technologies for the guest and the back office will be very integrated and standard at hotels. There may be different usages from property to property, but automated processes, streamlined connections, and seamless messaging between guests and staff will be standard across the board. It will feel like a near frictionless experience for guests who opt-in to being entirely digital. Guests, vendors and hoteliers alike will look back and wonder how we ever dealt with the mishmash of technologies and implementations we do today.”   Oaky CEO Erik Tengen: Guests will truly experience hotels before they even book. “I think in 5-years upselling will be embedded in native platforms in our phones, offered on all communication channels, automated, hyper-personalised, integrated with the total revenue management strategy and gamified for the full (in destination) guest experience. I imagine guests booking and playing VR games pre-stay to experience the hotel, and adding activities to the stay after testing them out from their couch at home.”   Atomize Chairman Leif Jaggerbrand: Revenue management systems will specialize in tactical revenue management or strategic but not both. “I think we will see a clear split between strategic & tactical revenue management systems. Building a strategic revenue management system, and building a tactical revenue management system, are two VERY different skill sets. I deem it pretty close to impossible for any company to be #1 in both of those categories, the people that have the right skillset to build a tactical revenue management system won't be attracted to building a strategic revenue management system. As both strategic and tactical revenue management is utterly important hotels will have both type of systems.”   Hotelogix CEO Aditya Sanghi Small and mid-sized hotel businesses will flourish like never before with access to technology that was previously reserved only for large enterprises. “We are highly passionate about small to mid-sized hotel businesses. For a very long time, this segment didn’t have access to great technology as service providers across the globe concentrated on the five starred community, like Opera and Travelclick. Things are changing now. Tech providers are focusing on this segment as adoption of technology lagged in this sector. The popularity of this segment has also been purely driven by market dynamics, where travelers are now choosing to stay in independents and smaller properties. So, it’s time to focus on enhancing the guest experience for such properties. The community should look at creating more services/products that are geared towards the guest. Treating them like 5-star guests by leveraging AI driven technology can be used to serve and monetize better.”  

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Which Hotelogix Marketplace partners work best for your hotel?

Hotel Tech Report

Hotelogix is the latest in a line of hospitality technology vendors that have recently launched a marketplace. The thinking behind these initiatives is that existing customers should have a clear place to find integrations that work well together. By providing a source of vetted partners, hospitality technology vendors hope to improve implementations and encourage better long-term outcomes. The new marketplace features third-party solutions that integrate fully with the Hotelogix hotel management system. To navigate the latest marketplace, we’ve identified a few useful integrations for hotels of different sizes.   Top Marketplace Apps for Smaller Hotels Smaller properties prioritize reasonably-priced solutions that help staff provide better service more consistently, as well as provide functionality that makes independents more competitive with chains. These properties usually have less complicated operations without on-site F&B or spas. For properties that do have those on-site amenities, many available solutions have unneeded functionality -- which can make those solutions cost-prohibitive. Training and on-boarding also take center stage, as the smaller staff can’t afford to take too much time learning a new thing. Benefits must be observed quickly and without a long ramp-up period. Here are a few solutions that integrate with Hotelogix to help smaller properties compete more effectively. #1 Tripadvisor Review Express Tripadvisor Review Express allows hotels to automate the review process -- saving time for hotels with limited staff. Rather than spending time manually asking guests for reviews, this automation means less time spent requesting reviews and increases the frequency, recency, and velocity of reviews by encouraging every guest to leave a review. When used regularly, TripAdvisor claims that “the average Popularity Ranking for highly engaged hotels was 63% higher than their non-engaged counterparts.” As this guide to Review Express emphasizes, regular reviews keep engagement high and automated templates reduce manual work. Benefits of the integration: Review Express collects all TripAdvisor Reviews of the hotel added by recent visitors and Hotelogix makes sure that these are directly displayed on the Hotelogix front desk so staff can respond rapidly.     #2 Bookingsuite RateIntelligence Bookingsuite RateIntelligence is the Booking.com family’s rate manager, ideally suited for smaller properties that may not need a full-featured rate/revenue management solution. It's a cloud-based rate shopping tool that gives smaller properties an edge with access to the kind of rate intelligence used by larger brands. Smarter pricing decisions can be made based on market demand data and competitor intelligence, the Rate Manager. Benefits of the integration: Single login to access, instant access within Hotelogix to top five competitors’ rates on RateIntelligence, compare prices with competitors’ and update rates in your PMS, and single click to update rates on all your channels.     #3 Intuit Quickbooks Intuit Quickbooks has evolved into a comprehensive accounting solution, which is well-positioned in price and functionality for smaller properties. Quickbooks reduces headaches around manual management of invoices, and payables. It’s simple and efficient, with a handy “at a glance” dashboard to track performance. There’s a companion expense app so you can take pictures of receipts, and pull them into Quickbooks. Also, integrates cleanly with TurboTax if you decide to tackle your taxes solo. Benefits of the integration: Individual tracking and handling of credits and commissions given to TAs & corporate clients, as well as advanced payments & payments against settlements can be managed through separate account head.   #4 Mailchimp Email Marketing MailChimp’s email marketing software is simple to use and easy to access across devices. With its template and visual editor, the company has eliminated design barriers to creating classy email campaigns, as well as pre-arrival and post-stay communications. For small properties without a marketing function, the do-it-all GM can design templates, run campaigns and use analytics to get better with time. It’s generally recommended that hotel marketers work with email marketing and CRM platforms such as Revinate and Guestfolio but very small properties may not have enough guest data or return visitors to warrant specialized products.  Make sure to benchmark a generalist solution like Mailchimp with specialized solutions before adopting because bad email marketing can actually cost your hotel money through unsubscribes and sendability issues. Benefits of the integration: MailChimp lists update automatically with new bookings, cancellations, check-ins, and check-outs. Data imported into the relevant list includes room type, number of rooms, rate/package type, reservation booking deposit, tax amount, country, date of birth and gender of the guest. This information can then be used to segment lists and write copy for each specific segment.   #5 STAAH Channel Manager The STAAH Channel Manager handles online distribution so you can manage them easily from one place. When a customer books a room from one website, availability is automatically updated across all other channels including your property’s booking engine. STAAH also has an integrated suite of software, including a reputation manager, booking engine, website, and gift voucher manager, which can be a convenient one-stop-shop for marketing a small property. Benefits of the integration: Single log-in to make instant updates and manage multiple OTAs, as well as analytics to determine rates, stop-sell limits and evaluate the success of sales channels. Direct connection to PMS minimizes manual errors that lead to overbooking and double-booking.   Top Marketplace Apps for Mid-Sized Hotels Medium-sized properties may sometimes feel stuck in the middle: too large for solutions geared towards independents and yet too small for enterprise-level systems built to manage major operations. Many medium-size properties have F&B operations, sizable staff, and established revenue management procedures -- all of which require solutions with adequate functionality. Except without the enterprise-grade price tag!  Medium sized properties generally have larger teams, a marketing department and dedicated resources for functions like revenue management. Here are a few solutions that help medium-sized properties increase productivity and grow their business through better revenue management.         #6 SiteMinder Channel Manager SiteMinder’s channel manager provides the benefits of channel management to hotels with more complex online distribution needs. With granular controls over inventory allocations to individual channels, SiteMinder supports a sophisticated revenue management strategy. For medium-sized hotels that welcome guests from all over, the hotel’s base currency automatically gets converted to the currency of a particular transaction -- helpful for providing a consistent experience for guests. Benefits of the integration: The direct integration into Hotelogix eliminates any chance of overbooking or double booking, and also prevents errors arising from manual consolidation of booking data.   #7 Beonprice Revenue Management The Beonprice revenue manager maximizes profitability by optimizing rates for every room sold through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The tool starts with a hotel’s historical booking data and then recommends pricing based on using local and national events, e-reputation, transportation price, weather forecasts and exchange rates. By automating rate setting using artificial intelligence and all the available data, medium-sized hotels can devote more time to optimizing other areas of the business. Benefits of the integration: Rates are published in real-time, using the latest data from the property management system. With this real-time, scalable, automated and flexible execution of rate publishing, hotels can more fully manage revenues and unlock the value of existing data within a PMS.   #8 Repup Review Management Repup reputation management helps hoteliers make sense of online reviews by aggregating all reviews into a single dashboard. Using a combination of natural language processing, data mining, and business logic, the tool evaluates performance so hotels can win more business, increase revenues and build customer loyalty. For mid-sized hotels with lots of moving parts, management won’t have a direct line of sight into everything; Repup can surface issues and identify problems before they magnify. Benefits of the integration: Hoteliers can access complete review data within Hotelogix front desk. The centralized dashboard showcases 60 days of reviews and social media mentions from over 15 online channels, such as Expedia, Booking.com, and Facebook. There’s also an option to configure Guest Feedback Form which can be shared with guests right from the dashboard.     #9 Xero Accounting Xero’s accounting software has become a popular choice for hotels with more complex accounting needs, such as multi-currency accounting, payroll, inventory management, and customized recurring online invoices for regular suppliers. For managers on-the-go, there’s a mobile app that mirrors many of the core management features of the web version. The platform is flexible: a robust set of integrations that medium-sized hotels plenty of control to customize workflows and sync Xero with POS, hotel CRM and other tools. Benefits of the integration: Room revenue, as well as corresponding taxes, commissions, and other charges are first recorded in Hotelogix and then automatically synced with Xero -- no more manual imports from the PMS to accounting software! Also, only fully settled folios get synced with Xero, which avoids a lot of headache around cancellations and unsettled folios.   Top Marketplace Apps for Hotel Groups & Large Hotels Larger properties and hotel groups employ more people and serve more guests across more complex operations. They need enterprise-level systems that can adequately manage all of these moving parts. The sheer number of options leads to a complex evaluation process. Any new tech tool must integrate seamlessly and work well with everything else in a hotel’s tech stack. There are many interdependencies that make a challenging road for implementation. Not to mention the fact that a larger operation has more stakeholders, such as security and IT, that must approve any new vendor. Depending on the group, and the tech being implemented, on-boarding new tools can take months -- or more than a year for more mission-critical systems that require careful testing. So ease of integration is paramount for larger properties and hotel groups. Here are a few solutions that help larger properties and hotel groups manage complexity at scale and leverage all available data to build a healthy business over the long-term.     #10 OneLoyalty OneLoyalty is a Loyalty Management Software that allows hotels without access to a larger loyalty offering to provide best-in-class loyalty programs to their guests. The independent hotel loyalty program also extends to employees and vendors, as OneLoyalty offers tools to engage across stakeholders to foster more loyalty. With OneLoyalty, hotels can offer rewards, coupons or other perks to their guests. A companion mobile app can ping guests with unique offers and alert guests to upcoming promotions. Benefits of the integration: With direct integration, hotels can more easily use the sales tool to attract more customers and increase the share of wallet. Customer profiles benefit from the direct integration, which makes for simpler segregation of customers to personalize offers and thus deepen re;relationships with past guests.     #11 Snapshot Business Intelligence Snapshot business intelligence tool positions itself as “hospitality’s data platform.” The comprehensive data analysis platform is the backbone of a hotel group’s data practice. Since Snapshot thrives with larger pools of data, the solution is ideally suited for larger properties and multi-property groups. The Snapshot sweet spot is facilitating access across disparate systems and data sources. Hotels benefit from enterprise-grade custom visualizations that surface insights derived from this comprehensive view into a hotel’s business. Benefits of the integration: Hotelogix sends all past and future bookings and transactions to SnapShot for accurate hotel data analytics. Your dashboard is updated after every night audit, as Hotelogix sends an incremental report to SnapShot automatically. In addition, Hotelogix helps track reviews and social follower trends from SnapShot thanks to connectivity to social media and TripAdvisor.   #12 Comtrol In-Room Devices Comtrol in-room devices have been providing networking and data communications for over 30 years. The stability of the company makes it a preferable partner for many larger operations that prize longevity -- after all, it’s important to know that a mission-critical vendor for communications, IT, and networking will be in business when you need them most. Comtrol gear ensures that the PMS maintains consistent contact and data transmission to accurately manage guest accounts. Benefits of the integration: With a direct connection into the PMS, Comtrol can ensure adequate functionality across in-room devices. For such an important part of the guest experience, such as room locks and keycards, this functionality must work without fail. In addition, there are potential benefits for enhanced customizations, such as personalizing the in-room entertainment with guest greetings and other guest-specific information.     #13 Vertical Booking CRS The Vertical Booking CRS integrates with over 200 channels, which gives larger hotels more granular control over inventory distribution and allocation. The company also provides on-going training, which is especially beneficial to large operations that will naturally experience higher turnover.  The CRS can be set-up to suit hotel groups and chains by defining which functions are managed centrally and which are managed independently for each property. In addition, chains can view performance at the chain level and property level, with staff assigned roles that offer access to the system according to individual roles. The graphic below maps the workflow for chains and groups. Benefits of the integration: A tight integration between the property management system and the central reservation system reduces errors and keeps the team focused on maximizing guest satisfaction. All reservations, whether made through the hotel's website or other channels, are instantly updated in the PMS. An added benefit for larger chains is that Vertical Booking’s CRS can integrate with multiple PMS, so if a new property has Hotelogix, it can be quickly integrated into the workflow.  

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Former IHG Lead Strategist: Hotel Groups that Build Tech in House Are at Risk

Jordan Hollander

During my second week on the global partnerships team at Starwood Hotels & Resorts, the firm laid off a significant portion of the corporate office as it prepared for a sale. Adam Aron (interim CEO at the time) called all corporate employees to a town hall behind it's Stamford Connecticut headquarters to allay concerns about future layoffs and set a clear message about the changes happening at Starwood. One of the most critical messages from this meeting was the idea that "we are not a technology company". In the years leading up to this event, Starwood had spent hundreds of millions of dollars on proprietary technology such as SPG Keyless and Aron wanted to reduce that spend by finding strategic partners who would take on the R&D risk, innovate faster and add expertise without being on Starwood's payroll. In the age of digital transformation one of the key decisions that managers must weigh is whether to buy or build technology. When big brands choose to build proprietary tech in house it often comes at the cost of sub-par products, hemorrhaging cash and stifled innovation. As former head of global strategy for industry powerhouse InterContinental Hotels Group, Triptease's Alexandra Zubko is no stranger to this paradigm. Now a co-founder of one of the industry's fastest growing tech upstarts, Zubko has an undeniably unique perspective on the market. We sat down with Zubko to get her take on build vs. buy, why vendors misunderstand hoteliers, her favorite hotel in the world and more.   Tell us about your career in hotels Prior to Triptease, I was the Head of Global Strategy for IHG, responsible for strategy across all brands, verticals and regions. I had started in the EMEA region and was thrilled about working across markets near and far. I was originally attracted to hotels after having spent 10 years outside of them in finance, television and consulting. The global role piqued my interest as I'd lived as a little girl in Korea, Venezuela and Brazil. As a continuous learner, the industry was constantly challenging me. Delivering a global brand through diverse cultures and people is constantly inches beyond grasp. We weren't particularly tech-savvy in the strategy team. We worked in data and analysis, not systems and processes. With that in mind, on any given day, you'd find me in Think-Cell. 10 years later, that'd probably be Tableau or Looker. Since my first job as an investment banker, I've always been fascinated with telling stories through numbers and data. At its heart, Triptease is a data and analytics company. These insights recommend digital marketing strategies to hotels to drive profitable, incremental revenue. When did you first become interested in leveraging technology to become a better hotelier? Honestly, I didn't. My obsession with new technology happened outside of, and in spite of, being a hotelier. It was a side obsession which began with teaching myself to code in the 90s, continued when I started a travel tech business in the mid 90s and then persisted through reading blogs and articles while at IHG.  As a hotelier what was your biggest frustration with technology vendors? I couldn't stand the pitches from vendors who didn't understand my role or my business; the pitch was really all about them/their business and didn't understand my business challenges. Hoteliers are skeptical about adopting new technology, quite rightly. The onus is on the vendors, on the tech startups, on the entrepreneurs to reduce the friction and showcase the benefit as quickly as possible. We're lucky at Triptease because the benefits are obvious from day 1. We've reduced our integration to one day for hotels operating on one of our preferred partners. Because the skepticism exists and because tech can take long, hoteliers reach the wrong conclusion. They decide to build instead of buy. I have witnessed a transformation in travel tech. Increasingly, hotels are embracing the rules of comparative advantage and are embracing tech where they can move fast, learn fast and benefit quickly. Tell us about your journey from working at IHG in strategy to now running the Triptease business? I met Charlie Osmond when I was at IHG. I was moving back from London to New York and we connected. It was clear that the team (him and Alasdair Snow) wanted to solve big and challenging problems. It took about 6 months from the moment we first met to my first day in our London office. I had no idea what a whirlwind the experience would be, how much I would learn, how fast we would move and how much of an impact we would make for our hotelier clients. I had always worked for big brands, established companies with well-known reputations. What was it going to be like to risk everything I'd worked for? Risk wasn't something we had a lot of appetite for at IHG as a large, publicly-traded company. On top of that, I had two children under 5 and was pregnant with a third! It's not exactly the prime time in one's life that Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and many others would recommend starting a company! Give us the Triptease elevator pitch Hotels use Triptease's data and analytics to optimize their presence and compete successfully in the digital space. Through a joined-up platform across a hotels' tech stack, Triptease knows who your guests are, who is likely to book and delivers a personalized online guest experience on the hotel website and booking engine.   Imagine that you're going to open the hotel of your dreams tomorrow.  What kind of hotel would it be and what tech would you leverage? Consumers are conscious of the choices they make and the impact on communities, sustainability and, increasingly, their own brand and values. I'd build a hotel that has a positive impact on poorer communities in distant destinations. A hotel like Nihi on the island of Sumba in Indonesia is the best representation of this ambition. The hotel combines economic impact, training of indigenous people, ultra luxury and a sublime guest experience. Starting with the user in mind, I'd leverage the following technologies for my property: 1) Triptease direct booking platform 2) Mews Systems Property Management System to deliver the best guest experience 3) SiteMinder Channel Manager to maximize 3rd party channel performance 4) ALICE Hotel Operations Software to facilitate day to day operations What's one piece of advice you have for hoteliers who have dreams of working in technology one day? Be confident you've learned enough. Be willing to take the leap and disregard titles and job roles. Join a company destined to solve big problems quickly with a set of people and values that inspire you. Put your hand up for anything and everything and suggest solutions. What's one podcast, newsletter or book that you recommend hoteliers read if they'd like to eventually move into tech? I'd recommend "Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman". It's a great way to learn what it's like to be a founder and what land mines to avoid. What is your favorite hotel in the world? Nihi Sumba in Indonesia which was voted #1 hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure What is the most exciting technology you've seen in the hotel tech space that is not built by your own company? Tableau. Data visualization that unleashes data locked away deep in an on-premise PMS  What is one thing that most people don't know about you? I obsess about learning and development - for my team, my company and my clients. Here are some examples of how we've brought this idea into the Triptease culture: 1. Radical Candor approach to developing people. We strive to provide continuous feedback. After every meeting or interaction. It’s a human need to know where you stand and how you’re doing. Annual performance feedback and reviews are antiquated in today’s world of immediate likes on social media, for example. 2. Development framework. So everyone knows where they stand at their level across 6 competencies. They know what they need to demonstrate to move to the next level. 3. Engineers do pairing so they’re constantly learning from one another as they code 4. We have firesides and sharing lunches where we learn from one another and the volunteer gets public speaking practice. Topics range from digital marketing to color blindness to ballroom dancing 5. Each employee has an annual obsessive learning budget so they can invest in themselves 6. In person offsites and training courses during the year

Recent Channel Managers News & Community Updates

apaleo partners with SiteMinder to create an open world for hotels


apaleo, the world’s most open and connected property management system (PMS), has partnered with SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, to remove the friction involved with manual online distribution for hotels. The partnership sees apaleo’s PMS integrated with SiteMinder’s platform, so mutual hotel clients of the two companies can automate how they distribute inventory across their chosen marketing channels online and capture reservations. By automating the distribution process, hoteliers have the opportunity to increase their revenue while reducing their cost of acquisition and winning time back in their day to focus on guests. Uli Pillau, Co-Founder of apaleo, says, “SiteMinder has been a long-time disruptor in the hotel industry, and we are thrilled to offer our clients this connection, which is certain to boost hotel revenues and alleviate much of the manual work that hoteliers deal with on a day-to-day basis.” “apaleo is showing how a more open, connected world ultimately benefits the hoteliers we serve, and we are pleased to partner with a company that deeply shares and lives this vision with us,” says Clemens Fisch, Regional Director - DACH at SiteMinder. SiteMinder is the guest acquisition platform of choice for more than 35,000 hotels worldwide, providing smart and simple solutions that put hotels everywhere their guests are, at every stage of their journey. With this integration, hoteliers using apaleo can now distribute their rooms to SiteMinder’s open ecosystem of more than 400 of the world’s top hotel booking channels – including online travel agencies, traditional tour operators, wholesalers, and their direct hotel website to lift and automate direct bookings. apaleo’s open, ultra-connected, and intuitive PMS can be set up and ready to use within minutes – no long RFPs, wait times, or set-up fees. Hoteliers can set up their properties on their own, if they so choose. Once set up, hotels can connect hundreds of applications, including SiteMinder, within the apaleo Store.   About apaleo Hotels need the right technology and systems to manage all the complexities of their business. At the core of these systems is the property management system (PMS), which manages hotel inventory and reservations, rates, accounting, invoicing and payments, and more. Then there are all the additional systems like CRM, CRS, upselling, review monitoring, distribution and channel management, forecasting, business intelligence reporting, and so forth. Hoteliers rely on all these tools yet struggle because many of them don't integrate. apaleo’s PMS platform connects all these systems quickly and seamlessly. As the first PMS which is purely based on an API-first approach, hotels can grant applications access to all the information stored in apaleo, as well as allow them to write back data to the PMS. apaleo's public API allows hoteliers to innovate without major risks, integration hassles, long wait times and hidden fees. Developers and software vendors can easily connect to apaleo, and hotels can even develop their own, custom apps with ease. Applications are housed in the apaleo Store, opening the possibilities for hotels to connect to pre-integrated, innovative apps - guest facing or staff facing - with one click.

Meituan partners with SiteMinder to explore the overseas hotel market


Meituan, China's leading e-commerce platform for services, has appointed SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, as its online distribution partner. The appointment marks Meituan’s first partnership with a hotel distribution technology provider as the company looks to expand its hotel inventory beyond its home market of China.  On 1 May 2019, Meituan set an industry record by processing over 2.8 million domestic hotel room nights in one day. By strategically partnering with SiteMinder, the e-commerce giant now has a complete hotel technology stack to attract international hotel markets, beginning with South-East Asia. For SiteMinder’s 35,000 hotel customers, the partnership with Meituan provides greater access than ever before to market their rooms to the lucrative Chinese traveler market. “As an uprising international hotel reservation platform in China, Meituan will bring new energy to the market with its huge young generation customer base. SiteMinder’s global presence, combined with its appeal to both large hotel chains and independent hotels, made it the perfect partner for us as we grow our international hotel supply and build on our multi-level technology service platform,” says Mr Zhong Qiang, General Manager of Meituan’s Overseas Accommodation Department.  “SiteMinder is pleased to partner with one of the most respected household names to come out of the Chinese market, and to support them in their growth journey. This partnership represents a great opportunity for hotels globally to further broaden both their distribution options and feeder markets via SiteMinder’s platform and, in particular, further benefit from the ever-growing outbound Chinese travel market,” says Mr James Bishop, Senior Director of Global Demand Partnerships at SiteMinder. Compass Hospitality, which operates hotels, serviced apartments and resorts across Thailand, Malaysia and the UK, is among the first beneficiaries of the Meituan-SiteMinder partnership. Says the group’s corporate general manager of digital marketing, Mr Rabin Gupta, “I am delighted that SiteMinder and Meituan have struck this new partnership. It is a great opportunity for us at Compass Hospitality to enhance our engagement with the Chinese market.” Meituan’s technology service platform today has more than 410 million transacting users. The company is publicly-listed in Hong Kong and holds a recent market value of approximately US$52 billion.   About Meituan As China's leading e-commerce platform for services, Meituan operates well-known mobile apps in China, including Meituan, Dianping, Meituan Waimai, Mobike and others. Meituan offers over 200 service categories including catering, on-demand delivery, car-hailing, bike-sharing, hotel and travel booking, movie ticketing, and other entertainment and lifestyle services, and covers 2800 cities and counties across China. The total transaction amount of Meituan reached RMB 515.6 billion in 2018, with an increase of 44.3% over the same period of last year. The total annual numbers of transaction users and active online merchants of Meituan reached 400 million and 5.8 million in 2018, respectively. Meituan Dianping (stock code: 3690.HK) was officially listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX) on September 20, 2018. For more information, visit www.meituan.com.

SiteMinder Recognized as Finalist for Top Rated Channel Manager in the 2018 HotelTechAwards

By Hotel Tech Report

February 1, 2018 -  Hotel Tech Report has named SiteMinder’s Channel Manager as a HotelTechAwards finalist based on data from thousands of hoteliers in more than 40 countries around the world.  Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title. The HotelTechAwards platform (by HotelTechReport.com) leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines. “It’s no secret that today’s hotelier faces profitability constraints when their channel mix skews too far towards OTAs.  SiteMinder provides the critical connectivity tools that enable hoteliers to profitably manage their channel mix and leverage 3rd party distributors as tools to drive growth.” says Hotel Tech Report’s Jordan Hollander. SiteMinder is poised for sustained growth in 2018 coming off of a groundbreaking partnership with AirBnB. Hoteliers recognized SiteMinder’s truly world class usability and software design where SiteMinder exceeded the category average by more than 10%. “Siteminder is an easy and user friendly tool which gives you the ability to control room alotment by market segmentation or rate type,” says one Jakarta based revenue manager. Hoteliers around the world praised SiteMinder for its seamless PMS connectivity, integrations and rapid processing speeds.   To read the full review and more, head to: https://hoteltechreport.com/company/siteminder-the-channel-manager